1. The Chinese “communist” party? As the media puts it

  2. Quickly Reddit NPC’s! Down with the Croatian president. /s

  3. The funniest part is, the people who are downvoting have been brainwashed to think your a cancer on society. When the same exact “science” they all jerk off over indicates the opposite.

  4. ugh. ok So you're going to write a diatribe of BS, but not listen to any kind of reason....

  5. You’re a lost cause clearly. Not worth anyone’s time debating.

  6. So many argue we don’t need a military any more but I’m sure some day we will need it.

  7. In a globalist world. I think people are misinformed by how much “borders” actually play a part in anything anymore.

  8. Hes been in government for how long and what has he contributed other than hot air and making it easier to get away with lying manipulative robocalls that try to trick voters?

  9. What exactly was Trudeau doing before he become prime minister again.

  10. Unless you’re arguing that it’s fine to do nothing, then this is a bad argument.

  11. My point is. People are incredibly hyper sensitive and opinionated over things/people/events that they have very limited information on. Furthermore, said opinions seem to always be shaped and formed by the media. Not experience.

  12. The gangs are thriving and would've been able to leave Haiti in a boat 5 years ago same as now. If anything it's normal everyday people fleeing.

  13. Describe these gangs to everyone. What are there names. What are there goals?

  14. No I’m actually curious. You seem to have a lot of knowledge of the situation on the ground.

  15. So. Hear me out. Since this is true. Why would a damn thing change if the company became “profitable”.

  16. I’m sorry. But fuck Ryan Cohen. Fuck GameStop management. Fuck the board. And ontop of them all fuck Kenny G.

  17. It’s not even that. It’s the fact that there is an absorbent amount of evidence pointing to manipulation that even IF the company goes “proFiTaBLe” it won’t matter; and CLEARLY GAmESTOP and RC don’t give a fuck about that. Instead he’s making books to profit off of us in the meant time. I’d like to be proven wrong, but I’m not seeing a damn thing that shows they give a fuck about there share price. Or it’s shareholders at the end of the day. INSTEAD, all I see is them gaslighting us with rockets, tweets, and bunnies in order for us to keep buying there shit. I just wish after 2 fkn years we’d see the slightest hint of “we give a fuck”, but here we are.

  18. Because the goal here. And around the world. Is to squeeze the 99% of us out of owning anything. Simple as that. Make us powerless and obedient. Inflation cannot be tamed. This is just the outcome of the fiat system and global markets going unchecked. Canada, it’s borders, it’s leaders, are just façades. The real ppl moving the chess board are the ones who are nearing the end of a giant game of monopoly.

  19. This is just conspiracy nonsense. And it’s a childish denial of reality because the alternative is to acknowledge that maybe what we’re facing a very difficult problem to solve. Easy to blame some invisible and shadowy “cabal” of the very rich who are out to get the average joe. “Just get rid of them and it will all be fixed!”

  20. Not saying it’s something that call all be fixed by “getting rid of them”. There will always be others in line, but I think it’s naïve to believe money and the power that comes with it at the very top doesn’t have the slightest hinderance/influence on where we’re heading, and what we’re experiencing. The pool at the top is getting smaller and smaller day by day and i personally don’t believe just giving up wealth/power/legacy is something that will just happen on its own. While we’re distracted with social narratives. The gap between rich and poor world wide has been growing immensely in the last few decades. I really don’t see how that’s a difficult, or “childish” point of view to have. That and well, history.

  21. Why Canada keeps throwing money at this completely corrupt country baffles me. What the hell has Haiti's hold been on our politicians for all these decades?

  22. Good money to be made rebuilding all the cities and towns that were destroyed.

  23. That's exactly what she meant by boosting the world economy.

  24. Can we just change the name politician to professional liar please. At this stage in the game, I feel like it’s appropriate.

  25. Hey billionaire fiducially responsible chairmen. This is just fine for you? Or are you just one of them? A grifter trying to make another buck off us with your books. FFS this has gone on to long with no action/plan/merger/acquisitions/ANYTHING of note.

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