1. u dont read everything. evaluate the demand of each class and adjust the effort accordingly

  2. Vocab apps are ineffective to me. They merely drill memorization of definitions but miss linguistic nuances.

  3. I read about 70-80% of the LG and LR ones by covering 1-2 chapters/day + drilling problems that correspond to the chapter's question type/subject.

  4. ooh good word. thanks for sharing. this is my first time coming across it.

  5. I understand your pain and this is incredibly gross and traumatizing, but why make it about his ethnicity?

  6. Ethnicity is mentioned bc it's the most obvious word I can use to physically describe the idiot subject of my story.

  7. I use LSAT Demon and do not need to pay their $300 monthly subscription. Seriously, I apologize for his rudeness. I knew you were talking about Nathan because he can be mean, but I think that's just his style (don't take it personally). However, if he is being rude and you are also not understanding the games, there is a problem, and they should be concerned with teaching rather than being rude. I would use their drilling functions and just teach myself how to overcome the games using examples found online or with a private tutor who you can meet with once or twice a month and they give you the tools to self study. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I'll do my best to answer them. You can do it! The test is designed to discourage you; don't let it! You are fantastic!

  8. thanks for the advice:) wasn't nathan though! nathan's a great tutor

  9. i used 7sage for foundation and currently using lsat demon to refine

  10. hmm still a bit confused. Can you explain what you mean by "the Loophole flaw just refers to a question stem"? when I read the chapter, I thought I have to consider the stimulus, not just the question stem, to determine the Loophole flaw.

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