1. The council would honestly fine you for that where I live in the UK. It happens all the time, usually to old ladies. Council money grabbing.

  2. The police don't care where I am, in England. I've never seen people getting told off or fined for it. Seriously seen people chucking whole loafs of bread in the lake... I take mixed seed to the park to feed the birds, but I'm really careful to make sure the seed is all eaten, and I don't leave any waste.

  3. We’ve got a very ‘keen’ council here. They employ enforcement officers to wander around looking out for people doing this in town. Meanwhile drunken yobs run amok.

  4. its giving me a migraine wrapping my head around people who are anti Ukraine. they are straight up saying. they want a Russia. a country that has never been an ally to the US. to take over Ukraine not only taking a sovereign nation, but also putting EU/ NATO at risk. the republicans have gone insane with how anti NATO they are, and pro fascist Russia.

  5. Regan, for all his faults, would be spinning in his grave. Every democracy needs healthy opposition and looking at the States from over here in the UK it looks like something’s going wrong over the last few years there. Both sides of the house support Ukraine here & hopefully the same continues over there.

  6. Found it on this Tweet, that’s all I know sorry but this guy’s legit and it’s most probably very recent

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