1. Yes, and it sucks! Started to hurt occasionally when I was in my 20's & got progressively worse & more frequent to the point where I'd wake up in the middle of the night crying from the pain and had to pull myself up out of bed by grasping my headboard or rolling off the side. Also had a very limited range of motion. Sneezing and coughing were torture.

  2. Believe it or not, my boss and I are the only Xers in an office full of millennials and Zoomers. It’s a tech company, so we use chat. When my boss types Cool, it looks like a word from the 1800s. I say cool ALL the time, but I think I’m dating myself. The most knee-jerk, intuitive word a Gen Xer can say. Ooof.

  3. What about "awesome"? Can we still say that?? Don't "rain on my parade"!

  4. I've been trying to bring it back for 20 years, but I feel alone in my efforts.

  5. It is a lonely but noble quest - keep on fighting the good fight ✊

  6. Yes, my mom, my sister, my aunts, my dad as well... hopping from one fad diet to another. I've commented about this a couple times on posts about food/eating.

  7. Sorry you went through all of that. My grandma was always on some kind of diet; mum was always obsessing about her weight and still does, weighing herself everyday and getting excited if she life loses a bit; my older sisters, the eldest glorifying losing weight and being skinny; teachers making comments about their weight and looking fat and losing weight. Them making comments about how other people look. Too skinny too fat.

  8. Sounds like we've had similar experiences. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be in shape but to be so oblivious about how their words and actions can affect their loved ones is hard to understand. It's not just weight, my folks will openly criticize anything about my appearance - hair, clothes, makeup, etc. They're just kind of shallow in that regard and care way too much about what other people think. I'm just thankful I didn't turn out that way.

  9. Mine’s only 2 syllables & I’ve recently started introducing myself as just the first syllable which sounds like a letter of the alphabet - like “Katie” —> “K”. I’ve never loved my name & you know, I’m into the whole brevity thing. It’s weird but cool that there are a whole group of people who only know me by the new version.

  10. i freaked myself out one time coz i was having an internal debate then i asked myself, if there are two opinions here, then who is the one listening? Am i the one listening or am i one or even both of the debating voices. Either way, the number should be 2 and It didn't feel like it was.

  11. The one listening is the third I. Me, myself, and I. Third eye blind.

  12. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  13. Oh man, this hits home rn - both my (now ex) bf and my bff accused me of being a bully (independently of each other), and I'm so perplexed because I think I'm a kind, caring, empathetic person the vast majority of the time. I mean, today I saw a post on FB from someone (a stranger) whose dog had passed away and I had tears streaming down my face. What bully would feel that much sympathy for someone they don't even know?

  14. We've all been there, comrade. I call it the "bowlercoaster".

  15. Bowling leagues are filled with the most wholesome people ever. I joined one as a co worker needed an extra player and it was relaxing and enjoyable

  16. Yesss! That's how I started - coworkers needing a player - and they're long gone from the league but I'm still going strong 6 years later. It's where I met my 2 closest friends and my (now-ex) bf. It's such good stress relief. I have my own balls and shoes and go practice a couple times a week in addition to league. Now I'm the captain of my own team and play in tournaments. Tried softball first, but there was way too much running involved and I'm no spring chicken.

  17. Do it! Just do your prep work - establish a meet-up point if you get separated from the people you're going with, contingency plan if you completely lose them, find out what you can and can't bring in with you - sucks to get to the gate and have to go back to the car b/c you brought a chair and they're not allowed, stay hydrated, fully charged phone, sunscreen if it's outside during the day, Advil or the like in case you get a headache from all the bass, comfortable shoes, glow sticks, glitter...ya know, stuff like that. It'll be an adventure!

  18. No but I like to do mathy stuff with them - 12:48 - "Cool, 48 is a multiple of 12", or your example, "Oooh, 2 prime numbers, sweet!".

  19. A few times in meetings, and just sitting at my desk, and at our company holiday dinner. Just could not keep my eyes open no matter how hard I tried. Got called out twice, I think, once in a meeting and also at the dinner where I was sitting directly across from my boss.

  20. I feel this one big. I mean, I wasn't the star of my high school or college, but I carved a kind of niche for myself with some merit scholarships and general "top 10 this or that" student awards. Graduated and moved to New York City. And while, yikes, that was a small fish in a big pond experience initially, my friends and I felt sort of "why not try it?" when it came to creative endeavors either as part of or outside of our jobs. It was the late 80s/early 90s in NYC, with lots of creative ferment but not so much noisy investment capital.

  21. Write the book! Just elaborating on what you've described in your comment would be fertile ground. That had to be a magical time to be in NYC. Even if you never made a penny from it, you'd be putting something out there that didn't exist before and that's priceless.

  22. Realizing that we are a small speck in the endless universe and nothing we ever do will fucking matter so don't give a shit what other people think and enjoy it while you can.

  23. While I somewhat agree, I think it goes both ways - pre-internet, we were limited to a relatively small circle of influence - big fish in a small pond. Now, even if you're really good at something, you just have to go online to find out that you're not that unique or special or significant; there are many hundreds/thousands of others who are just as good if not better - small fish, big pond.

  24. Playing piano, canoeing, singing, making bad decisions

  25. Saw them back in November with Smashing Pumpkins. Perry was being weird, like weirder than I remember him being. It was cool seeing Eric Avery with them again.

  26. I saw them on that tour as well and thought both bands were great. Perry's voice is still phenomenal imo.

  27. A nice tent. But before anyone judges, hear me out - it will have an air mattress.

  28. Treated myself to a new purse - I'm really thrifty and spent $50 which is a pretty big splurge for me; got it used on Poshmark & it's like new and so cute.

  29. 46, still have both, 89 & 85, & they're doing pretty well, slowing down but in relatively good health mentally and physically. They're still living independently, my dad still goes golfing a couple times a week, my mom still does tequila shots lol.

  30. That's a tough boat to be in. I completely relate to needing space and alone time - I've lived by myself for almost 10 years & can't really fathom having another human around all the time. A year isn't that long, but it's not totally unreasonable to move in together at that juncture. But if the main driving force was convenience and finances, that's not necessarily sustainable; been there, done that.

  31. Thanks for the advice, she actually brought it up to me last night. We talked for a while and I think we are actually going to keep working at it. As soon as we started talking all those little frustrations kind of melted away. It’s like I just needed to get it out. She was of course very sad by it but we are going to play it by ear moving forward. It’s a bit awkward, but she said she just wants me to be happy and if it takes not being with her for that to happen then that’s what we’ll do. The maturity in her words helped me to remember why I fell for her in the first place. So yeah, we agreed for more alone time and space, but I am really glad we talked first before making a harsh decision. Thanks again

  32. Oh, that's really great, glad to hear it! You've cleared the air and will have a stronger relationship, be it friendly or romantic.

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