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  1. I think I fucked up . but we will see the camera will tell

  2. What does NGVC mean ? I keep seeing it on posts, thank you to whoever answers this !

  3. Haha no idea but the rules made me right it before my post or else I couldn’t post it

  4. Oh God, I hate that. I wouldn't buy a Geiger unwrapped.

  5. Nice score. I order random 10’ers from SGB all the time and all I ever get is Silvertowne stuff. I always hoped to get some variety like this but so far no luck. That’s a cool bar.

  6. That’s how it was for Me to the this year I actually started to get a variety

  7. UpDATE : tracked him this morning again went another 10 Yards found him bedded down alive ! He jumped up took off 30 feet then stopped and stared then ran off

  8. Definitely a brisket hit. A muscle hit having to be dark red blood is a myth, more often than not I find muscle shots like backstrap or brisket hits to be bright red arterial blood, giving the illusion of a good or lethal hit. Trickling blood with some larger spots where the deer stood there is textbook muscle hit.

  9. Thanks for this . Seriosly . I’m going back this morning going to sit in the tree until 9:30 Then look again . It’s so thick where I hunt I can’t get through the brush I’m on my hands and knees the whole time . And In muck and thorns . Shitload of deer sign though . tracks on top of tracks . Going to listen for crows and maybe coyotes . Hopefully he’s alive . Or I find him .

  10. I leave my rods in the back of my truck year round getting smashed up by everything they work fine until I really deystroy them

  11. What a cool wife in fact what a cool couple for him talking about his shit and for her trying to help him

  12. My best friend is 17 and dating a 25 year old my friends and I don’t know if….. grammar police .

  13. I was trying to be funny and sarcastic like as if anything really mattered anymore . Like in un compassionate boomer voice .

  14. I use those ! In thick brush at under 20 yards so I can find a trail never had a problem with them if if hunting less thick area I use Montec g5 fixed . The only reason I use these is for a blood trail and they weight 125gr edited also I use them from a compound bow . Would recommend . Only on whitetail though and I probably wouldn’t use it on a huge one . Small to medium deer no problem .

  15. It happens especially if you hunt in the thick stuff .

  16. It’s a meteorite . Native Americans used them as paint pots they contain iron ore . That’s a really nice one . I’m local to the area .

  17. Im sure you could find some google paint pots National seashore Wellfleet or Wampanoag paint pots cape cod

  18. Going food shopping at the grocery store . We never go anymore . Free delivery where I live .

  19. I do it I just sleep in my van though . It works awesome camping out at hunting spot Is a good idea

  20. She fine I did the same thing a couple days ago instantly knew what happend . Saw her on camera today

  21. I’m not even a vagabond and I’m strung out . I have a house a family I have a a pretty decent life I work for myself I choose my own hours as much as I can . I work outside . I just am so tired of the mean nasty atitude everyone has I’m tired of the news of Russia of the internet of trump and Biden I hate I knew who the kardashians are Im tired of saying hello to strangers and people look at me like I’m crazy . I really want to move somewhere more rural . Or just live out of my van and travel from forest to forest .but I have a family now . Or hop on a tuna boat and just chase fish .

  22. Lmaoo at the kardashian comment. When people who have a family tell me they can’t do this or that because they have a family I tell them this; You are the man of the house. The bread winner. You lead and they follow. Having a family is better than being on your own. You have a real team to captain. Y’all can start a farm, build a house etc. look at it as a plus brother.

  23. We have a farm…. and a commercial fishing boat .. lol we hunt we have decent jobs . I want to move to alaska .

  24. You do you but don’t need to be criticizing others that have too much “shit”

  25. I wasn’t trying to be offensive **I meant to type sorry not very good at Reddit yet

  26. Oh sorry I was trying to be offensive I was responding to someone’s comment on it being so spacious . And I see a lot of uneccessary things that take up space when people talk about space . Sorry if offended anyone . Totally not my intention. Sorry hedylove

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