An amazing showing.

  1. Looks great man! What size level and what size tires are you running? And for the hell of it, what topper is that?

  2. Thanks! 2.1” level, running 275/65R20s, and the topper is a Leer 100XR.

  3. I love it. The level and the KO2's look great, too. I want to do the same with my '18. Do you tow anything? That's my concern is towing my TT.

  4. Thanks for the love. I don’t tow much, but will say the added a weight of the camper shell has pretty much eliminated any rake I had left after leveling the truck.

  5. I just ordered the 100XR for my ‘17 two weeks ago. If you bought new, how long did it take to arrive after you ordered?

  6. Imagine getting yeeted by a hellfire from a glorified cargo plane

  7. Wait until you hear what they did with this MC-130…

  8. I usually don’t like things like this (e.g., LED brake lights under the tailgate gap), but this is super clean! Nice job!

  9. Raptor R! At least, that’s what I would like to think I’d get if I didn’t have two rugrats to drive around cries into dirty burp cloth

  10. I’d love one too! Bu that’s way more than what I’m willing to pay for

  11. Lol, me too. But as soon as I win the lotto I’m adding it to my stable!

  12. Why does Lee’s beard wrap around the back of his neck? Fucking Sasquatch

  13. Great looking truck. I have a stock ‘18 and I’m finally ready for new tires. I was thinking about a level but like the idea of 5100’s. I do like the way my stock Crewcab FX4 rides. My concerns are loss of power and a ride quality. I know it’s hard to quantify, but what is the ride like? It’s like an F350 or not that bad?

  14. My dad actually has a ‘17 F350 so I can directly compare. It’s nowhere near as stiff as a 350, but you’ll definitely feel the difference. I wouldn’t say it ruins the ride by any means, it’s just more firm. That being said, I had a 400 lbs safe in the in the bed rear of the axle and my ass-end sagged more than I would have liked. Im moving soon and am about to have a more significant commute so I’m considering putting the truck back down to stock height with original tires to save some on gas. All that being said, I’ve been very happy with the ride and look of my truck since adding the 5100s.

  15. It should be her insurance company’s responsibility to pay for the rental if she’s deemed to be at fault. Pro tip: he insurance company will likely try to stick you in the cheapest thing they can, so coordinate with the rental car company before you go in and tell them you require a similar vehicle (whether that be something with a bed, 4wd, or large enough to make up for your lost vehicle like a full size SUV). The rental car company will get more money from the insurance company for a larger vehicle so they should be happy to help. That being said, it probably won’t be a rig as nice as your lariat, but it’s better than being stuck in a box on wheels. Sorry for your trouble, hope this helps!

  16. Heard he didn’t want to discipline one of his bros for something that was obviously public enough to draw scrutiny from his leadership. And something(s) revolving around alcohol use that didn’t quite amount to a DUI or showing up to work drunk but didn’t help his case. Also heard he was a shitbag to begin with so good riddance.

  17. Wish I knew more, but I got the cliff notes version from someone who heard the deets first hand

  18. When you switch colors does that become the new default? I’d like 3500k fogs, and this is the cheapest option I was looking at

  19. The default is always the bright white color. After 5-6 seconds you can turn the fog lights off and back on and they’ll switch to yellow. Apparently the auto engine stop function will trigger the lights back to white so you have to contend with that if you have a lot of stops on your route. But, like you said, it’s a cheaper option that gives you some flexibility.

  20. https://www.stage3motorsports.com/olmcs9006-99-20-f150-olm-h10-colorshift-led-fog-lights.html

  21. Looks great! I’m thinking about buying one, do you mind sharing how much it cost?

  22. 4300$ with options and after taxes/installation. My truck is a 22' with a 6'5" bed so that probably contributes to the price. I think they also had to make changes to the design for the 22' model year beds. It was about a 3 week wait. Ordered it from S-Cargo in CO if that helps

  23. FWB? I’ve seen that pig sitting there, too. That dealership had a ton of the new corvettes for awhile, guess they like the fancy stuff…

  24. I hear ya. I did 8 flying deployments over 7 years and it’s not what it use to be to me. I’m working a rated staff job now so I only fly to keep my currency and wouldn’t say I’m actually “proficient”. All that to say, there may be other options for you IF want to stay in.

  25. I’m a flyer and had a similar issue. Ended up getting a discectomy after dealing with the injury and had a waiver processed to keep me in the plane. It took A LOT of work to get things taken care of from a referral perspective so keep making noise until you get the treatment you need. Good luck!

  26. I need to know what the cockpit looks like, it'd be funny as fuck to see it decked with a camera screen and a HUD

  27. https://www.l3harris.com/all-capabilities/skywarden

  28. Do you have a sunroof? If so, it may be originating from there too.

  29. My ‘17 had a leaky sunroof, too. My issue stemmed from the riveted magnets that hold the headliner up to the roof. Had to pull my headliner and use silicon to seal up the rivet holes, no issues after that.

  30. Usually signed them when you paid a certain amount to a charity and sent the part in.

  31. Can confirm. $50 donation to his charity (proceeds went to kids with cancer I think?) and Shelby would sign anything. My mom got me an autographed pic of Shelby when I was in high school…it’s still one of my most prized possessions.

  32. If you are going to be doing some mountain towing, my humble recommendation is to get a vehicle that has a tow capacity of at least 30 to 50% MORE than the heaviest rating of your trailer(fully loaded). Otherwise you will be taking serious chances on some 6, 7 and 8 or even 9% grades. This summer I just towed my rig (5th'er) south on Hwy 550 in western Colorado..... I was extremely grateful for my F350 duelly. I was able to power through and even accelerate up through some of the steepest mountains I have ever done and use my exhaust brakes coming down the mountain. My rig is considerable heavier than yours but having the extra horse power, torque, and vehicle weight/extra rubber, I was able to make that run with a little bit more of confidence. Found out later that is consider the most dangerous hwy in Colorado for truckers/towing. you just don't want to get stuck or worse on one of those mountains.

  33. I think we will look at up grading our TV once we move and resume our TT hunt. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  34. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to weigh in on my post. We’ve gone form “we should buy this thing” to thinking we might be better off waiting until we move to start our search. The 2185 is still our preferred model so hopefully we’ll have luck finding another unit this spring/summer.

  35. Is there a store online to buy patches similar to this?

  36. https://bomberpatches.com/products/u-28a-we-will-find-you-pvc-morale-patch-red-eyes?variant=40528348554

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