1. Amber is not guilty of abuse, maybe she acted bad but it was in response to him abusing her for years and she finally snapped. It’s called reactive abuse in psychology. No such thing as mutual abuse, one person is ALWAYS the abuser :) In this case, Amber didn’t fight back for years, until she broke down. Then she did start fights. But again anyone who understands IPV dynamic and abuse dynamics- it was reactive abuse, not considered the same as true abuse . It’s like if someone is chasing a woman to rape her, and grabs her leg, and she kicks him in the face, did she abuse him?um, no! But abusers will turn the story and accuse her of abuse, saying “she kicked me in the face! I’m a battered man!”… since she doesn’t have any visible injuries, one might reduce that the guy is telling the truth, even though he’s bigger and stronger. So yes, she is innocent, not always acting like an Angel, but who would under those circumstances? In some ways, you could say it’s not all Johnnys fault bc he was blacked out drunk with drugs when he beat and raped her. Buuut he still did it ? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  2. The case wasn’t about innocence. The case was about defamation. Victims never use defamation trials, abusers do :) it’s a common tactic called DARVO, litigation abuse, that abusers use to silence their victims when they speak about the abuse. Depp was proven guilty of beating his wife Amber, in a UK high court- by three Lord Justices. (They have a much more stringent process then in US, so don’t let anyone tell you it was “rigged”, or that Amber heard controls the English government, lol!)

  3. Bright colors and certain combos (um gray and bright purple !) give me hives! I redesigned for myself with warm beiges (my favorite!) and muted purples/blacks . Beige is such a warm beautiful neutral. ace, grace, and graygender :) I know it’s not a meme but it’s ace specific…

  4. Woah, I didn’t know colours could have such physical symptoms. That’s very interesting but I also imagine it would be very annoying to deal with. Can I ask how it works?

  5. I’m not sensitive in the way a synesthete would be, although I do at times feel like I can travel into that space… my mother was like that a bit.

  6. thank you for this thoughtful response!

  7. Also the before outfit is pretty trashy, although on a different, younger man it might work. like I would never approach him, but I’d totally ask the frog for directions So psychologically it works better for me lol 😃

  8. I totally get what you are saying! And i honestly had this thought that in the green suit, he looks like a frog that just became human and is really happy and now I cant see anything else

  9. Her petiteness over rules any “width” she has, I actually don’t personally see width or bluntness in her frame at all. She has a bit of a conventional “wideness” than can occur within Gamines and even Rs. Her short vertical and overall petite, compact appearance is her defining characteristics. I think her stature would be far too overwhelmed in SN recommendations. She needs things that honor her short vertical.

  10. J Woww is actually 5'7, so she automatically has vertical/is too tall for DC. I think she's the ultimate FN, personally!

  11. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I can’t unsee it!

  12. It’s not necessarily that he prefers one over the other, it’s just the connotations and nuances can be a little off-putting if you’re new to the system. But Kibbe does definitely lavishly praise TRs the most, as he describes them as sensual and petite and femme fatales, whileas N types are wide and blunt and masculine silhouettes and strong, etc. There’s a bit of a contrast.

  13. Kibbes wife and muse is a TR, and so is he :) he also obviously adores her endlessly so that could explain his preference 😄 However some TRs have similar qualities to naturals, his wife has width up top similar to alot of natural body types. Like others, I find it hard to believe he would have a bias against any type , given their personalities and how loving they seem. But I could see playing favs with TR :)

  14. Wait what? Trs are supposed to be narrow and petite, they can’t have width. G types can have moderate width, but not TRs.

  15. Oh ok, that is true. Maybe I’m using the wrong words to describe it… maybe it’s not width 🤔… more like fleshiness up top? it’s possible too that the way she is posing or possible breast implants… but with a lot of TR Celebs I just see a bit of that look, where the waist is tiny and it can make the upper body look even more generous or bosomy, it feels very hourglass, but still subtle. It feels like there is width up too relative to the waist, and at certain angles you can get that triangle effect (a lot of shots of Celebes are taken from a higher angle, so the head and shoulders look broader than the hips) I hope that makes more sense… it’s hard to explain what I see 🫣

  16. I think it’s so weird how we don’t take into account that most celebrities, verified examples even, have had at least ~something~ done. R Marilyn Monroe had a nose job and I’m not quite sure lol but laser to her hairline or something too. Tr Salma Hayek has also had a nose job and breast implants, and Penelope Cruz (unsure if she’s verified or not) FG has had a nose job also. Unverified celebs like Megan Fox, potential DC, are imo especially hard to type bc their plastic surgery has been so subtle yet affect their whole body, not just the face.

