1. Yeah she looks nuts. Excited to see how she compares to the others on stage.

  2. Angela and Francielle haven't been on stage forever. So I have no idea what they look like in a lineup now. That said if Francielle shows up similar to last year she'll still be top 5. But Angela might slip, just because her quads are so dominant. I love the looks of Isabel, Gisele, Babi, and Devyn. Babi still looks super soft though...

  3. It was the same for Francielle last year when she won the O. She qualified for the O super early so she spent the whole year improving and improving and she was peaked perfectly for the show. Her progress pics look amazing. If anything, I think Angela should be more concerned…between the new girls coming up and Isa, who should have beaten her last year…Angela needed to work really hard to bring more flow to her physique and her presentation. Her presentation is way behind Francielle and Isa IMO.

  4. Completely agree! I loved Angela's physique by herself, but when compared to Francielle, Isabel, etc. she doesn't quite have the same polish/flow.

  5. .... Then someone started responding to that thread asking us to google Sunny's porn. No thank you. I don't need to know if she was enjoying it while filming. Jesus Christ.

  6. I love her too. But her recent stories make me a little bit unsure about how she'd place. She speaks about what motivates her, and that seems not aligned with what bikini is looking for (she's too muscular, her posing too theatrical, etc.) she acknowledges all the feedback, but said trying to fit into the bikini standard dims her fire (or something like that). She wants to be herself on stage, which I fully respect. But whatcha gonna do if being yourself is in conflict with what the judges want..

  7. If Liana had the focus and could be dialed in to improve and win, she could be something great one day

  8. Absolutely! I love her look overall and I think her front post is perfection. I hope she takes the time she needs to reframe her legs (less quads, more glutes). But I just don't know if her current team knows how.

  9. I don’t think Janet is that muscular. She’s just really really lean and always has been. And now Jen Dorie is “pushing for the next level of conditioning” … so I guess this year’s trend is just everyone is super shredded, and judge Becky will then again say “this is bikini. Not extreme, no muscle striation, sustainable beach look!”

  10. Jen going for the conditioning kinda changes the game. LL also has pretty much full diamond drops 5 weeks out. And Janet… I bet many are reconcidering their strategy. Interesting to see what Maureen tries. If the top women come shredded, it could bump for example Valerya’s chances.

  11. Yeah totally. I personally don't love the super lean look cuz I think it negates what bikini is supposed to be and makes it even less approachable for a normal fit woman unwilling to go on PEDs. Adam from TEP said it really well. The division is evolving. I don't think these women are "too muscular" cuz this is a bodybuilding division after all. But I also think the conditioning requirement is getting crazier and crazier.

  12. She reminds me of a friend of mine who started doing hard core 1 meal a day plus stuff like 4 hours back to back gym sessions, long walks on rest days, going hiking, etc. because "exercise is good for you. OMAD is the right approach for me!" Then said herself she started fainting twice a week and wants the doctor to take her seriously and figure out what's wrong with her. I'm just like, hmm, yeah, I wonder what could it be. 🫠🙄

  13. This is the equivalent of men who get made of fun about skipping leg day. They have well developed chests but their legs are scrawny, looking like how a paraplegic would look working out at a gym.

  14. Me neither. I think there’s this perception of what looks attractive on a man/woman’s body, and for men it seems to be big arms, big shoulders, and rounded chest; for women is a big butt…? I don’t know who perpetuated the idea that it’s attractive to have one or a couple body parts really, really developed, while the lagging muscle groups are nonexistent…

  15. Because it's more or less true. The stereotype of "girls only care about the upper body on a guy" is more or less true from a generalist sense of what men think women may find appealing. Stereotypes exist for a reason. I've met very few women who think otherwise. And even then I can classify them as outliers and throw them out of the sample size of women I've met/dated/etc.

  16. I definitely don’t want to invalidate your own experience. But we must talk to very different women I guess. I’ve never met a girl that prefers the gym bro skipping leg days look over the more balanced overall athletic look.

