Hydrophobia in a person with Rabies

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  1. Isn’t the bottom left one from edge of Tomorrow? Isn’t she not the lead of that

  2. It also came out after Hunger Games, but besides the point I suppose

  3. How much hair strands they lose per day. It's a lot.

  4. Like taking your shirt off but leaving your sunglasses on?

  5. Yeah, looking back I don't know what i was doing with her. Multiple times throughout the relationship I had huge reasons to turn my back on her. She took advantage of my forgiveness and look where it got me. Nearly broke due to having to support her. Trust issues out the wazoo. But hey, things will get better. Thank you for your kind words. Game on.

  6. Wow are you me? In a very similar situation but she moved out and took most of our stuff, even things I bought or we split the cost of. She tried coming back for my Xbox and that’s where I drew the line and told her to get fucked. Trust me man it will get better!

  7. Space force actually, deploying to the moon in the spring

  8. I like the color, but I mainly want to lick it. Probably tastes like vanilla

  9. Service manager at BMW said it looked like French toast and made her hungry 😂

  10. New mode idea, you are only allowed to use support units no DPS units and see who loses first

  11. My dick tensed up on its own just thinking about this

  12. I think the move to cans over bottles in general helps sustainability, but if you are in a situation where you have access to clean drinking water the best option is just to refill a reusable bottle

  13. he comes with the apartment. he just stands there 24/7 with a blankly smiling countenance but if you hit square, you can start a conversation where he gives you a radiant quest.

  14. Hell yeah now I know what buzz words to include in my post tomorrow

  15. any real world "zombie virus" wouldn't kill the host initially either. Anyone behaving like a zombie irl would be some kind of alive. It would probably be simmilar to the deer wasting disease.

  16. I think World War Z’s interpretation of a zombie virus is the most realistic, not reanimated dead but more like rabid humans.

  17. ya but that is less scary right? If that was what was happening they will just die after a couple of weeks since a 90% zombie population wouldn't have enough food to sustain itself even in a best case scenario.

  18. True that, in that case maybe I’d be okay surviving through it, in any other zombie apocalypse I’d rather just be dead than live out a TWD scenario

  19. Unfortunately it always ends up being that whoever the bigger person is ends up using the arms rests 🙃

  20. I have stricken many wordless deals with my seat mates where I put my elbows on the back half of the armrests and then put theirs on the front

  21. Just bump the damn fist Jim, Toby of all people certainly needs it

  22. “Is that like a new thing?” It’s a fucking fist bump Jim don’t be an ass

  23. I hate the central locking button, wish they had one on each front door…..

  24. Only 6 months into ownership and I scramble frantically looking for it when I’m trying to let someone in the passenger door

  25. I love the Drake knight armor, but not the helmet, I wear Lionel’s helmet with it

  26. Why not make a ultra violent game where you collect warriors and make them fight? Call it pokewarr.

  27. My dad unironically uses the Weiner Slot and was shocked to discover that my brothers and I do not. It was like his world was turned upside down he thought everyone did it

  28. Playing the opera music for Andy and asking if Dwight would like it, doing all the pointing and stuff to make Dwight think they’re saying some crazy stuff about him.

  29. I think perhaps you have confused landscape with landscaping. Regardless very nice painting!

  30. Or they try to get you to send nudes, claim they are underage and attempt to blackmail you.

  31. Happened to me, very similar set up to this, I decided to have fun with it. They asked for a picture of my cock and I sent a rooster, to which they replied “oh wow it’s so big” lol

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