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  1. Any cafe recommendations around Northcote / Thornbury / Preston / Ivanhoe? Done all the usuals...

  2. Urgh so a friend asked if I wanted to play golf today a few days ago. I said yes, but she couldn't confirm a time and said she would let me know closer to today because she's busy. Kind of annoying because I too am busy, but whatever.

  3. Neighbours nearby are having a brouhaha very audibly.

  4. Good thing we scored 2 on Ghana and now we're "ghana" go to the round of 16.

  5. For what it’s worth, so many of my dogs in the past have absolutely demolished a massive stash of chocolate at some points in their lives and they were all fine. Like we’ve had a lab, a boxer and a cavalier King Charles literally eat kilos worth of it at a time. Maybe one or two had some runny poos the next day, but that’s about it.

  6. Haha my Cav craps herself with the change of the wind, so I find this truly amazing

  7. Think I’ve told this story here before, but once I ‘lost’ one of my rings. The dog (the cav) had eaten it along with some string, which had tied itself around the ring somewhere in his digestional tract. Both showed up a few days later when the ring, tied to the string, was dangling from his butt like a fucking pendulum.

  8. Have made myself a charcuterie board for dinner every night this week.

  9. Maybe you'll get made redundant and you can celebrate with another charcuterie board.

  10. mine too, but I got my Christmas letter today lol

  11. I'd invest in an online interest-earning business that pays around 4% p.a.

  12. I can't imagine earning $8k a year on a $200k investment sounds particularly exciting

  13. I hate that quote. Hey Disney, you don't get to fucking make up what family means. Family means one phone call per week, and arguing about politics over Christmas dinner.

  14. I believe Medicare will cover the majority of radiation. I believe anything outside the traditional hospital system (experimental, etc) would be out of pocket, and you could very well run out of money to support something like that.

  15. It seems obvious to me that this person is trying to manage you out of the organisation.

  16. Seems obvious to me too. Hence my comment around resigning. They're my manager, but we have a really similar skillset. We're basically doing the same job because they don't know how to do the higher job. So two of us, making good money, doing the same job. Doesn't bode well for me. I'm just getting my ducks in a row.

  17. Shallow probably wasn't the right word. What I said next is what I intended:

  18. Yeh definitely some people aren't doing 'keeping up with the Joneses', and a holiday house isn't necessarily that.

  19. Yeah, I mean I don't really have the time to get into the 'why buy anything nice' debate. Most expensive things don't contribute significantly more than their base use. A $10k bag does what a $200 bag does. A $150k car does what a $10k car does (for the most part). Some people like nice things, they aren't all showing off. I drive a $140k car. I like it a fuck load more than my old $40k car. It still drives from A to B. Lifestyle inflation is definitely a thing. I'm not here to judge what people spend their money on though, or their motives, that's up to them. If they want to do it beyond your means to show off, that's on them.

  20. It is a lot, i'm leveraged to the tits. However my interest rates were sow low it's hard for me to lose, also in australia if the property is negatively geared you can claim it as a tax write off. My Airbnb's were fine because I place them in high development rural areas and focus on long term discounted stays to essential workers.

  21. How are those low interest rates treating you now?

  22. locked rates in for a few years but soon I will face the crunch, airbnbs will still cover rates though as the yields are tasty - bought in nowra and katoomba

  23. Are you based in Sydney? What made you pick those spots? What's the forecast for domestic travel considering current economic circumstances? What occupancy level do you need to cover repayments?

  24. To be fair he was as good in an attacking sense when he was at saints. Maybe a proper coach at united in the first few years after he joined would have helped him peak consistently. He hasn't kicked on since he joined us. Hopefully ETH is now able to maximise his potential.

  25. Man Soton has had a shit ton of talent move on

  26. What are you babbling about? He's just saying Shaw showed he had decent attacking ability even very early on and better coaching at United before now could have had him show it more consistently.

  27. I said Southampton have had a lot of quality over the years that have moved to other clubs. Someone’s had a few too many pints.

  28. I see... Your store looks pretty cool...what did you think about Pinterest ads? Since They add to the sense of discovery. Because Pinners are looking to shop, they're more likely to appreciate ads than on any other platform. On average, Pinterest ads earn a 2x higher return on ad spend with a 2.3x cheaper cost per conversion, compared to other social media platforms.

  29. Do you work for Pinterest? I personally haven't had good results with it (and have spent upwards of $50k a month).

  30. Laptop class people voted for Andrews. What is "laptop class"?

  31. My very friendly, very lovely neighbour has those giant bin check shame tags now placed on every single one of his bins, dobbing him in. Do I (a) ignore it (b) join the shame circle (c) cat call when I see him next (d) notify the police

  32. Little chicken roulade number (stuffed with provolone and prosciutto) almost done. Mushroom and cognac sauce. Here we go.

  33. 3 rat sightings for me today. 1 was the same rat running across the road and back. Another jumped into a bush across the road whilst I was having my lunch.

  34. having a moment right now where i feel like destroying everything in my life

  35. Mrs starred a business (now 7 figures) with a $20k capital contribution between her and her partner. They spent about 3 months building out the idea / building hype on social media before launching. They started with a $1k machine. Sold about $20k worth on launch day, upgraded to an $8k machine and now have a couple of industrial machines worth about $75k each. DTC (B2B and B2C) manufacturer (and recently started importing some product).

  36. She worked in a related space before it. Had bought these types of products before, etc.

  37. Hmm will the English FA approve Apple after they see what the workers in Chinese iPhone factories go through?

  38. They approved what the oil slaves go through

  39. I wonder if thats my issue, the place has never been revalued as its risen in price!

  40. I'm basing it off the same property price, but we paid more into the loan

  41. I find it funny to get into the police force you must be under a BMI range and also pass a fitness test and then you see these roly poly cops. I am assuming they don't test/require a BMI once you're in?

  42. It's like getting married. You get fat after

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