1. Is there a minimum amount of winnings that we have to report? Can I compile my earning from more than one source of casino winning (eg, slot machines, big 6 wheel altogether)?

  2. The minimum amount is such that you owe some amount of tax, in excess of their minimum (which I don't know off the top of my head).

  3. I am seeing that all gambling winning are subject to 30% tax for Canadians. And for winnings over $1200, depending on the casino, they are required to issue a W2G slips?

  4. Could you update it again possibly???? pretty please haha

  5. Just updated it today! Dm me if it doesn’t work!!

  6. Requesting a code please! Just need to restock on some skin care! Thanks in advance!

  7. I applied with a 4.0! I talked to the admissions as well and they told me they would start accepting end of September to early October so I was very surprised!!

  8. Does anybody know where Kylie’s sunglasses are from on the third slide? 😍

  9. I got in this fall 2021 but just to give you an idea I had an AGPA of 3.80!

  10. You were rank listed at 3.80? Now I’m kinda scared because i’m applying for Fall 2022 with 3.74 ):

  11. I have! Lol it didn't work out 😅 people would talk for a bit and then ghost. And other times, we would make plans and it wouldn't happen :-/ maybe I'll try it again :-)

  12. DM me! I’d be down to go out and get bubble tea!!

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