1. I have a coonhound mix (who I’m convinced is a working line) there is always sniffing. If he is in heel for what he thinks is too long than he sniffs in heel for a little then goes off. He walks mostly on a taught leash but doesn’t pull too hard, unless he is tracking a deer. I know which areas are more deer heavy than others. Sometimes I run with him because he is so happy to track and it’s so cute to watch him spin and looking for the right way. I don’t let him go too crazy, because he would. He does always look back to make sure im there though. Actually today I dropped the leash on accident because he was in his tracking hard moment. He ran off… of course, he also had terrible recall and ears off nose on is a real thing (working on it). But anyways I didn’t run up to him because he would be like Oh yeah this is the way and run faster. But he stood there as I walked up looking at me, when I got close enough for his liking he moved forward until he got too far, then stood there and looked at me. I said “this way” and ran a little the other way and he came right to me. Anyways I know that was probably a really bad thing, but I was so proud how he didn’t want to get too far from me and ran up to me when I said this way. Just had to share that. Won’t do it on purpose until recall is better but it was the best outcome I could ask for with dropping the leash for the first time ☺️

  2. I tend to be a brown noser for sure, but I always send the patient home any insulin, inhaler, creams, and basically anything else in the room that I know would get thrown away. One of my co-workers stopped a patient from taking him an insulin pen and an inhaler…. I’m like what the heck she’s worse than I am!

  3. It sounds like a practice owned and run by physicians, who don't understand or appreciate the role of an RN in the office setting. I once worked in a place like this and they tried to put MA's and RN's in equal roles. (And then the MAs called themselves nurses.)

  4. I was an MA before… the only time I didn’t correct pts/family about calling me a nurse the pt was under 10. Most of the time it was “follow the nurse to the room”.

  5. I’m a nurse and I don’t correct people when they call me doctor, it makes me feel more important. /s

  6. i felt so important that children thought I was a nurse instead of a MA. /s

  7. Why don’t you attempt to give each one a chew only when they’re in each others company. For one they would leave each other alone and over time that would teach them to associate “ good” with being around each other

  8. Well the chi can’t have chews due to health issues for one, and for two when the chi gets a chew he runs to his bed lol. Always had even before we got the hound lol. But when the hound has a chew the chi likes to circle around him picking up the scraps. The hound doesn’t mind at all actually, I look at the body language (I did google resource guarding extensively because of that) the only thing the hound does is look at him while chewing when the chi is in front of him but for just a second and goes right back to looking at the chew. There was two times when the chi got ballsy and sniffed at the chew when the hound was chewing it and the hound let out a single deep bark. Chi walked away and went back to going around and hound appeared fine with that. That was months ago and chi learned his lesson to keep a safe distance. It is always supervised and I call back the chi if I feel he is too close. The hound likes to get the chew and then drop it to sniff at it and the chi like keeps his distance but extends his body to also sniff it. Hound doesn’t mind. A couple times I let them share the chew (one at a time) when I’m holding it, give them commands and stuff to wait and all that. I don’t push my luck with that one though. Another funny thing they do is when they are eating (with a decent distance) who ever finishes first stands and watches the other one eat from a distance and once they are both done they switch and lick each others bowels. It’s actually quite cute. They do get treats together though when I do training sessions with the hound. The chi knows sit, lay and paw. But I also got him to jump through a hoop lol. The chi just hates the hounds energy because he is a grumpy old man

  9. Looks relatively playful to me, even might be “picking on” the chi or annoying him but doesn’t seem harmful. The hound’s fur isn’t raised, the tail is wagging, and you can even see some hints of a play bow. Just seems like he has fun annoying the chihuahua 😂

  10. My hound had a create. Then when I started working days we got rid of it. He has his bed in the kitchen where his create was. But we now have him sleep in our bed because he would bark for hours at night due to animals outside. Now he sleeps in, doesn’t bark at animals, and doesn’t whine at 5am to get out. He stills finds comfort in the crate, our groomer has one set out and he would go right into it when he was nervous, but now he goes right to the bed they have set up.

  11. My dog has a habit of taking his toys to bed and chasing his tail. Sometimes he catches it and takes himself to bed

  12. Please tell me with his tail in his mouth! That’s adorable

  13. My family has that too’ my grandmas was about 50 years old. It has died recently. But my dad has one that’s 30 years old and me and my sister have a piece of that too!

  14. how'd you tie it? can u link me to a video or smthn?