  17. I saw Shawn from Shawn's couture also has a sale. TBH I trust these smaller businesses sales more than big companies.

  18. I don't think she batch produces large volume suits (not a scaled business like ACB or Toxic. No shade on anyone. Purely doing numbers comparison here). But all her suits I came across on IG seem beautiful and super well made. I think someone on this forum once mentioned she saw a few competitors wear Shawn's suits in a local show and they looked beautiful on stage.

  19. I know the intention is to have a division that suits most women's genetics a little better (most females are lower body dominant to some degree; lots of women with athletics background have well developed quads that are viewed as "too much" for bikini, me being one of them). But because the division is so new, a lot of the current mix of competitors are 1) girls who were too big for bikini; 2) girls who didn't want to do WBB or WP anymore. These people are more "stage ready" than like a newbie who's just looking into competing because of the division. I don't think judges are intentionally rewarding these big, hard, shredded looks. But they are closer to the standards than the newer amateurs. Most wellness NPC shows photos I've seen look all over the place.

  20. Yarishna always looks a lot more freaky on IG than on stage. Lighting, being all pumped up at the gym, etc plays a huge role.

  21. Vania looks great but her upper body looks a tad too hard compared to lower body. Maybe it's the pictures? The insertion on her shoulders looks quite sharp, a little too sharp for what they prefer... I only mention that bc Olympia is coming and idk if that is a favored look as far as higher placing.

  22. I think it might be the lighting. It seems like all the girls look quite sharp on the shoulders/arms but then blurred out on their legs.

  23. It took her 7 years off to get to this point. It’s going to take her natural at least another 2 to be O level competitive. It’s not a bad thing. She’s just looking tired and really needs to grow, which will also really make her waist less noticeable.

  24. Totally agree! I'm sure she and her coach already did the math here. What's one more show really in the grand scheme of things for her. And totally agree she just looks tired now.

  25. I generally don’t speak on posts like this one for obvious reasons but I agree with everyone here who said Ashley K is going to take it this year 💁🏻‍♂️😂.

  26. LMAO we can all have our favorites but by the end of the day I hope the best athlete wins!!

  27. Trying to focus on the physiques only: I want Jen Dorie to win cuz I love her but we haven’t seen her all year. Idk if she’ll be “warmed up” enough for the show, since a few pros have said after a while off the stage they get rusty with presentation again. Also this years winners are overall harder and what used to be “overpowering glutes” seem to have been rewarded lately. I worry Jen might be too soft, or needs more glutes, for the lineup. Maureen might just shock everybody. I think Phoebe will do well as long as her conditioning is good and she’s not too big comparing to other girls on stage. Lauralie we’ll have to see if she comes in lean enough or not.

  28. If I remember correctly, she tends to drop a ton of weight in the last few weeks or prep in general. So it's hard to predict what she'll look like in a few weeks. But yeah agree she looks softer than like the rest of the Wellness ladies prepping for the O at this point.

  29. I can't help but see Deana's glutes and (lack of) hamstrings... Her long glutes look amazing but definitely needs to build up everything else.

  30. Ah yes, the classic “we only wish the best for each other” BS that every insta couple/celebrity says

  31. No idea who these ppl are but... what else would you have said if you were in there shoes lol. I don't love this phony bullshit but it is now the standard and invites way less gossip.

  32. I’m wondering if this workout makes sense. My feedback is to grow my glutes so my coach programmed some new workouts. This one just feels like overkill and makes me not want to do leg/glute day. I’ve always felt like 2-3 compound exercises and 3-4 accessory exercises is plenty, so seeing 12 exercises, several of them unilateral (doubling the time since I have to do each leg), just seems crazy. And the way it’s drawn up seems bizarre as well. I highlighted the ones on the smith machine, my gym is pretty busy, I doubt I can keep bouncing back and forth between the smith machine and other machines without it being taken by someone.

