1. If Fallout 3 was such a pinnacle of perfection, why do so many people run it in the NV version of the engine to get all the improved effects that FO3 cannot do without NV by using Tale of two wastelands

  2. The games are still DRM free you don't have to have GOG galaxy installed to play or download or install any of the games, it's purely an additional service IF you want to use it, all the games are still DRM free and you can simply never use Galaxy if you don't want to and still play all your GOG games

  3. I know that it's just weird that all the games you buy with your GOG account are DRM free but you cant be simultaneously logged in on 2 computers going through the same IP on GOG Galaxy.

  4. I suspect (and this is just me guessing) that it's to stop any risk of save / data corruption if somehow you are logged in and active on 2 different machines at the same time and both try to write different info to the same place in one account at the very same moment.... still just a guess

  5. I suspect the USA has far laxer amounts compared to many other "western" countries and thus consumes more insect parts than other places

  6. Still waiting for that "trickle down" BS they keep lying about

  7. Supposedly it's not going to be checking to see if legit or pirated...supposedly

  8. My other post of the rare sight of blank tapes I saw was removed for rule six (too much written in title), so I'm attempting to post again with a more succinct title. I was just thinking how it's as unusual to see these in a store as it is to see a public phone booth.

  9. This might be removed due to what looks like overlaid text (bi mart store) with rule 4.

  10. Damn... tattoo Tuesday on a sunday night / monday morning, brave move there indeed, don't expect to see this post remaining up

  11. Some people don't care that it's not the entire internet, they just "get off" having any form of power / control over anyone else and being able to dictate what can / cannot be said in their little "kingdom"

  12. I absolutely cannot believe people are using Windows 10 on 13th gen CPUs and 4xxx GPUs. You’re using a CPU scheduler built in the 90s, that isn’t even aware your CPU has p and e cores for chrissake, much less does it actually use them efficiently. HAGS and rebar are just not available for you. DLSS 3 is not available for you. WHY even buy new hardware? Your plan is to just stay on Win10 forever then, for what reason exactly? Of course you are going to start having more hardware and compatibility issues on top of the performance and features you are leaving on the table for no legitimate reason.

  13. What are you on about there's no real problems with Win 10 FFS

  14. I heard about that too, so today I installed my new GPU in the old system where I know SteamVR to be working. With the new GPU, I'm still able to use SteamVR and the Index with no issues. Tested on all Displayport ports.

  15. Good to hear that seems to OK and not a problem then.

  16. I agree with everything you’re saying. But this does not answer the question of why he would take the photos. There is quite literally no purpose aside from giving the writers an opportunity to shake suspicion off of him by having those pictures on the tortilla.

  17. I don't think anyone's arguing against that, but the point is a lame food pic has very little value if you're dead.

  18. The point is that he doesn't seem to think / worry about the future simply because he's always been able to avoid any consequences in the past and as such he believes he can get away with anything he wants to do.... and at that moment he wants to take pics of the food and anything further in the future simply doesn't even occur to him or that he will suffer any consequences of his actions.

  19. Same here. I turn the radio on occasionally when I'm in my "home" sorting out my inv or places I know are completely safe, but a lot of the time I much prefer to hear the world and what's going on around me without any distractions

  20. The OP never stated "just the Bass" they clearly stated "the amp" which naturally includes the treble, bass and volume

  21. Ignore the main quest, pick a direction and explore

  22. Nowadays it’s a dumb stereotype but to be fair In 1978 about a third of people in the UK had no natural teeth. That’s not the case now but my dentist has always told me as long as I brush and floss regularly, I should never have to come in unless it’s an emergency.

  23. Well our wealthy are getting wealthier and are happily buying up normal companies going bust at pennies on the pound and the majority of our fucked up media is still succeeding at placing all the blame on the usual "others" (benefit scroungers, immigrants, etc) instead of where the blame really belongs.

  24. It’s with a goal in mind though. They intend to fundamentally change the UK. They are playing the long game.

  25. Just hate the fact that the vast majority of our media is right wing and fully supports these cunts and thus keeps the general public in a state of fear and hatred against imagined "others" while the wealthy continue to fuck over everything that was good about this country.

  26. Clearly I did not read far enough to find my fellow sailor refugees from the old free city of New Providence. I feared the likes of us had succumbed to hanging or keelhauling long ago. Do any of you know safe haven for a salty old sea dog who thought his days of plunder were behind him?

  27. Use a VPN and all the ports are still open and as busy as ever

  28. 4c - Software glitches/errors, overlaid text, arrows, scribbles, and other substantive edits are not allowed,

  29. Hate have any companions but if forced to have one then out of all of them E-DE is he best, quiet most of the time, doesn't block my doorways, doesn't keep breaking off to tell me some made up back story I don't care about, good at carry my spare stash.

  30. Needs to get home, need to get food, need to get wife to hospital for birth and technically it's still in the treaded part of the tyre and not the sidewall beyond the tread

  31. Uninstall and delete all of your Steam files, then reinstall

  32. Including any folders / files in the normal hidden "AppData" folder and its 3 containing folders Local, Locallow and Roaming for all Steam / valve folders

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