1. Honestly this seems more summer type of colour. I think I’ve tried tops in this colour and it didn’t work out very well…

  2. Second one tends to overpower your face - when you scroll between the 2 pics, in the first you see your face first and the colour doesn’t make you look washed out. Whereas the second pic, the colour wears you.

  3. Oh man I’ve been toying with the idea of getting my hair coloured like your pics in the left and I’m SO GLAD I didn’t spend the $$$ on that. Thank you for sharing this!!

  4. for me it was draping a deep blue almost black shade vs an icy blue shade. the icy shade won🤷🏽‍♀️also deep shades drags my face down and make my skin sallow and look older unlike icy shades (+ medium cool shades without any warmth in it) where i glow and look healthy

  5. Thanks for sharing your method! I think the issue with this is that blues generally look good so sometimes it depends on how tan I am, or what the lighting is like to really see what colour is better.

  6. I was having this exact difficulty! Thanks for asking the question. All I know is that icy blue does not work for me, so I guess that answers the question

  7. The responses here have been so eye opening! I hope you’ll manage to find your exact subseason but do post on here if you have any other questions!!

  8. thank you for sharing!! If you were the one with the intensive guide for QC-ing the pochette metis previously on RL, thanks for it, it definitely helped a lot with deciding which factory to go for!

  9. That was BonBoogies, she actually reposted something similar here!

  10. Ah yes, always such a great read!!

  11. I got the Colourpop combo of Making Mauves and That’s Taupe and I find it’s a perfect combination for true/dark winters. There’s enough in there to create depth and the shades somehow look grey in the pan but turn neutral on my fair-light skintone. Read: the equivalent of beigey warm neutrals that everyone in the makeup world seem to love.

  12. If you’re a lighter skin toned dark winter, I highly recommend the

  13. Thank you! Yeah, I'm super pale, always the lightest shade in any foundation range. I have actually read (in concept wardrobe I think) that winters should focus more on the lips and not do heavy eye makeup. Which in fine with, but also sometimes a very bold lip needs a little bit on the eyes to balance it out.

  14. Yeah I’ve heard that about dark winters too but didn’t want to face the reality 😂 I’ve found eyeliner and black mascara usually enough to balance out a heavier lip.

  15. I think you’re autumn! Maybe not a dark autumn, but one of the other autumns, maybe a true autumn? That last orange makes you glow!

  16. Oh dear goodness that 5th picture… looks like me (also a dark winter) when I try to hop on that neutrals tend smh. Definitely a dark winter 😂

  17. If she had a red lipstick with silver jewerly she could get away with it. Not ideal color of cloths for her but the lipstick would balance her face.

  18. I think that depends on what your definition or “no makeup” makeup look is - for a dark winter, you could definitely get away with some reddish / pinkish lipstick that would look natural and like you’re not wearing makeup, as compared to some of the lighter coloured seasons. So, you could say that this lipstick is part of a dark winter’s no makeup makeup look!

  19. Love this! I remember it might have been your post on the old sub that convinced me to get a pochette Metis. I snagged one on sale from An factory.

  20. I think it was HyperPeter, Yellow Wall, Bao, Katerina, An, Birdcage (at least in terms of squish and softness, not appearance)

  21. Thank you!! Saving this for the day that I get the urge to get a better leather for my pochette Metis ❤️

  22. uireh (a colour analyst on YouTube) has typed almost the entire Blackpink (kpop group) as being autumns. You can check out her videos on YouTube, this is especially helpful for East Asians and I think it shows the differences even more without different hair/eye colours distracting from the colours. Even if they’re not English subbed, watching the videos to see the colours and pictures helps a ton imo! Blackpink are pretty well known for being style icons, though I admit they’re more on the younger end of fashion.

  23. I actually think the muted dark warm shades tend to be most harmonious! ETA: to me, this means that when I looked at that particular square, the colour nor your face jumped out too much to me, but had a good coexistence. Best:

  24. That’s so interesting! So would those be dark autumn colours? 🤔

  25. I think they’re just autumn colours in general. It’s a bit hard to rule out the other autumn colours given the limited draping here. You could redrape or try an irl draping using autumn colours to test the theory?

  26. But why try to figure it out yourself when you post with minimal effort or bad photos and get help anyway /s

  27. Thanks for pointing this out. It's also worth noting that there are Summers who have higher contrast, but their coloring is muted enough that they can be nothing else. Nuance everywhere!

  28. The beauty of colours, you could say!

  29. I use lip tints (since it’s buildable) rather than lipsticks but i like Romand’s Fig Fig shade. Compliments me well as a light summer!

  30. I guess this solidifies for me that I’m not a summer haha. Figfig looks very dull on my lips and doesn’t seem to complement me well. Thanks for sharing!!

  31. 3 was the best for me - the colours didn’t overwhelm you and coexisted with your face. 2 was too stark and bright most of the time.

  32. Certainly true. My demeanor is relatively intense but my charisma deceives people into believing that I am in fact, an extroverted socialite. Thing is, I developed the capacity for charisma and it comes natural to me when I must make use of it. It’s a switch.

  33. I feel the same way. I read the charisma myth which helped me start small habits like wiggling my toes to stay present in conversations and tips for a more friendly demeanor.

  34. Such a good book. I highly recommend it to all socially awkward* introverts who have no idea how to get better in social situations.

  35. Same. I’ve lost count of the number of people that said I was intimidating and scary as a first impression when I was just minding my business going about. Worked on and learnt about presence, listening, being aware of the vibes I’m giving off and being responsive in social situations for a few years.

  36. Does anyone have an ID on this or is he playing spontaneously?

  37. I thought it’s cos they wanted to channel the 90s boyband vibe. The random zooms into some random non NCT guys are kinda sus with the news of NCT Hollywood. At 1:48 and 2:21

  38. I think they're just going for an American high school aesthetic for the MV. Retro, beatboxing, big yellow school bus, running through school, etc...

  39. I hope that’s the case! But SM has been known to

  40. I just got a polene numero un nano (smaller version) and I’m obsessed. It’s perfect.

  41. Agreed and their colours are chef’s kiss!

  42. I'm smiling so much this is literally We Go Up vibes and the teaser had Deja Vu parallels oh my god this is gonna be so good!! I can't wait, dreamies truly summer bop kings.

  43. I mean I hate white/green washing in general. Just because it's organic/recyclable doesn't mean it's "better" or should be a selling point

  44. Same. I think it’s in line with a lot of the other comments here about manipulation and lying through omission.

  45. Welcome to NCT and the group with probably the best B-sides!

  46. Renjun’s sparkling smooshie is officially my favourite NCT moment and new flair ✨

  47. I used to use a scent I considered really sensual, Tease by Victoria's Secret. I feel like I've outgrown it, it honestly reminds me of 18 year old me.

  48. Simply, your scent should make you and those you care about happy. Everyone else whose opinion doesn’t need to matter, can stuff it.

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