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Tesla Fanboys in a Nutshell

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  1. We don't revolt over SC decisions in this country. If we didn't revolt over Dred Scott or Plessy, we'll never revolt over anything. But that's kinda good. We have peaceful ways of redressing what SCOTUS did. This country would be a shithole if we literally revolted every time the government violated our rights.

  2. How about we find a reasonable compromise on abortion like the Europeans did?

  3. Ah yes, let's make a slide with a loop! No one will break their neck.

  4. I loved my one and only trip to Action Park, despite breaking my nose on the loop slide. It was a f**king blast.

  5. When a character has a normal type job, but also has a kickass house/apartment

  6. Trust fund babies lead more interesting lives

  7. Doggo ramping up the "how could you let this happen" drama

  8. Has Volkswagen managed to figure out how to release an OTA update that doesn't require a visit to the dealer yet?

  9. Yes, for about a year now afaik.

  10. I dunno - sounds like ID.4 are still taking their cars into the dealer to get patched.

  11. Or just spends 1/2 on hookers, drugs and Porsches - and then blows the rest. Every last damn cent.

  12. Maybe the most photographed religious building in the US? Seems to show up here a lot.

  13. I always wonder what pushes people to this point. To strip down naked and essentially turn wild.

  14. How does the charging work for a rental? Does Hertz just send you a bill for supercharging costs?

  15. Yes - added directly to your Hertz bill. I rented a M3LR in May out of SFO and the process was completely painless. Walked up to the car, showed my driver's license at the lot exit, and that was the last I thought about having to deal with rental issues until I dropped it off 3 days later. Just return it with >10% SOC. So much better than renting a gas-guzzling peasant car.

  16. No Wi-Fi for OTAs. Cell network only. It’s apparently a security measure.

  17. Huh? That makes zero sense. There's no particular reason why someone's wifi would be any less secure than a cellular network. Security should be implemented end-point to end-point and be completely agnostic to the transport layer.

  18. They dive to deep, very dark waters to feed

  19. Because it’s gambling and we don’t have all of the information

  20. I recently attended a lecture by a prominent UChicago economist on the contributions of each of the Economics Nobelists. I'm a senior risk manager by trade, at one of the largest brokerages in the world, working on risk analytics. The only Nobel prize that I use in my work is the one granted to Merton and Scholes for option pricing in 1997 (Black had died and the Nobel is not awarded posthumously). Pretty much every other Nobel prize in Economics is essentially irrelevant to my work of measuring and managing risk on an 11-figure portfolio.

  21. I feel like it’s because he pissed off a lot of people and basically called them idiots

  22. I woulda guessed his name was “Lil Snot Rocket”

  23. He looks like he could have used a little maternal affection in his life. That's all I'm saying.

  24. are they really like that ? idk, never saw one of those, i assumed the reason people bought these car was for ... you know... the environment thing and the saving on gas thing.

  25. There's a kernel of truth in each of the criticisms in the video - although they are blown out of proportion for comedic effect. Tesla tends to do well in customer satisfaction surveys so take it with a grain of salt.

  26. Religion should be separate from school activities. If you disagree, consider if it were a Muslim, or Hindu, or overtly atheist sermon given to the team.

  27. Are the prayers voluntary? If a Hindu coach offered a blessing to a group who voluntarily attended at the start of each game then that's fine. Who cares? Why would the religion of the coach make this any more or less acceptable to you? Sounds kinda bigoted.

  28. It’s not what you can do with your body, it’s what others CANT do with your body. No other human has the right to use your body without your consent.

  29. Not actually mandatory. You have the right to refuse vaccinations, but you may miss out on the opportunity to do certain things (ex. Attend public school, work for a certain employer, etc.)

  30. Not just "loss of opportunity". The Supreme Court found Smallpox vaccine resistor Jacobson guilty of a crime for refusing a vaccine and liable for financial penalty.

  31. I appreciate that feedback on my map. I don't appreciate you telling me I should feel bad.

  32. Don't feed the troll. Your work is gorgeous. Love it

  33. She strikes me as the type to not recognize brown skinned women as anything more than a maid

  34. Didn't Nancy Pelosi play herself on Arrested Development as Lucille Bluth? Coulda swore. . .

  35. No. Anti-fragile means you get stronger with repeated use - like strength training your muscles in the gym. Being "long and wrong" on an option trade confers absolutely no benefit to your next long trade.

  36. lol what changed is that the bench got swapped out for an illegitimate institution over the past few years. Now let's find out where that gets us!

  37. So. . . democracy? Republicans played the long game. They elected senators, took advantage of Democrats tactical blunders like dropping the judicial filibuster, and pushed legal reforms for 50 years. Now when they finally see the fruits of playing by the rules, Democrats want to overturn the apple cart. All white screaming "mUh DeMoCRaCy!" Grow up.

  38. I don’t understand how Roe was based on weak logic. Imo- the state’s logic behind the rebuttals were weaker than the federal ruling.

  39. The language in which Roe found a "right to privacy" could just as easily been used to find a "right to after-dinner mints". What's the point of having a Constitution if its language can be stretched at will to cover the topic du jour?

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