  17. Can someone explain to me how ScarJo isn’t a true romantic? Everyone else seems very obviously SN to me, but I have never “gotten” how Scarlett was typed the SN category….she seems so petite and yin.

  18. Its a normal question. I was told here that Sn and R can look alot alike. I also struggled at first to understand but I was told that SN encompasses a pretty vast range of body types, so even though she is curvy and even a bit of double curve, and a relatively small width for a natural…. Scarlett looks like less of an N to me when she’s next to an N like Kate Hudson or Jennifer Aniston (that was what I used to think all naturals looked like :) . but when we put scarjo next to Kate winslet.. you can immediately see Kates softness and this almost seamless curvy quality …. While Scarlett’s bluntness and that fresh, athletic quality, suddenly stand out . I’m a natural and when I first started learning about kibbe, I didn’t even know what SN was … so I thought of the Natural type as women that looked more “like me”…. Ie Jennifer Aniston who seemed to be touted as an archetype of pure natural … somehow I saw Scarjo as looking so such softer and curvier than me. But I’m learning!

  19. I think it changes your perceived type/essence . It’s hard to type when someone’s not at sort of a moderate healthy lean”ish” weight. Bc we have to analyze bone structure but also fleshiness and “ common areas of weight gain” can be helpful as well. I think it’s easy for ppl to jump to “romantic” or “natural” when they see someone overweight… and for someone to look more “gamine” or “ dramatic” when underweight … I’m a natural and I feel like I notice this…but it kind of makes sense bc if someone’s overweight they may look stuffy in closed necklines , or if they are underweight, their face and head and features look much larger and “more gamine” than they would. I saw a thread typing Snooki as a natural but I wasn’t sure,I found “skinny” pics when she lost a lot of weight (too much imho) and she looked quite Gamine to me. Idk if it was the weight loss but it made sense for her to be gamine to me- even her weight gain made her a bit more rectangular, bc gamine can gain weight this way, but her shape made ppl go “oh yeah, natural”. But other types can gain weight in the waist, and for romantic it’s bc ppl look “softer” as they gain weight, you don’t see bone structure as well. So I’ve seen people want to type someone as a “softer” type or more romantic, more yin, bc of weight, or vice versa… weight loss brings out more musculature and bone structure ie yang. Just my humble opinion OOOMG I didn’t scroll all the way! Yes plastic surgery LOLL

  20. I love the first jeans and the last jeans, I can’t put my finger on it but they look above and beyond the best to me…skinnies look amazing on you, and the ripped have a drapey open feel that kind of rocks . I don’t love the stiff fabrics or tapered pants as much for some reason? But you have a great figure, nothings going to look “bad” on you :) Good luck 💕

  21. I would do black shoes with a comfy heel (like booties?) that helps the wide leg do it’s thing, And I agree a different coat silhouette, one that is roomy in the body almost a cocoon, or dolman sleeve, slightly oversized or draped if that makes sense…fabric of the coat looks stiff and restricted as well, and the bag also looks too small for the coat- restricting the coat… a looser bag would be nice and different color depending on the coat color. Hair is gorgeous and base outfit is lovely

  22. Everyone knows that vegetarianism is a more ethical and spiritual, and esthetic ally beneficial diet… yet they continue to eat meat and find ways to justify it. I know a lot of people that totally agree with not eating meat being spiritually superior diet, and are on a spiritual path even , yet they just can’t give it up. I don’t understand what’s so addictive and tempting about it, and I grew up in an omnivorous family so I know what it tastes like. If it were sugar, ok I’d also find a away to justify it :) (but sugar doesn’t involve murder. ) But meat? Why does it have such a hold on ppl?

  23. For athleisure , I like slightly oversized but not heavy or stiff, zip up hoodies for naturals bc you can have a deep vertical line and open up the neckline… gymshark has some good ones that are more drapey and I size up. Wearing one that is kind of zipped up , with a lower cut sports bra or tank underneath so you get that open vertical neckline. The hoodie hits at the hip, with 3”-4” yoga shorts underneath and white sneakers? That’s my rockstar look.

