1. Would you prefer these cars on local streets instead.

  2. How much money do you need to be mayor of Bloomington?

  3. Report it oon the council website as abandoned. They will send a PCSO to check eventually

  4. It may be a Council road, in which case they will send a generic letter to the owner then after 3 months they'll consider taking it to court.

  5. Bro nobody in the west 'aspires' to a culture of vegetarianism. If you want to be a vegetarian, you become one. If you don't want to, you don't become one. And as to rushing towards KFC etc etc, there were lines outside Narula's twenty years before the first KFC opened, so gtfo with this culture war mentality. People have loved eating meat over centuries. And people over the centuries have also thought it was cruel so they didn't eat meat. Cook and eat what you want and let others do the same.

  6. The masala is how these channels are getting viewers to believe their lies

  7. I'm with you, water is terrible for cleaning anything.

  8. How much vegetarianism and veganism has been embraced by high streets and supermarkets.

  9. I just wrote a similar comment. It's not that you can't find veg/vegan food, it's just considered a niche for annoying yuppies and Indian food.

  10. I guess they mean the Australian monarchy. Two kingdoms in personal union. They're being pedantic.

  11. I don't really know what a Personal Union is, but I'm guessing it has nothing to do with Australia, rather it's an event in EU4 or something.

  12. There was a Queen of Australia, her name was Elizabeth. She also happened to be queen to a few other things, so there were multiple offices with the same person.

  13. I'd say it's 50/50 Old/High on Opioids.

  14. A country with a very proud military history, but one crushing defeat has sullied their popular reputation for the last 80 years.

  15. I lived and worked throughout the UK for 5 years and absolutely loved it.

  16. The chance to rape, rob or burn. Happens all the time.

  17. You’re lucky to have this option. I’m low key envious.

  18. Tremendous number of people have this option moving forward.

  19. Unfortunately you'll still need to go into debt and consume purely to increase your score so that you can reap benefits.

  20. There’s really no benefit unless you’re financing something such as a vehicle or mortgage. I have a fairly high credit score yet my credit report says the one thing missing from my report which impacts my score is a loan. Funny how credit requires you to be in debt to build. I refuse to take out a loan solely to top the credit score chart.

  21. Most countries have a credit score. The only countries that punish non-participants, that I can think of, are the US and China.

  22. Although I don't agree with you, I appreciate that you communicated with an adult in an adult manner, which is becoming rather rare.

  23. Why won't companies choose to sell expensive environmentally friendly products even though the average Australian is too dumb to care about the environment over their wallet.

  24. Plus a couple of missile strikes into Syria by air. Just for fun.

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