1. My girl watched this episode several times leading up to her appointment and after it was done she said, “I’m so brave!”

  2. I’m already wearing my maternity pants from my first pregnancy outside 😅 I’m also just about 6 weeks.

  3. We’re a big Daniel Tiger household too 🙂 Ugga Mugga!

  4. I've never met anyone that considered putting water in one of those.

  5. I’ve never met anyone in person but read some people online add a little water so when they go poop it’s easier to clean because it doesn’t stick on so much.

  6. Thank you for sharing! I was addicted to some pistachios the other days. I feel better now about how much I ate lol😅

  7. My first child (girl)- I was super super tired right off the bat, huge swollen boobs, got morning sickness around 6 weeks. Pretty happy during entire pregnancy.

  8. Oh man.. I’ve been getting those mood swings all the time with this pregnancy 😓

  9. My first pregnancy I had no boob soreness or anything. This time around my boobs are super sore and my nipples hurt just rubbing against my shirt lol. I think it's safe to say that there's no right or wrong when it comes to pregnancy symptoms!!

  10. Some days I can’t believe we’re going to go through this again. My girl is 27 months and life with her is so easy. She’s potty trained too. I’m typing this as she entertains herself pretending to feed her stuffed animals.

  11. This but my LO is only 15 months. I can’t wait for her to be potty trained! She’s shown some interest - can you tell me how and when you did it?

  12. We followed the Oh Crap Method. I highly recommend you give the book a read. If not, just Google the steps. But reading the book was good pep talk for me 😄

  13. I am still nursing my 27 month old. It does make me sad I won’t nurse my 2nd one as long but formula is not out of the question.

  14. Boys can just be cute and sweet and we’ll behaved. Temperament isn’t based on gender.

  15. I know! But as I said, general consensus here is that girls are easier to raise than boys.

  16. No worries I understand. And your feelings are validated. I am a mom to a 2 year old girl.

  17. After long enough alone with a toddler, I just start to disassociate and zone out? I know that’s not the healthiest approach, but my mind and body can only take so much stimulation! Also, Daniel Tiger!

  18. I don’t know I’ve been reading the big book of DT stories to my toddler nonstop these past few days and we don’t even have covid (yet)

  19. Where the hell did you find your friends? Could we perhaps share custody of them??

  20. I am 6 weeks this morning with no symptoms. I'm not even tired anymore. A few nights ago, I also noticed brown discharge/spotting whenever I wipe, but most people have said it's old blood/normal. Nothing bright red and it's really only when I wipe.

  21. With my first, I had small brown spotting too. I was also experiencing nausea and it was the beginning of throwing up after certain meals at 6 weeks. I had a girl.

  22. One of my close friends didn’t hang out or reach out to me all that much when I was pregnant with my first and after I had my baby. It was always me reaching out to talk with her.

  23. My girl was born at the start of the pandemic. I was too worried about Covid or else I would’ve brought her earlier like 6 months. I think we started going to the library when she could 100% walk ~14 months.

  24. My girl went through the same exact thing at that age. Idk if it was a sleep regression. Even though she was sleep trained I had to sit with her in her room until she fell asleep then I could sneak out. It lasted a month. After a month, I said our goodnight’s and love you’s and left her room and she was okay with it.

  25. leading up to my period my body felt different. Since I was pregnant before I just knew I was pregnant. Also, I was sooooo tired that gave it away too.

  26. You’re not alone. I am 5+2 and am showing so much! It’s quite obvious. Yes it’s probably bloating but it’s showing. I have to wear baggy shirts to hide it.

  27. It’s crazy to think some of us in this group will end up with twins.

  28. Same. We always put her down at 7:30pm and she sleeps shortly after or at 8pm. But she is quiet the whole time. Even if she doesn’t fall asleep instantly, it’s her winding down period.

  29. Not be so quiet around the baby when they’re asleep. I wonder if my first born is a light sleeper because we’ve tippy toed and whispered around her room for her entire life.

  30. My guess is you had a crappy tech. I had to give a urine sample before I saw my OB and he still found my gestational sac and a heartbeat at 5+6 on abdominal US. He had to apply a lot of pressure to see it though.

  31. My obgyn also found my baby at 6 weeks on abdominal US. I remember it being a lot of pressure >.<

  32. I got moderna and had no side effects other than a sore arm. My boys got their first dose today and are fine so far. They might be more tired for a couple days. Your kiddo should be ok by Sunday.

  33. Same. My 2 year old got her first shot yesterday. No side effects other than a sore arm.

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