  33. Were you able to get some answers from your coach? Were your previous workouts also high volume in general? Reading thru other comments it seems like FBF are known to prescribe super long OTT training programs. And the results generally seem really good. Shelby, Jourdanne, Aimee, and even Marissa Woo all had pretty good glutes progress. I'm quite curious to know if this is just what it takes to get good glutes...

  34. I can’t afford to spend that much time in the gym, nor do I want to, nor do I believe cutting this workout in half would decrease any potential gain. I think law of diminishing returns applies to working out as well. At a certain point you’re just hindering gains with a workout that has that much volume.

  35. You have your answers then :) good luck

  36. I honestly don't believe anyone who diets as much as she does never recovers their appetite. She says she chews gum obsessively which is something many people do to mask hunger.

  37. Let's not forget her sugar free sweeteners and mega large black coffees in her grocery halls.

  38. She had the same bracelet in a different show. The videos are on her insta page officialkord

  39. Y’all are totally right lol. I love dangling bracelets in general but i keep thinking “oh no her bracelet will get tangled up with her suit connectors or her hair”. It’s a bit distracting on stage for me

  40. Valerya. The bracelet looks like a foot long stick with flowers on the end.

  41. Oh wow I had to zoom in to see that lol. You sure it wasn’t just broken?

  42. Never said it was a glute insertion competition, but you did just note the advantage which was where I'm more curious... it looks nicer from the back and this is an aesthetics competition. Yes, it's the whole package, but when we get to the top level, what is more aesthetically pleasing overall? TeamEliteHeadCoach made a good point that from the front pose, the bubblier glute can contribute more to flow, while the diamond shape can look good from the back.

  43. Yeah sorry if my response came across as condescending. It was not my intention at all.

  44. It's not a glutes insertion competition. Depends on if you can make it flow with the rest of your body. Ashly does have short insertions and it does create a more bubbly look. Jessica D does look similar in that aspect. But Jessica's torso is also a lot shorter and legs are longer. So overall Ashley looks balanced and bubbly, Jessica has a harder time creating that aesthetically pleasing everything-flows look.

  45. Reyna and Eli both look really good! Maybe it's just this photo, but I feel like Lizzie Martinez has wellness potentials with those glutes and legs from the back.

  46. Echoing others about Natalie Matthews!

  47. Good for her. I’m glad she’s listening to her body, and her heart to do what’s best for her over the long run. This year she’s been thru a lot just based on the snippets we see on IG. It takes real courage to be this vulnerable and honest with oneself to say “prep is a distraction from emotional pain”.

  48. She’ll beat Jen Ron but no chance against Isa or Janet yet, one day she could pass Janet but unlikely Isa since Isa is a decade younger than her. Pretty sure Ivanna is 38 at this point and Isa is 26 I think, something like that give or take and Janet is still young at 32 so going to be hard to pass as well if Janet stays motivated which she seems to always be. Maybe next year she can climb over Janet but that’s a big leap passing two recent O winners who are both much younger. Great physique but she is inconsistent in the American market, it’s much easier in Europe than the US and that’s why you often see girls fade from EU to US, talent pool is deep!

  49. Whoa I didn’t know Ivi is 38! Thought she was 30 tops. Good for her lol

  50. Agreed. It’s anybody’s game and I notice Jen Ron can fade into second callouts or wind up in the top 4. She can be surprising.

  51. I don't quite remember her look tbh. I remember Jen Dorie's look because there's just something that stands out and wows me about Jen Dorie. Jen Ron can show up fitting the criteria well, but I still just have a hard time remembering her look after a while.

  52. I was a client for almost 2 years. He pushed PEDs on me multiple times even after saying I was hesitant. Basically said that if i want to do wellness i need to be prepared to do PEDs. Also insinuated I should leave my husband because he “wasn’t supportive” when I told him my that my husband didn’t like the idea of me doing steroids either.

  53. Out of curiosity, are you now competing in Wellness? I've also been contemplating because it seems to suit my natural structure better than bikini (I have little t-rex arms and torso). But the girls that place well even at local shows girls are much bigger. I don't know if I have a shot to remotely look like wellness without extra help.

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