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Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Official Teaser

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  1. Thanks for the behind the scenes photo! Cool to know how you made that shot

  2. First time I’ve seen someone get cards off Murloc Holmes

  3. What’s interesting to me is that the Book shop modular went up $20, but the police station modular stayed the same. While the piece per price for the police station already seemed fitting when compared to the new prices for the other modulars, it makes me wonder if the police station will retire next…

  4. I think that’s a fair theory, especially considering the Boutique Hotel (which will definitely stay around longer) increased by $30

  5. Actually really interesting for a Common

  6. Seeing a lot of commons this expansion that would have been epics in the past.

  7. I just got this set! I’d been eyeing it for a while and then saw that it’s going to get marked up $30 starting in august, so I pulled the trigger and bought it even though I don’t know when I’ll be able to build it. Sad to hear it was a pain to build, but I’m interested to see the internal construction of it, which I’m hoping will make it engaging to work on.

  8. Don’t know of a list, but you get a discount if you show your ID at Do It Best Hardware on Neil and Springfield

  9. I cannot believe how hefty the Beskar keychain is. I’m worried it’s gonna scratch my phone screen if I put it in my pocket.

  10. Plot twist: it turns out that that's replacing the "If you have no non-dragons" requirement, not in addition to it.

  11. I know you’re joking but I think you’re right (“If you’ve played four dragons and all minions in your deck are dragons…” is getting very bulky for a card), but it’s still a fantastic change. No more Druids running decks with all spells except Kazakusan

  12. I wanted to share this because I have been thinking a lot about pronoun introductions in academic spaces lately. As a cis person, I have been surprised to hear from trans and/or gender non-conforming people in my life that they resent compulsory pronoun introductions. I do not agree with everything the author says (in particular the suggestion that the practicality of the pronoun introduction has "run its course"), but I think it is worth examining the actual function of compulsory pronoun introductions and whether or not they're helping.

  13. Task 6: Nature of the Beast - Complete Heroic Ivus with at least 3 Beasts in Alterac Valley.

  14. I had the treasure that kills spawns on my Mukla, but it didn’t kill the treants that spawn when Ivus goes dormant.

  15. That's strange, it definitely worked for me twice now.

  16. Weird. I definitely remember hovering over my Mukla to confirm it was the “kill summoned minions” treasure and being very confused. But maybe it was a one-off. Or maybe I’m going crazy 🙃

  17. I don't remember how [[crystal power]], but I do remember wrath does both effects on the same target.

  18. Crystal Power was a buggy card because it was (and I think still is) the only Choose One card with different sets of eligible targets based on what you pick. Led to some weird glitches. This card won’t have that problem since only one of its effects targets at all.

  19. She's drawing on many of the themes in Canceling:

  20. Still trying to make sense of the title. Whose balls?

  21. Nicki Minaj tweeted that her cousin’s friend in Trinidad had to cancel his wedding because he got the COVID vaccine and it caused his testicles to swell up and that people should “do their own research” before getting vaccinated. This became a major flashpoint on Twitter, and then both Anthony Fauci and the Health Minister of Trinidad commented on it and basically called Nicki’s cousin’s friend a liar.

  22. I love this, thank you for sharing! Reminds me a little bit of the Pizza Dog issue of the Hawkeye comic series

  23. This looks a little more intricately done than other Marvel trailers. They're playing up the uncertainty that could arrive with IS THAT AMERICAN CHAVEZ!?!?

  24. It definitely is. She's included in an upcoming Lego set for the movie:

  25. Didn’t they have an episode on The Crown that featured this?

  26. I can’t understand this at all, any help?

  27. Some men on apps like Grindr don’t want to be committal about what they’re looking for there so in their profiles or in response to the question “What are you into?” they’ll often respond “Just looking to see where things go” or something along the lines of that.

  28. Has this happened to you? Because I'm pretty sure tower can't cast another tower.

  29. Yea, if this happens, I suspect it’s a bug. Tower specifically says that it casts ANOTHER spell from your deck. That “another” wouldn’t be necessary if it was meant to be able to cast a copy of itself

  30. The most alarming part is how many people actually paid for this. I see it several times in every single BG match. Definitely near the bottom of the barrel in terms of "ways to waste money".

  31. Honestly, good. The more people pay for cosmetics like this, the less they’ll try to monetize things that effect gameplay.

  32. The better option is to simply do heroic 1/1 with a party of only Trigore for 10 coins per run at that point. Still a grind but way easier and faster than actually doing razorgore for the coins.

  33. It’s extremely frustrating how bad this system is for legendary mercs. Pretty much everyone will get a rare like Trigore after opening a few packs if they already have all rare mercs, but if you aren’t lucky enough to unpack Valeera, your only option is to run the Nefarion bounty and pray for Valeera coins from random drops.

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