1. I thought the same thing. I appreciate they acknowledged her but I wish she was still in the show.

  2. How do we deal with hazardous materials?

  3. These questions are vague and I ask because the answers greatly depend on the variables.

  4. It was a pun based on how broad OP’s question was.

  5. Have you tried it out yet? I've been meaning to myself.

  6. I understand your point but we need to stop dividing ourselves into Republican or Democrat. We are American.

  7. He signed a disaster relief package. Are you saying he should go there and throw paper towels at people?

  8. He gave Billions to Ukraine. Are you saying he should go there and throw rifles at people?

  9. I just finished The Legend Returns a couple of days ago.

  10. That picture is awesome. I'm always in awe when we can capture things like this!

  11. Ah man, and I’ve only read “Light of the Jedi” lol. So far behind

  12. Especially when there are additional readings including all the comics!

  13. I can't even get to the article because of all the ads and viruses this site is trying to give me.

  14. At this point, there is only one thing left in the world that does not cause blood clots and heart problems, and that is the 100% safe and effective vaccine that is 100% safe and effective

  15. That and crickets. Make sure you eat your bugs now!

  16. Why do people suck at editing video? It's pretty damn easy to cut off those last few seconds.

  17. Probably a good time to start using nuclear energy.

  18. This is fantastic! Have you considered doing thier new color scheme?

  19. Royce Williams of Escondido fought off seven Soviet MiGs during a dogfight in 1952 that he was sworn to secrecy about for more than 50 years. He’s finally being recognized.

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