  15. I just did a half square knots for the two tassels (?) square knots to hold the pot. I just went for it honestly

  16. I always wait for my plants to be completely brown before I count my losses

  17. I get the idea, it's a very reasonable idea but not really a suitable method. Once he's amped up he cannot calm down if he has reason to suspect you may open the door any moment. If he runs to the door barking for no apparent reason, then I wouldn't give it any attention whatsoever. Even by just walking up to the door you're rewarding his behaviour. Because running and barking led to "owner stands by the door" which is "one step away from being let out".

  18. We did that at night when he sleeping in the kitchen…. He went on for an hour at least. Even did the whole go to bed, gave him treats and his favorite chew. He went to bed, didn’t eat any of the treats or chew and instantly back to barking. He would even bark for like that when he had the create out and he was sleeping in it. Now we have him in our bed which fixed that. Before this he was sleeping in his bed and ran up barking.

  19. Don’t know what you want for an ideal behavior but get the behavior or some beginning version of it, mark, reward, and move on. Don’t keep trying to get it over and over or you’ll confuse the dog and create frustration. Once you make the behavior more clear to him of the expectation you can add more. The very first time he sat and was quiet I would have marked and rewarded and let him free. Don’t overtrain it.

  20. He was still whining a decent amount. Which is why I continued. There has been times where he barked for like 10-15 minutes outsides, search the area, come back on the deck and bark more, come back inside and pace around whining and barking. I do let him out when he is excited or if there is for sure something he sees that I know he will give up once it’s gone. It’s night time in this video and I’m trying to not piss of my neighbors. And his barks are very distinguished, this is more of a im going to get that thing bark. I’m trying to achieve the same thing of like waiting for a dog to be calm before a walk so he doesn’t pull more. I know I’m like going against the advice that I was given but I’m just trying to highlight my reasoning for what I did lol.

  21. Much better than mine. He will sit but shakes like crazy with anxiety and those ears are always super tense.

  22. When my dog is sitting there holding it in… but then he like explodes with excitement made me laugh so much lol. One of my trainers said “laughing makes a bad leader”… I don’t go to her anymore but I must be a horrible leader because he is such a goober

  23. Every time I see a bag or box while driving I always look for movement. So for in 30 years, haven’t seen any

  24. That’s pure laziness and negligent. I get really irritated when I try to flush an IV and the clamp has been left open and obviously not flushed in a while. These are extremely simple, basic components of our job. Now that the IV is occluded not only is it my responsibility to start a new IV (not the nurses who caused it to fail) but the patient has to endure being stuck again. And in certain some of the nurses before me tried to flush it, knew it was occluded, but pretended they didn’t notice. Same goes with loose IV dressings on patients that the tape doesn’t stick… nurses keep putting tape on it when obviously the tape isn’t sticking. Now it’s my job to try and remove all that tape and the op site without ruining the IV.

  25. I floated recently and the unit I was at I had five patients… not one single IV was flushed. And I got report from multiple nurses. I was so annoyed!

  26. My wife passed at home last week in her sleep after a 3 year battle with Bulbar. She was walking, communicating and eating (not enough)on her own until the end. Didn’t want a feeding tube. Death is never the right time for those around you. She and us were lucky that she could still function up to the end. She is at peace now.

  27. Let her do it. Y’all can’t and we all die. It’s shitty but does prolonging reality help at all? It’s over. She’s done. It’s ok to be done.

  28. I know that it seems like I didn’t let her… I just posted those dates because I couldn’t believe how long it took

  29. Where?? I wouldn’t say I’m just outside of Chicago but close enough.

  30. Well here’s my input for what I did with my dog and my older chihuahua. My chihuahua is about 13 years old, he does great in the crate but honestly I just hate having them out. He sometimes (because he is older and has some issues) pees in our bedroom which is why we close the door. But most of the time in the middle of the night he will whine to get let out and wake us up. It sticks but it’s okay really since we have a yard. My puppy had a big crate up until I worked day shift. Since it’s not good to have a dog in the crate for a work day we just decided to get rid of it. He stayed in the kitchen with a puppy gate since I don’t 100% trust him free roam yet. That worked until a family of opossums moved in our back yard and this mofo barked for at least an hour at night, and my mom is really sick and I was gone a lot too so I think he also missed me. So we decided to try having him in our bedroom. So now we have both dogs in our bed room with the door closed. That way if there is an accident it will be easier to find. Also high recommend a carpet cleaner vacuum thing.

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