1. They're part of the party, though, so it is pretty brave and stunning indeed.

  2. I'm no expert here, but Valve and Steam may be a better option for this reason, as without Steam as the primary purchasing place, the Russian gamers may flee to the domestic platforms at least in some numbers, which would lead to a higher amount of money ending up in companies with much closer ties to the regime, like, and that wouldn't be all that grand either.

  3. Big thanks for mentioning all of that, coming from a Russian.

  4. Why they actin like nothing happened?? 🤨

  5. Just two adult people trying to live on, letting the past stay in the past. It's a beautiful moment, really, we should all look up to how these two dealt with their situation.

  6. First thought, but I have the mod that disables it.

  7. There was (or still is) a bug where you get shot more times than you could ever realize. For example, here you can see just one shot to your arm, but maybe the damage was registered multiple times, as if you were shot, say, 5 times, which, coupled with fragmentation, could explain the damage being high enough to black your thorax and kill you.

  8. The fact that the comment you replied to actually puts China and Russia alongside the US in this aspect is a testament to how powerful American propaganda is.

  9. I mentioned something I saw on the news to an Eastern European coworker once and she expressed surprise that I watched television news. I responded that I liked to stay informed and she said she did too, but she knew it was all propaganda and apparently Americans hadn't figured that out yet.

  10. You shouldn't blame Americans like that, honestly. Not because simply watching television and expecting to be properly informed without being subjected to either massive bias or outright carefully engineered propaganda is okay, but because it's not an American thing - it's more of a people thing.

  11. Hold R until Gnawed Leaf. Bullshit demands bullshit.

  12. Don't get me wrong when I say this, I haven't played Tarkov actively since 12.12 dropped. They aren't deaf, they know the criticism. The problems are that the Bugs are literally so hard coded into the game it would be like rewriting half of it.

  13. No, they are quite deaf to criticism because if takes you massive outrages from the community, which are, in fact, so large that big names in gaming/tech like LTT start talking about, before you do anything about the issues people have been talking for years prior to the massive outrages that may (god forbid!) negatively impact sales or reputation - if that's what it takes you to take any sensible action (even if it consists of minor adjustments to gun attributes), then you're pretty much deaf to criticism.

  14. For vanilla, 16 GB is more than enough. But if you get into modding and especially the Module-Mods, 32 GB is much better.

  15. GTX 1080 and 16 GB RAM here wanting to confirm that yes, vanilla is running very smooth on my Oculus Rift S, while modding modular guns and rigs via r2modman and building things in larger maps takes a noticeable toll on performance. It's definitely not horrible or too jarred, but noticeably less smooth and immerse.

  16. Sounds like a trap. My whole life everyone's been telling me that everything I like is going to kill me.

  17. Don't worry, there's plenty of things you'd never ever think of liking that are just as likely to kill you. It's a world of opportunities, really.

  18. Nah, he's done so many people (and peoples) bad that it's virtually impossible to let enough of them getting the chance to give him what he deserves - absolutely anything else feels like an easy way out for Putin.

  19. For a man as sociopathic as him I honestly think him actually getting jailed and paraded around court and out in solitary confinement in the hague for the rest of his days will torture him for every remaining breath he takes. Plus it sets Russia up for a path of international law and reconciliation.

  20. Great point, actually. I do find myself thinking a lot about it, but I don't really articulate it often enough among other Russians because... I don't really know why, honestly, it just feels like there's so much to talk about at the moment, and it's really easy to miss something.

  21. Which is strange to me as a German, given that a slice of bread with something on top was the norm that the sandwich then deviated from to be more convenient.

  22. The English verb "to sandwich" is a really good proof to your point as well.

  23. The better question is, is it coming in a playable polished state on PC and why is denuvo kicking performance down by 20%?


  25. That is a very sound boundary-setting exercise you got there, amigo, good job.

  26. people underestimate the sheer size of russia and how spread out the people are. Going from siberia (and this is the middle) to moscow is like 3 days by bus, it is very hard to organize shit.

  27. Samara-Tomsk by train took me about 2 days, actually. Siberia itself is kinda too big to be a reliable measure for that sort of thing.

  28. There's more - they know it isn't even the first time they got destroyed in the past 48 hours

  29. Their reasoning for this is particularly amusing. Some of it includes:

  30. If it was a video wouldn't it be just as easy to show the knife?

  31. Depending on the video, it could have featured more mouse movement, which would really suspicious given that there'd be nobody there to move it actually.

  32. The amount of people believing it’s real is astonishing. No wonder fake pranks on youtube are raking up billions of views.

  33. Yeah, we'd be living in a very different world right now if we, humans, weren't easily manipulated

  34. I have a bathroom that's never directly lit and is about three metres away from any light rays directly hitting the ground outside it.

  35. Yeah, you must unlock the alternative paths and defeat Mother once

  36. Worth mentioning that after unlocking the home, you don't really need to go through the alt path.

  37. surprisingly got godhead in my run after unlocking it but yeah i’ll expect to barely see it again

  38. Same happened to me when I unlocked Rock Bottom - saw it once in the next run, and never again.

  39. Pasha going to announce Valve's new game: Tour de France Sim 2K24

  40. Yeah, that's a local, mostly russian meme, literally means "seller of shit"

  41. Care to explain where it's popular and how it came to be in the first place? This is the first time I see it, which kinda sucks given that I'm Russian myself.

  42. Yeah well don't really know it's origins per se, but it's just a picture of itpedia, saying "продавец говна", nothing interesting, really

  43. Must be him malding again. Shame what consoles do to a mf. Cheers anyway

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