1. Love my luster pods! Followed then by Airo Pods. Carts are cool and I still get them. But these are 🔥

  2. I'm new to all this modern weed tech to where I feel like I'm Willie Nelson in Half Baked when he's blown away by the price of medical weed and says, "I remember when a dimebag used to cost a dime." Sorry for that. if you don't mind me asking, what is the benefits of different pods versus carts, in your opinion? I'm a flower guy that just got hip to carts, literally yesterday, so I ... do you mind please sharing your take?

  3. Sure... I have been in the program less than a year myself...and was green like yourself. The flower is pretty nice.. klutch and Galenas if you want premium, but I'm pretty partial to the inexpensive flower or buying when they're are good sales.

  4. It's tangy, citrus skunk smell. A pretty array of green hues and violet accents. Every now and then extra sweet note rises through the skunk smell as the flower of cracked open or when grinded. It's like a chameleon... if you wanna get stuff done... it will help keep you moving. But if you are in chill mode, it will help you mellow put. A solid hybrid. I'll Definitely get more.

  5. Normal price.if not on sale if u can get on sale at hell of a buy cause u can dab it or eat it 1200 MG thc edibles only 2 days 100 dollars if 30 % off at least that how I do it

  6. Exactly... this and the infusion powder, or honey. If on sale...super great deal for the potency.

  7. I refuse to pay Ohio's prices and can afford it. I get all mine from a

  8. Fusion powder (large container = 6 days/ appx $80) and BR honey (big jar = 4 days/ appx 45$)

  9. Once you have your order in, just go. Yesterday was about an hour wait with appx 30 people ahead of me. But the savings was totally worth it.

  10. Yeah dude, just got back.. make sure you put it in online. And I waited an hour and a half. But %20 off everything tho.

  11. Thx everyone... make sure you do online order...once in about an hour wait.

  12. I love this also. I have found it I mix it with liquid to drink I need appx 3.-4 scoops. But if I take one or maybe two scoops directly under my tongue .... it kicks in really fast and stays really mellow and chill.

  13. I see them at Columbus dispensaries all the time. I bought it once (still have 0.5 g).. It's a novelty...but a fun one. Mine came with a little metal spoon tool to break it up.

  14. I too have 14 days till the 16th. I asked how to use them without spending 3k. Everyone had a good laugh bc this program is a joke and that's not possible but interested to hear peoples opinions

  15. Yeah that's unfortunate. I made that other post yesterday.... 600 mg of infusion powder and 400 mg of Infused honey was $120 for me yesterday and consumed 10 days.

  16. I love the powder and I just tried the elderberry honey also pretty good.

  17. Holy heck Buckeye finally upped the honey potency!? How is it? The first time i tried it, it was only 100mg for the jar and man did it leave ya wanting.

  18. This is actually my 2nd jar. I bought this second one simply because the last one was getting low and it was making me sad lol.

  19. How do the days work for the dissolve? Just like other edibles... 110mg per day? (Thanks in advance...still new here)

  20. Yeah the Durban Poison is definitely a solid choice. I like that is more heady and not so much couchlock.

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