1. While I like the consistency and quality of Prusament, that price and shipping is too much for everyday use.

  2. I'll second that, Inland filaments have been great for me and having a Microcenter on the way home from work makes it extra convenient. Heard their Tough PC is repackaged PolyMax PC as well. I also found a metallic brown HTPLA from ProtoPasta there that's an almost dead match for the Coffee Bronze PETG Prusament.

  3. Could be Vestatec since the car is from Europe. But the finishline kit looks pretty much identical to that. Finishline was a dealership installed aftermarket (?) brand. Highly desirable body kit that’s quite rare. I believe Matt Montgomery on the Facebook FC parts group has a set for sale.

  4. the bar across the grill is set back more and the little side openings are more rounded off on the finishline, they are very similar though

  5. Maybe you can have access to a 3d printer? My first thought was "if the speakers are small / light enough, just build a sort of clamp to attach them to the monitor".

  6. Whip up a nice mount that has a slight interference fit with top corners of the monitor and I doubt it would ever move. No clamps or adhesives required.

  7. I've run about half a kg of Inland's marble PLA through the same brass nozzle over the course of a week or so with no issue. Using a hardened steel nozzle wouldn't hurt though.

  8. I don't stop on merges, let me just start with that.

  9. I'll second that we have some super fucked on ramps here if you can even call them that. Stop sign and no acceleration lane whatsoever, just gotta nut up and flatfoot shift while redlining 1st through 3rd so you don't get rear ended pulling out into traffic going at least 15-20 over the limit.

  10. Are you in Buffalo by chance??? So many ramps like this around here.

  11. NJ so not terribly far off but not exactly super close

  12. the “3 months????” Is sending me LOL holy crap that’s bad… I would probably have been nicer to her at first but that is horrible, why does she think that’s okay?

  13. that would have had me absolutely tilted, i had my big burger king crown 3-4 months into the game

  14. DPS would have been down by the time the tank got up anyway so you'd just end up wiping 15 seconds later, if you didn't go down first that is. Just a salty DPS that wanted to keep their shitter friend on the same shitter level as them.

  15. I think that's why my friend told me to look into it so I can see the breakdown of things. And yeah it's an 8 for what I cleared. Me doing better than the reaper wasn't a clear, she could only tell me what was on ACT at that time. If it's not a clear I don't think they uploaded?

  16. Most important metric is ilvl. Augmented Radiant is 600 > Augmented Classical / Radiant / Pantheon 590

  17. ilvl is not the end all be all, stat priority is definitely far more important. an i590 with the right stats can make a massive difference over an i600 with the wrong stat priority. for example just switching from an augmented radiant chest on my warrior to a panthean top fixed a HUGE imbalance in my crit and tenacity which raised my parses by about 20-25 percentiles

  18. This looks like Route 1, New Jersey

  19. I was on the alliance of all bards and mch. I panicked for a sec when I saw that in chat because I knew my alliance was all ranged

  20. Nier raids on Primal have been cursed lately I swear. Just had Puppet's Bunker last week where half the people left after we wiped on the 3rd or 4th fight, cleared the raid with 14 people. I posted it in here.

  21. I saw that. I should have probably taken that as an omen before taking my alt through the Nier raids.

  22. It was kinda fun tbh. All the dead weight removed itself and we were left with a group of people playing on their A game because they actually wanted to run the content instead of cry about their roulette taking too long.

  23. I honestly wish I could have more runs like how you described, I know it's a weird thing to wish for, but I find every alliance roulette painfully goddamn boring, even the later ones with more mechanics, and the only time I've ever had fun or a challenge is when people leave and you do a fight undermanned like that.

  24. There was definitely a whole extra level of engagement knowing we had to basically commit to mechanics 100% with not much room for error. Really had fun with this even though it took a bit longer than usual.

