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  1. In another timeline I imagine this building still being used as the revered centerpiece inside some starfleet academy-style place of learning. Instead we have a pile of stones because we insist an invisible man in the sky is giving us directions. Fucks sake we are stupid.

  2. It really wouldn’t matter if we united or not. Any extra-solar civilization with the capability to invade earth would be so ludicrously far beyond us technologically that we would have zero chance of victory either way.

  3. Happily and hopefully the flip side of that coin is true too- any species like that would be so incredibly beyond us that we would be uninteresting and not worth the time.

  4. This was my argument yesterday for why the scene was kinda dumb. Clark was still in Smallville at the time. And by the time we've gotten to the tornado scene the community had already known about Clark's abilities after saving the bus.

  5. It wasn’t kinda dumb. It was over the top dumb. They could have found a million other ways to kill Pa Kent that made more sense. Also if I’m Superman there is no way I’m standing there watching my father die when I could save him. Be mad at me if you want pa, but at least you are alive to be mad in the first place.

  6. I know it’s a reenactment but…good for her for emptying the clip. If you are gonna do it, do it right.

  7. I appreciate his commitment to the bit- that lightning would have had me nopingout instantly

  8. Some of these truckers are total amateurs and as inexperienced as a 12 year old when it gets sketchy in that area. If you’re from flat-land Alabama, Colorado is far beyond your driving skill set when conditions get nasty. Even dry, that stretch of I70 is 8 out of 10 on a difficultly scale for a total newbie CDL driver.

  9. Shit that section of road is a little spooky in a regular car on a bright sunny day. I had to go through jt last Friday during the snow storm and it was a whole other planet.

  10. Had $840ish insurance overpayment that I never knew about from like a decade ago just sitting there.

  11. Reworded for brevity: “hi, I have an OF- please subscribe”

  12. Is there a movie out there where bugs are like, 20x their size and f up humans? Or am I dreaming? Because I want that. It might be already happening irl

  13. Look for Stephen's King "The Mist" Frank Darabont movie adaptation. The endings its sublime.

  14. Yes yes look for The Mist but - the ending is NOT sublime. It uppercuts your face so hard your teeth end up in the ceiling.

  15. This is a level of stupid I wasn’t expecting to see tonight.

  16. Derek Lowe has a few quotes in that What If article, and I’m guessing Monroe reached out to him due to his excellent blog series, “Things I Won’t Work With,” which includes

  17. I keep his FOOF article bookmarked on my phone for when I need some smart belly laughs

  18. You don’t seem to understand what OP meant by precious cargo capacity - and your whole comment comes off as someone who is making it up as they go. Take a deep breath and understand that you don’t always have to be the smartest guy in the room.

  19. Whatcha doin leanin that far over an active table saw bud?

  20. I think your opinion is informed by the many trashy and/or irresponsible dog owners. Short-sighted people have owned all kinds of breeds over the years.

  21. It’s not a coincidence that it’s always always always the same breeds in these types of videos. They should be fucking banned.

  22. I literally get better than that in my V8 Mustang. Dude is delusional lol.

  23. I’m not the one trolling truck subs whining about good gas mileage. Your opinions are worthless, as is your taste in faux-discount sports cars ;)

  24. Trucks are inherently bad at MPG. More vehicle weight = harder to control in emergency situations. And the risk of rollovers increase fatality rate 10X.

  25. And you are inherently bad at actually looking things up. An F150, especially with the crash bars, is a rolling tank with the agility of an SUV. And my V6 consistently gets 17-19 mpg, which seems to be quite common from all the other posts I’ve seen on here. Literally nothing you are saying is true.

  26. They were so preoccupied with if they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

  27. Someone really should mow the lawn around that art installation

  28. if it's as radioactive as they say it is, they can't just take a geiger counter and drive down the highway? or is 10 xrays not that strong.

  29. Inverse square law still applies, even to sensational headlines :)

  30. They also redirect their metabolism so that they break down and re-absorb urea, so they don't pee. A scientist found this out by crawling into dens and taking blood samples from sleeping bears.

  31. Scientist: ‘I think I’m gonna crawl into a cave full of bears and stab them with a sharp needle, cuz there are things I simply must know. Lab Assistant: ‘can I have your PS5?’

  32. Goddamn that looks great. If you added 1” of offset do you think you could have saved the crash bars?

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