1. That looks like an excellent place for a 12” deep drainage trench that just happens to be the same size as his tires.

  2. I use frozen breaded chicken tenders (usually Perdue brand) for chicken parmigiana and it’s excellent!

  3. I’d check with local gun shops (Vance’s?) - I’ll bet they prob have some for custom range cases…

  4. I've seen him twice in Dublin, and I rarely go to Dublin lol.

  5. I feel so deprived! Mostly I’ve seen the Trumpmobile in Pickerington/Reynoldsburg

  6. I saw him Saturday. He's rebranded. He is now the Anti Biden Mobile. Removed most references to Trump.

  7. Oh good grief. People around here sure do have some weird hobbies and obsessions!

  8. I also work downtown and feel the opposite. Several of my coworkers have been hit by cars when they were legally walking in a crosswalk

  9. I work downtown (hybrid now but was full time until 3/2020) - I’ve almost gotten clipped by vehicles twice at Town & Front while I had the crosswalk light. First one scared me so much that I barely made it to my garage, I was shaking so badly… the second time, I went Jerry Springer on them as they whizzed past - swung my backpack and screeched a string of expletives at them through their open windows.

  10. I’d contact the police and file a report for stolen personal property.

  11. In my office it’s called “human capital management” and that sounds like commodities trading

  12. 4 military helicopters flying over westerville just a minute ago as well

  13. And then all the other employees stood up at their desks and clapped enthusiastically for 30 seconds and then promptly got back to work.

  14. They even paid for their own OT pizza party, they were so glad that the extortionist was sent away.

  15. Great trail. Kind of busy. I’m not sure why but I seem to get a lot of the stink eye from walkers around Granville. I’m a pretty considerate rider I think. Hardly intimidating. I use my bell!

  16. Granville is definitely a different flavor than the remainder of western Licking County. Sorry you experience that! When I’ve walked it I’ve always stayed to the right and clear of cyclists..

  17. If someone has to verbally identify themselves as a Christian, they’re doing it wrong. Lol

  18. We have a nice collection of cruddy old consoles lol

  19. I left a soul-sucking role working for an absolute c*** and went to work for another company for about 8 months… it wasn’t great. Then a friend of mine alerted me to a vacancy in a better role at my former employer, so I applied/interviewed/got re-hired for new role, far removed from the horrible manager.

  20. Bella Piercing in Gahanna, Body Jewel at Polaris.

  21. Same. Was just lamenting the absence of them the other day. White Castle onion chips hit right if you want a super crispy oniony treat, but nothing will be as good as an onion loaf…

  22. I watched the Mark McGwire record home run at Damon's on Olentangy. Place was standing room only, the atmosphere was amazing.

  23. I learned from employees at the Newark location that Damon’s used a foodservice brand of dressings that were made by the same manufacturer as Marie’s Dressings (in the produce section at some stores). The last time I found a bottle of Marie’s Asiago Peppercorn, I was on cloud nine!

  24. Had this happen (though not quite so close!) on a flight from CMH to BNA maybe 7 or 8 years ago… we were descending, gear down, and close enough to the ground to see our plane’s shadow on the runway, then they GUNNED it and climbed for another approach. I was headed to TN to visit a friend who happened to be an airline pilot… he knew about the close call before I even told him bc he’d heard from pilot friends who witnessed it at BNA.

  25. For a chain, Freshii. It was nice if I was feeling too lazy to cook to be able to get something healthy for a meal

  26. The one in New Albany is still open, I believe

  27. I say no thanks, I appreciate the offer for more hours but I'd rather do nothing.

  28. I did that once. Manager was asking folks to come in to work OT because a colleague had let his work slip to the point where it was out of compliance (insurance claims). Told boss I appreciated the offer of OT money but I’d rather sit home watching reruns on TV than to touch that pile of neglected work.

  29. The more I look at this picture, the more cats I see.

  30. Should just be the 4 in the photo, lol. We have 6, but the two oldest were on the sofa next to me at the time!

  31. Is the cat in the back part Maine Coon? I have a mixed tux who always lays on chairs like that, and he's always in the background of whatever nonsense his brothers are getting up to.

  32. He’s 100% shelter cat, lol! Honestly though, we have never done any sort of genetic/breed testing on him but have always assumed he was just a domestic long hair. He looks a little like a Maine Coon but he’s mostly fluff… only weighs about 10#. We adopted him as a kitten along with the monster on the right, who came from another litter and greatly resembles a dilute Savannah… that big boy is ~18 pounds and stretches over 44” paw to paw

  33. Ding Ho if you are feeling Chinese food.

  34. I used to go to the OG location with my grandparents… still haven’t been to the one on Phillipi. I tend to take my time checking things out once they’ve moved - finally went to the “new” COSI last weekend, lol

  35. It's still great food. Best egg roll you will ever have. I grew up right down the street from the original spot.

  36. I’m glad to hear this! I will have to check it out sometime soon… I am way out east now (Licking Co) so it’s a haul to get over to the west side but I do want to make the trip!

  37. If ever there were a cause for mandatory fringe bangs, this is it.

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