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  1. Seriously this! I don’t know what’s wrong with these comments. Everyone is so focused on the age gap and girlfriend “parenting” that they’ve completely disregarded the actual problem. I’m going to say NTA. The daughter knows what the rules are and she gets paid to do chores. So if she’s not doing her chores, why should she get paid? If anything, the dad is being generous by giving her an allowance still. The daughter is old enough to know what’s right or wrong, her being a rebellious teenager is not an excuse for her behavior. Everyone is calling the dad out for his parenting but no one is saying anything about the mom enabling this type of behavior. The girlfriend didn’t “parent” the daughter, she reinforced the rules the dad had set in place. People are excusing the daughters behavior because “she shouldn’t have to listen to someone only 10 years older than her.” But the girlfriend is still the adult in charge when the dad is away, it’s not that hard to show people some respect. If anything happened to the daughter, people would be blaming the girlfriend for not looking after her. Seriously shocked at these comments. I’ve looked after my boyfriend’s nieces and nephews who were younger (13-15) and they never talked to me like that.

  2. My mind says sejun but my heart says jin young. Jin young’s the type of guy to make your heart flutter and make you long for him. But sejuns the type to make you feel secure and loved.

  3. I'm confident that if Sejong had spoken up and said they were having a conversation Nadine would've backed off. Plus, Sejong did the same thing to her when he and Nadine were hanging out a few episodes earlier. Nadine backed off immediately, even though Sejong was interrupting her time with JinYoung, and let them have some time.

  4. This. Also people seem to forget that Nadine was hesitant/scared to go in but it was SeJun who said he would go in with her. We’ve seen Sejeong and Jinyoung talking a few times together, but the conversations were never really shown. Makes me wonder if maybe their conversations were just boring.

  5. I just checked on my financial aid page and all it shows for the loan I declined is a balance of zero, with no way for me to change that I declined it, so I don’t think I can change it

  6. I declined my loans originally and my balance for them showed as zero too. But I reached out to my financial aid office and they were able to reinstate it. I just had to let them know how much I wanted to reinstate, then reaccept the offer. It might work as well if you reach out to them.

  7. I was looking for the movies, there is a 6(mansion one), 7(the golden sand castle one), and the 8(the covid one). Not sure if you are familiar with them. Thanks for trying to help though!

  8. That ring is beautiful! It’s your ring, it’s not theirs so whether they like it or not isn’t important. What matters is that you have a beautiful ring you love. I think it’s disgusting that your own family made those comments regarding something precious of yours that highlights an important moment in your life. Sometimes when people can’t be where you are, they’ll try to drag you down to their level. But don’t let those negative comments ruin your ring or wedding. Tell/show them how happy you are with your ring and ignore those comments. If someone tells you they don’t like something of yours, just respond with “That’s okay, it’s not yours to like. It’s mine and I love it.”

  9. I’d recommend pad Thai without the eggs as well. For appetizers, the chicken satay is one of my favorites. The kao mun gai is a nice refreshing meal but it’s on the plainer side. The red curry and pad ka prao are also pretty good if you are not too sensitive to spice.

  10. This sounds like you have your share in RH.. and the value associated/listed is 0.0001 or whatever. That’s a placeholder value they’ve given the stock.

  11. I also have mmtlp shares in robhinhood due to holding trch before. Does anyone know if RH will force close our positions or allow us to have NB shares?

  12. Mine are super flat too. Do you think it’ll fluff out once it’s been exposed long enough?

  13. Mine moved today after having label created on the 17th too. Not sure when it will arrive but could have sworn FFF said it would get to us by the 24th, although maybe I misread? If its actually the 28th, I guess it will get here by then and I can’t be mad lol

  14. Mine moved after I posted this also. The estimated delivery date is the 28th for mine.

  15. I didn’t receive this or the previous coupon offer for making listings. Did anyone not get these too? How do you become eligible?

  16. Love both the earrings and necklace! Can you tell me where you got the earrings from?

  17. The earrings were custom made by my jeweler! They are silver with 1 carat each rose cut moissanites and a 3mm brilliant cut on top of each ( had to use spare from a different project, China based stone seller doesn't stock teeny tiny rose cut moissanites )

  18. Ooh thanks for letting me know! They are very pretty! 💕

  19. I got a similar message through email. I thought it was Mercari related as well because I just shipped out some packages. Upon further review, I realized it was a scam.

  20. So jealous also! I wanted those items but got the eye cream and chemists collagen instead.

  21. “I like the view” “You’re my best view” “Nyeh you so sweet”

  22. For those that received their box, did you receive all the items? My box just shipped but there’s 2 things with the box that hasn’t shipped yet, including the free blow dryer.

  23. The only person I feel bad for is Yve’s son. She is a mom and should be prioritizing her son. I understand she may feel lonely and want to feel loved. But she’s not gonna find it in someone half her age from another continent. The signs were all there for her and she completely ignored them. Hopefully this GoFundMe will help support her son while she goes through this mess.

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