  25. People actually vote abandon this stuff? Holy smokes.

  26. My group of 4 queued directly for this as opposed to alliance roulette but I really wish I would get more higher leveled raids in my roulettes. In the past month I've had a 19 day long streak of Labyrinth only broken by a few alternating days of of Syrcus and WoD, and 1 or 2 HW raids sprinkled in.

  27. "Used to being OT" is always the shitter excuse. It's honestly disconcerting how many "offtank" players just want the added security blanket of extra stats and defensives and no responsibility in handling mechanics. How can you even pick offtank in a fight with tank swaps every <2 minutes?

  28. Something tells me this tank has never run p1s either, MT is by far the more brainless role of the 2 there.

  29. Both tanks rotate between doing pitiless flail mechanics there unless you have some agreement for MT to invul or re-provoke after flail mechs, so the concept of a dedicated "main/off tank" on p1s evaporates after a minute. Most groups just swap on pitiless and trust the current offtank to provoke and resolve the next one.

  30. We've been swapping back after flail resolves pretty smoothly but that would make things a bit simpler tbh. Gonna give that a try next week

  31. Idk, I'd heard some minor mistakes in a few of the songs that probably shouldn't exist if they were just playing a midi.

  32. Performance mode has limitations that can absolutely make a midi sound like a real player making a mistake. The game can't play chords during bard performances so unless the midi is cleaned up to account for this it sounds like a mistake or just an outright mess. Even a good cleaned up midi can end up having a few errors here and there. The game also limits performance mode in octave range between c3 and c6 so quite often notes that are outside of that are squished into range purely to not miss a note event though they don't quite sound right. Not saying there aren't bards that legitimately play songs but they are few and far between.

  33. If you haven't found one yet feel free to come check out our FC, The Alley Cats. Small tight knit fc with a house in the goblet, ward 11 plot 29. You can send me a message in game if you're interested my character is Zerina Yoshino

  34. could try i guess , u can also limit the fps to like 144hz ingame. maybe it helps. like i sayed theres like no real solution to it.

  35. Yea pretty much every possible solution is hit or miss, no real definitive answer on what exactly the problem is either.

  36. Psu is 850w Game is always limited to 60fps. And of all the games i have this is really the only one giving me trouble among bl3 bl2 ow new world and pso2.

  37. https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/gc0iti/if_youre_having_directx_11_crashes_please_read/

  38. this is definitely excal, i see that group of catgirls all the time

  39. Aight I got two for Corsair Scimitar, I’ll grab one up! Thank you!

  40. Make that 3 for the Scimitar, I love mine. Just whatever you do stay the hell away from Razer garbage.

  41. I wish we had an extra skill that was the opposite of resuce and just shoves everyone away from you. The amount of times dps have chased me down to kill me with their aoe's is unreal.

  42. I want to commit war crimes every time I get A12 as a healer in a duty roulette.

  43. Tsukuyomi as the first duty I ran yesterday, wiped once the only survivors the second attempt were me and the other tank PLD healer

  44. Except for Turn 9, maybe. That involves a little bit of prayer to the RNG god, and getting the adds killed before they merge. Unsynced with a couple of people, though? Definitely doable, and in fact, quick and easy.

  45. Turn 9 is soloable, I just did it a few times the other night to farm the fending top to glam one of my tanks. I'd recommend a ranged dps like dancer or machinist in at least ilvl 500 gear. You should be able to 1 hit all the golems, I take out the 2 that are closer together with a dancer aoe and a single target on the third. Also avoid the meteors as the fall to take less damage. After that just slam Nael with damage and skip phase 3 with the elemental stacks entirely.

  46. Everyone else is hyped to go to the moon while I'm just over here waiting in line for the boat to Sharlayan

  47. She's literally the games poster character, if there's one person who's safe, it's the cat. I consider... almost all of the main cast pretty safe because honestly I don't think SE has the balls to kill off beloved characters because people are too attached to them.

  48. If my count is correct she has like 6 more lives

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