1. Wish we could see the whole video. Apparently he finishes with "Go fuck yourself San Diego"

  2. Does anyone else get the feeling that when your close to the edge at a high place that it starts pulling you off? Cause that’s one of my nightmares and kind of why I hate hightail

  3. There is actually a name given to that feeling.. its called

  4. Shannon Hoon sang a bunch of backup for Guns N Rose's on their Use Your Illusion albums. He was good friends with Axl Rose. Here's an amazing video of

  5. I'm 44 and I remember while in third grade, me and my friends made up a dance routine to this song. Hard to believe that was 35-36 years ago now.

  6. Let's see it! Come on you have to do the routine for us now. From the Top 5 6 7 8

  7. I love the Michale Graves era Misfits. I would love to get American Psycho on vinyl, I have Famous Monsters as a picture disc.

  8. Molested means different things in different contexts

  9. However molested and unmolested are used very differently in American English.

  10. I bet they'd still really appreciate it if you took the thorns off first

  11. I recommend this one. There is also a deluxe version with 2 different color records and multicolored foil jacket for $27 but they sent me a bootleg black and white jacket twice. Returned them both and opted for this deal.

  12. Kickball with a cherry ball made everyone a playground hero

  13. I don’t have the ticktocks but this seems like a funny tape of my favourite record of the 80s

  14. This person actually made a full video... it goes on to the song and they're lip synching to it but I cut it off/edited it to just the flute part

  15. Some people really define the word “talented.” My job keeps me on the road a lot and one thing I really enjoy is street food as a means to explore and experience new things from local perspectives. After the lunch trade window is over I could see justifying paying just to hear her tell the story of how she refined her method while she sets up again. It’s obvious this is the result of many small improvements over time and it’s fascinating. 🙏

  16. Why is the subtitles in thai but theyre speaking in indo lol

  17. The dude is a Thai Vlogger traveling in Indonesia

  18. Lol I Hyped it up and got several people to commit to watching it. Then I watched it and was like okay... womp womp and didn't talk about it again.

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