1. Hey, so a stalking horse deadline is a term used in bankruptcy situations. It's basically a deadline that's set for potential buyers to submit their offers for a company's assets or business. The first bidder who sets the initial offer is called the stalking horse. The deadline adds some urgency and competition, making other bidders try to outdo the stalking horse's offer. The stalking horse bidder usually gets some perks, like a breakup fee or the chance to match other offers. The whole point is to have a fair and efficient auction process.

  2. And when will all of that resolve? Since today was the final day I'm guessing it shouldn't be that far off

  3. So an 18% drop in after hours is what you call "not affect the price" lul

  4. There's a post in another sub dedicated to DRSing GME that says some people got their hands on the DRS ledger. Apparently some big names weren't on the ledger for some reason, and I'm curious if that could be affecting this quarter's DRS numbers. There were also some "interesting names" that were on the ledger.

  5. So this basically means the heat lamp theory was fluff and you cant deny that

  6. Probably because they put 76.6 million and not 76,6XX,XXX so it is technically an approximation

  7. That’s from March 22 until June 1 - it was a shorted timeframe. Plus 600K in like 10 weeks

  8. At that rate we would need around 19 years to lock the """"free float""""

  9. You fell for this exact same thing the last quarter when matt said it on the earnings call, its just legal talk

  10. 50k users on superstonk on an earnings call day? No way dude!

  11. Maybe, MAYBE, it is because we are down 15% AH, just a thought tho

  12. Again? We have been close for almost 3 years

  13. How much could they possible do it? Even if GME doesn’t profit, I don’t foresee them missing by much EPS. If anything we go back down to low 20s or high teens. Nothing shareholders haven’t seen before.

  14. Agree, I think the worst is behind us. Now the thing is for how long can they mantain this going on

  15. We have been in this loop for 2 years. Will probably be another nothingburger

  16. Literally have 100 bucks ready for the dip 😭😭💀

  17. 0 percent ay? And what’s the alternative besides printing near a quadrillion dollars imploding the USD lol either way this is going down imo

  18. But all i see is the user referencing a run in price after a poop reference… no options pushing… you guys pulled that out of your ass

  19. I dont see any mistake here. After ever poop reference there has been a run in price? Where is he wrong here?

  20. Just look at the first comment on this thread, to pump options and posting things like that set us up for frustration when it doesn't happen and it makes us look like an echo chamber

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