1. I had a patients family member order food delivered to the hospital while pt was NPO (rude). Front desk called and I told the family it was there. They responded with “oh you guys can’t go and get it?” I said sorry no and walked out. While I was on the phone with the front desk, at least she got a little laugh out of it too.

  2. It’s saturated with new grads but experienced, competent NPs are still in very high demand

  3. Lol videos like this are the “rich people” problems videos of dog world.

  4. lol true, I just didn't quite understand the behavior I guess

  5. I’ve noticed many bigger universities have phased out the ag-pcnp programs and the MSN prepared NP programs. The only MSN they offer at those schools are administrative and education tracks. The DNP seems to be for NPs now at most bigger schools. Hopefully not all schools follow.

  6. I've noticed that in my looking for a school. There is one state university around me that still offers the MSN tract. But my biggest fear is that they change it while I'm in school!

  7. Its happening around the country slowly already. I think many CRNA programs are already Doctoral, and several bigger programs have already made their NP programs DNP. Once a decent amount of big schools do this, the rest will follow suit to not seem out of touch. I welcome it as it will greatly slow down the out of control growth.

  8. yeah, I have noticed that. I was just hoping that I can get my masters start working and then get my doctorate in five years. Kind of like how it was when I started as an ADN. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about 2025

  9. I joined that community thinking i would gain some insight on what they thought a bad NP was and how to improve my practice during my journey. However, it was just a hate thread, and I'm actually just about to leave it. They think they are better than everyone else, and its just wrong. I would hate to be a nurse to one of those doctors. A doctor told me that I should become an NP. There no arguing with them, and other doctors get downvoted for stating anything good about an NP. of course, there are not good NPs, but there are also terrible doctors. (which I stated in that group and got downvoted because apparently no doctor can be bad because they went through years of training)

  10. well actually I couldn't figure out how to leave, and that was because I got kicked out

  11. Nurse here: obviously this was dumb. But I’m just going to add that I was caring for a intubated, obtunded, and restrained pt that was eliquis for afib, who had what I’ve learned what shock liver according to the docs with ALT/AST in the thousands. They started to have nose bleeds. Me being the good nurse that I am was like yo docs (3 residents and an attending) pt is having nose bleeds now, they were like oh yes let’s put saline gauze in the nose to stop the bleeding. Im like, hmm wanna check an INR too? Plan was to remove port and place CVC. Well INR was 5.5 and 2 doses of vit K and 2 FFP it was finally down enough for IR. Point of the story, everyone can be dumb.

  12. Which does not obviate the point at all of having someone with LESS training than a proper medical school and residency work with patients. I don’t know what your intention was but it only further strengthens the argument against NPs in general.

  13. lol okay your fishing now my post was about people with proper medical school and residency

  14. It’s all barely news any more. They are all biased and push their targeted audiences view points. CNN and Fox are both bad (fox is 100x worse). Neither of them are just stating facts of an event, they both push viewpoints.

  15. I need help because the only schools that I have found to have clinical placement in the Chicago land area and a blended course study are for doctorates. Which I don’t believe is really worth it. What is a good online program for FNP masters. I don’t want to go to a diploma mill! Or should I just go to UIC and get my doctorate?!

  16. NP is not a real job or profession, its just an American Frankestein created by politicians and corporations to scam patients with a cheap incompetent alternative of "doctor" , get easy $$$ and deliver nothing but problems. Many people with low self esteem and need of validation and attention go through that path to feel important. Also nurses that hate nursing. If you ever go to France, Japan, Italy, SouthKorea, China, Spain, Brazil, Egypt or anywhere else in the world you will be a plain nurse. Period. Imagine a "plumber practitioner" repairing your car, sounds odd right? There is no equivalence or anything even close for that title of nurse pretending to be a Doctor. Basically a fake degree, with programs out there graduating hundreds of thousands ... which means that soon NPs are going to be making less than RNs (already are, in some places).

  17. I am a nurse on a PICU. We have had nurses leave, get their NP, and come back a year or two later because (1) they feel they don’t know anything, and (2) they make more money working on an ICU as an RN. Something to think about!

  18. I have heard that as well. My biggest problem with the pay is that the only way to really make money as a bedside nurse is 1)travel which I don’t want to do because of where I’m located and I like being home and 2) job hop after so many years. But there are only two hospital systems in my area and I may or may not be black listed (this system black lists you if you quit for my understanding) from the other one because I turned down a job offer after being a nurse helper during Covid because the vibes where bad (which I have learned over the last two years that I made the right choice, very rude doctors and majority new grad nurses and high ratios of very sick patients and no support). But duck it maybe I’ll just be an admin or something or work for pharma. I did just sign up to work as a facilitator for the new grad nurse residency program. I wasn’t rushing into anything because I just started ICU and I want to get my CCRN. I just wanted to start working on something.

  19. You know honestly for my dog. He got so much better when I stopped giving a duck as much. I would do all the things and stress about it way to much. Once my husband said that he didn’t want a robot dog and doesn’t care about him being perfect it made me realize that I was trying way to hard and it was bringing me down. I still do all the things. But I don’t stress about it.

