1. It's almost like all the farms have been replaced by Whispering Pines Phase III as people move further out because "the neighborhood has changed" aka a non-lilly white person moved in.

  2. Regional maps of the US tend to be more accurate when their boundaries are not restricted to state lines

  3. Yep! Cleveland has far more in common with Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Erie than it does with Cincinnati.

  4. I was thinking it was Bobby Hill from the darkest timeline.

  5. You're forgetting that the elderly are thermically lizards. Anything under 85 they are cold and they fall off their perches like frozen iguanas.

  6. My mail has been terrible for at least a decade now. Mail from my neighbors, from 2 streets over, but not mine.

  7. You still pay your bills via mail? W2's aren't sent electronically? I agree it is a shame what is happening to the USPS, but I haven't paid a bill by mail in 10+ years, and my W2's are available electronically. A few years ago I worked for a one-person company and he even issued my W2 electronically. Pretty much every payroll management software does it.

  8. I stopped paying through snail mail years ago. It's just good clean fun to get a bill that was due Aug 1st this coming Monday, only a week past it's date.

  9. Sorry, all we found was family member DNA. I guess we will never know the real killer

  10. The only thing I'm torn on is which one of these restaurants is more overrated. I've had both and neither are that great. They're fine but I wasn't blown away by either one.

  11. Bingo. C-f-a is suburban ranch vacation Bible school spicy and flavourful. I've had comparable chicken sandwiches from a hospital cafeteria.

  12. Tiediman is blocked by a bridge replacement. From googling similar sized bridges (over a one lane RR track) it could have been done in a weekend. Current estimates put the total time at 2 years.

  13. Heights Laundry II at Biddulph Plaza is nice. Maybe it's your area of town?

  14. TLDR: bring your ID, copies of utility bills, and a vest.

  15. The spread of covid? You’re a joke. You’re prob thrice or 4 times vaccinated and still got covid. You’ve learned nothing. Grow up.

  16. How much money does the George Family owe you? The only people I've ever seen vocally standing up for them were promised money in the future for loyalty today.

  17. A "metric" Canadian quarter. Equal to an eighth of a toonie. What sort of imperial BS is that?

  18. Fired? Nah he probably got a promotion. I swear they train their drivers to park in the most obstructive place possible.

  19. The Cuyahoga River, the part that's in Cleveland, is short and super curvy, and unique.

  20. Yes! I wanna fight Portland OR for the city of bridges title.

  21. Except that you're actually fighting Pittsburgh for that title. They're second only to Venice for most bridges in one city.

  22. Well its not a fair fight they have two more rivers

  23. Surprise signing to fill the DeShawn suspension, JOHNNY FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!

  24. Sounds like the people telling you the flats is run down haven't been there in 20 years either.

  25. If you had told me the plate was the winner from a children's contest, I would believe you.

  26. Far more problems are caused by drivers playing with their phones or built in touchscreens. I'd rather they go after the idiot swerving between 3 lanes while video chatting. Chasing traffic going 75 on a freeway safely engineered for such speeds is complete waste of resources

  27. Someone mentioned Micellis cheese and I wanted to bring up Orlando Baking Co. just down the street from there. It’s Cleveland owned and operated and they helped my family raise a few kids while helping lift other families in the Buckeye neighborhood out of poverty. You can find them at grocery stores all around and supply mr. Hero, five guys as well a bunch of local restaurants with their bread.

  28. If you want good cheese, the Old Brooklyn Cheese company makes their own as well.

  29. The FAA lauding was for operations side only. They really don’t give a fuck about passenger comfort

  30. Its almost like they are gearing up to start rennovations in a year or two.

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