[GIVEAWAY] Hello r/PCMasterRace. Last year we set out to brighten up everyone's setup by mixing unique designs with gaming peripherals. The goal was to go beyond the standards and create something unique. As thanks for all your support, we are giving away 10 mousepads from our Sakura collection.

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  1. Unfortunately this is currently not possible right now.

  2. Overall, I think this is cool, but as I look through all of these designs, (all 60+ of them) I find myself thinking, you know, there are other Asian design aesthetics and motifs other than Japanese. I mean, there's the two pandas, but other than that, I really find myself uninspired by the monocultural "choices" presented here. As a non-Japanese Asian, what if I don't want a Japanese design motif or aesthetic on a custom mouse shell?

  3. I understand where you come from. As far as i know, all the designs was made independent of each other and were all revealed the same day Razer announced them to the public. I think the Japanese style was popular at the time and the reason why a lot of us chose to make something in that genre. We chose to make the sakura collection as an extension of our existing mouse pad design line:

  4. that's what the arc library does 😅

  5. You are right. My mind must have been somewhere else

  6. Hello everyone,I've been using the ARC browser for some time now and I've noticed that it automatically translates every webpage I visit into English. While this may be useful for some people, it's actually becoming a problem for me as I prefer to read the pages in their original language.I've tried looking for the setting to turn off this automatic translation feature, but I haven't been able to find it so far.

  7. Jeg studerer selv på Universitet og har en lille studie bolig på lige klap 13 kvadratmeter. Jeg har eget toilet og bad men deler et lille køkken med 13 andre.

  8. 424; also thank you for doing this, you guys are awesome. My old pad is kinda worn down anyway and the blue one would look amazing

  9. Glad you like it! Good luck in the giveaway

  10. The persona 5 wallpaper matches so well with the mousepad

  11. I still got one of those of the very first release laying around because you shipped my pad even after I cancelled the order long before the groupbuy was finished. Are you still using the AC+ Surface from Xray-pads?

  12. Just wanted to say, these mousepads are super great, i have owned one for over a year now, and i love it.

  13. Super happy you like it and thank you for letting us know!

  14. We are currently running a pre-order which is over soon. After that they will be available in our webshop:

  15. Glad you like it! Happy holidays from us at MouseMods

  16. Thank you very much! I agree. 997 is a good number.

  17. Setup looking great! Enjoy the mousepad

  18. Ho man there's a Lot to do in Belgium if you like city trips or hiking! How are you travelling ? By car or by train? Some of my suggestions will be fare easier if you have a car (I'll try to mark them down). If you need additional details about one of my proposals don' t hesitate to PM me!

  19. Thank you very much! There is so much we want to see and so little time! This won't be the last time we will swing by Belgium!

  20. If you want to visit Doel about 2-3 hours is sufficient. There is only 1 restaurant and that's it. You can't enter anything either.

  21. Boulogne sur mer (médiéval center and thé biggest aquarium you'll ever see), Lille (huge city, lots of things to do), beach in the North like Wissant or Wimereux, and it will depend on where you are in the North and tour destination After. Maybe Strasbourg in Alsace ? Cassel is also a beautiful medieval city

  22. Thank you very much! It already sounds like my girlfriend insist that we visitboulogne sur mer aquarium, so it sounds like we already have a day booked!

  23. So you already have some bearings? Northern France is biiiig with amazing cliffs on the seaside, to Cinderella type castles, to gloomy WW1 battlefields, to stunning Champagne wineyards, to beautiful cathedrals, to historical cities…

  24. We are very info modern design and architecture. Our only plan for now is visiting Mont Saint Michel so stuff line the area or on the way. We are driving from from Bruges in Belgium tomorrow.

  25. Not sure if it matches 100% but we have a light blue and night blue mousepad with a sakura design on:

  26. Hey Rejirev,Glad you like the designs!The mousepads had a pre-order in start february and are currently on the way to our warehouses in EU and US.We plan on having them stock after everyone from the pre-order have recieved their order.You will be able to follow the process and see updates on our website:

  27. hey bro srry for intruripting(srry for bad speeling) but when will the deskmats preorder start again?pls

  28. Haha, no problem! They will be available in stock late next month/ early June.

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