  20. Yeah the title hospitalist I’ve come to find out is for doctors. I guess I really meant NPs that work in the hospital.

  21. I’m outpatient heme onc as an acute care Np.

  22. None of the job postings that I’m looking at specify which certification they need lol. I wish that would help.

  23. *nurse me, starting NP school and taking notes on what not to do…

  24. I was actually looking into vet med last night lol it is so appealing to me now and I wish I chose that before

  25. It's not a bad idea but usually you'd not go "all in" into a store or area that is very busy and full of scents. Try going to a small store or maybe just visiting another home / public room. It's important to note different thresholds and then progress slowly.

  26. This store was filled with smells but not people it was a small pet store, not a petco or anything. He has been there and did fine. I think he just gets nervous in new places. I once took him to a small like farmers market and he saw goats and cows. He was nervous at first, there wasn’t any people around us. But once he like got warmed up to the animals he was even fine around the people from a distance. Idk he like takes a minute to feel comfortable b

  27. I have a timid dog and for a while I found that pet stores were just too overwhelming. They're busy, there are other dogs, and even if not, there are dog smells everywhere.

  28. Yeah. He was for sure over whelmed with smells, he is a hound lol. But I did take him to pet smart for training probably like a year ago now and after a couple times he did good! So I’ll probably try a couple more times and see how it goes. I did think about home depot and I’ll probably do it. I’m just nervous about people. But luckily I don’t work everyday so I can go at a slower time.

  29. "confirmed cases" refers to a dog that was diagnosed with DCM after eating an implicated diet via echocardiogram OR a necropsy.

  30. It was never confirmed that it was the brands of food. They looked into that as a possible cause. Also the type of protein and the breed of dog. At least that’s what the FDAs website said

  31. There are 12 studies backing up that there is a link. We've actually had this conversation before and I've linked you to those studies.

  32. If it was definitive the FDA would of taken action, which they did not. The FDA does not believe that those studies are sufficient enough to provide enough evidence to make a claim at this time. But it is continued to be researched.

  33. My hound mix had a horrible time settling at night as well. We did all the things. For me when he was that he was so tired but wanted to keep going and was being nippy, barking a lot, and wouldn’t leave my older dog alone. Once he was not distracted with play and doing the naughty things we realized that he was just over tired. So we would just put him to bed (as suggested on a post I did a while back) and that worked wonders. After maybe 2 months of having to force it, he now settles on his own.

  34. Yeah this is relatable. Sometimes we do extra walks/playing, a kong, toys, etc and it like amps him more lol

  35. The whole “capture the calm” thing didn’t work for me. He was like FUCK YEAH TREATS!! Each time so we stopped doing it because that’s the opposite of what we wanted. So basically if didn’t settle himself but needed to settle we would put him away. If he was settled he could stay out. But if he was also wanting to play with us then heck yeah we did that. But the whole being naughty thing didn’t work for us. So we lured him in his bed with treats and shut the gate. He barked like maybe for a minute and was like oh yeah I’m tired and went to sleep p

  36. As if 12/22/23 the FDA stated that they are no longer posting updates until more concrete evidence is out there. It’s continuing to be studied but it seems that the info posted is correlation versus causation. They are waiting for a definitive study is what I interpreted it as. Talk to your vet, but also do you own research on it as well with Google scholar because I had a vet tell me when I first got my puppy in 2020 that I should only be feeding grain-free because of what the FDA said. But after I did my own research I found out that she was stupid and stopped going there.

  37. Have you discussed this behavior with a vet? Especially since he isn’t taking treats when he starts barking. If he’s this stressed at the situations you described, you may consider Prozac or another medication to help him regulate his anxiety.

  38. Because it’s like really a hound thing for what I’m seeing. And honestly I’ve had this bark collar on for a week and now instead of barking his puts his energy into something else, I.e. a toy or a chew. He’s annoyingly smart and now he is also messing with how much he can bark before it goes off. Which is fine for me because it’s more spaced out.

  39. Redirecting to play is similar to distracting with treats; for some dogs it works and for others it doesn’t (which is the case for your dog). Ultimately it’s a currency game and your dog has decided neither treats nor toys are worth as much as barking to his heart’s desire, and this is where corrections would come in to take that self-rewarding value of barking away, and I would still prefer ecollar over bark collars for that - if you have to work on your timing then that’s what you have to do.

  40. It is a working process that I’m still attempting to work on. Everything but the constant barking has improved significantly over the 1.5 years I’ve had him. I’m just needing this bark collar on now to give an extra push that he needs. There was a significant improvement with training with the shock collar, this one is just better to have on longer. Even today, after his walk and it wasn’t on he only barked once and stopped. That is my goal, a more controlled bark.

  41. if you’re reading all these scientific journals and finding all this evidence why don’t you just post it? shouldn’t be too hard to copy and paste the links since you’re so familiar with it

  42. Because I remember information, not links. I also don’t save it to my computer. I don’t care that much to prove to random people on the internet my researching skills. Plus y’all will just keep going on with your opinions and that’s fine.

  43. Kcal = kilocalorie. Which is a fancy (or region based) way to say calories. Just how much energy it provides. food bags should have a conversion. For example: 400kcal/cup.

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