1. Omen/Hex or whatever it's called is pretty good. Wynott's has the best stuff for wands and is also owned by the Histrionic Academy, which does the best tours, and is the only one that does tours year round. Village Silversmith is good for crystals and jewelry. Basically everything else is just there to trap tourists, it's no good for legitimate practitioners.

  2. Thank you! I was hoping to find something with legitimate supplies, but so far I've seen nothing but "hocus pocus" and tourist trap stores. I found the Hex one, I'll go check it out!! Thank you!!

  3. Verano all the way - Ethanol extracted, filtered through charcoal for light color. Nice color, nice potency.

  4. I think the problem is that if they give you more than .84g at the potency cap, it'll charge you two days instead of one. So, even if the potency cap was 90%, they would still be stuck to 590mg of THC per day.

  5. THIS. Yes. Cultivators aren't trying to pull wool over your eyes, they have their hands tied, too.

  6. I will definitely look those up!! This is exactly what I was hoping for, thank you. Love the ritual of emptying your cup, it's nice to add intention to a simple act. 🥰

  7. Fianlllyy I can live vicariously through someone!mneem wondering. Always wanted to try a true “landrace”

  8. It was really good, moved to the top 3 of my favorite strains. Close with Sonny G - Verano, but Sonny G is more sativa and bright. A perfect day would be to start with Sonny G and end with Mag Landrace 🥰

  9. I don’t have a small farm but I am a construction worker ! I made the switch to Duluth Flex overalls and they’re the best.

  10. What size did you end up getting? A size up from normal or did your normal size stretch enough?

  11. I think you just have to embrace the red and learn to love it. It's really not that bad. Very Art Deco. In my opinion I'd do something about the cabinets, they look outdated and not in a good way. Paint them? Remove them? Change the handles? *Edited to correct a typo

  12. Absolutely embrace it! I would do the rest of the decor in black and white aim for modern. Maybe paint the cabinet white too?

  13. Love the white cabinet idea. Maybe replace those starts on the mirror that hold it up - those are weird.

  14. Any ideas on how to redecorate without replacing the tub/toilet/and sink? Its not in the financial cards at the moment but I can't stand the red/white/black scheme.

  15. Warm it up in your pocket or in your hands to loosen the oil. You can do the same thing with plugged vape carts!

  16. Thank you for the information and your response. Have a great weekend!

  17. I've been struggling with the "plop" after a shower because my hair is too short and my back curls end up stretching out. Also, I can't sleep in a plop because then I have curls popping straight off the top of my head!

  18. Have you ran the distillation without the decarb step in between? Some THCa will decarb in the short path, but it will be a good A/B test to see whether the heat treatment prior to distillation is your culprit

  19. I've seen vacuum depth very wildly based on gauge location. Manufacturer said it should go right above the vacuum pump, after the cold trap. Ran that for a while before realizing I don't care about the vacuum depth there, I care about vacuum depth where the action is. "Fuck what the manufacturer says" answered a lot of questions there.

  20. You know what? I've always thought that was funny. I don't care what the vacuum is after the cold trap! In your experience, was it easy to move the vacuum gauge to the jacket/condenser area?

  21. Yeah ducks poop and we have cleaning products, bye

  22. I have never been so quick to click on a profile. I expect to see more doggos turned into people in the future! Very nice!

  23. Thank you so much! You can see my Instagram at @artby_val

  24. Hi! This is my original digital illustration :) I hope you enjoy!

  25. This is excellent! Have you done a series? Can we see more?!


  27. Hi! This is my original digital illustration. I hope you enjoy :)

  28. I don't have any ideas, but WOW those windows are gorgeous!! Once you get it figured out, this room is going to look amazing. Okay, I guess I do have one suggestion: rotate the couch to face the window? I can't tell what it's facing now, but it looks like it would fit the space better that way too.

  29. It's facing the entertainment center! The entertainment center is up against the middle section of the house. It's a small wallset in the middle of the first floor that is surrounded by kitchen, dining room, etc. So it can't really go towards the window, but I wish it could!! I wish the L didn't jut out into the window area

  30. Marble rye, thousand island, whisky-dill kraut, swiss, corned beef, poached egg!

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