  24. I honestly am getting a gamine vibe too, but maybe she’s just super lean? (when ppl are really thin I think it makes them look more gamine bc limbs and torso look proportionally smaller) we had this discussion somewhere about Victoria Beckham being FG vs FN. Anyway it is hard to tell, I do see natural characteristics as well :) But she doesn’t look tall in this particular vid…

  25. How cute are you! This may be unpopular but I am really getting a gamine vibe… esp in last two pics. You are stunning. But maybe I’m wrong, all the natural looks are great on you, you could pull off slightly more classic looks too, with your figure.

  26. I think it’s her upbringing and being in the Royal family. There is a distinct connection between “classic” style, and upper class American and Europeans. Old money, aristocracy, government and politicians all wear this style, and even businesswear has adopted to to a certain extent, as it’s inextricably linked with wealth in many ways. I know people who think dressing any way but classic is very “gauche” . So this kind of pressure would be on those in the Royal family, they are expected to wear classic clothing and even certain iconic brands. It is a beautiful way of dressing in many ways but it’s sad that it doesn’t flatter everyone . I agree that these days she could find ways to tweak her lines… but maybe doesn’t know about it (or care!) it drives me crazy sometimes , and she reminds me of me when I refused to wear anything but classic lines…

  27. Agree! I feel my body type is in the middle between FN and SN, so Soft Yang

  28. I’m a natural /Sn and I always try to buy these dresses because of the ease. However they never fit me like I want them too. A smocked bodice is too tight for a natural imho, and makes me look more stocky bc it emphasizes the relative width of the rib cage.

  29. Yes!! I consider myself pure natural. I knew i was in the N family but i am also very balanced. So I figured, DC is somewhat blunt and wider but also very balanced. But of course my face doesnt fit DC at all and the hair, the makeup and necklines for DC never truly sat well with me. So i made a post about jennifer aniston, about how shes always dressing in DC and looks amazing and in her element, and someone told me pure natural is a “balanced” natural. It has the values of the natural but not in a sharper or softer way, instead in a more balanced way ( same goes for pure gamine ).

  30. Ooh good ideas! I have always felt good in skinny jeans and have been getting confused by wearing mom jeans and drapey trousers, thinking that balances me and I’ll look good, but it kind of just makes me look more dumpy and big…? And the naturals mane of hair just looks weird on me… Jen has sleek hair , straight or with subtle waves…this looks so much better on me! I feel like she is in a class of her own and I struggle to find other naturals that I resonate with.

  31. All of them are kinda…funeraly. Wouldnt wear black to a wedding. Esp as a blonde, think OP would look better with bright colours. Tho I agree that the shape of the first dress is most flattering for her (very nice) figure.

  32. traditionally it’s not appropriate… but these days ppl seem to do it so maybe it’s ok? Or maybe it depends on the style and venue /theme etc. But I agree in that even though black is my signature color I’m too chicken to wear it to a wedding… esp if I’m part of the family or party. But for a guest it’s probably less risky. I always ask what the wedding colors are (flowers, invitations, balloons, bridesmaid Dresses etc), and base my choice off of that, but I’m a big geek that way

  33. First one is the most smoking, looks like it’s made for you. but I also love the one shoulder on you as the other choice. It’s a gorgeous style and would be a great choice if you preferred an open neckline or just like that vibe for the venue. Ideally if I were designing a one shoulder for you, I’d tailor the bottom just a bit, have it tapered or have a slit, just some visual interest so it’s not so bottom heavy. But i still adore it and it is certainly more goddess-y and romantic…very appropriate.

  34. I have one more comment- in another post someone typed them as SG…and gave interesting argument. I may be going back to my original Gamine thought… Given that I realized I have a girlfriend who looks very much like halsey type wise but with slightly more romantic features … and she is a 💯 gamine. So I may be going back to gamine. Her very large and youthful features suggest this … almost Victoria Beckham like look (I also am on team gamine for VB) This would also explain why she looks ravishing and pixie like in short hair.

  35. Halsey is difficult for me to type.. they r very lean, can pull of almost any look and does! At first I was toying w gamine bc of their relatively large head, teeny tiny body, youthful face, and how good they look in ultra short hair and boyish clothing. However , K-Stew (SN) also kind of pulls off those looks (these ladies look pretty no matter what )

  36. I know I'm a bit late, but I see SG. Here's why: I have a VERY similar build to her (esp. that bikini pic) and I am (most likely) a SG. She doesn't have a lot of flesh on her, but if you look at older pics (~2016) you can see just how yin her flesh was when she was at a slightly higher weight. Celebs are almost always more fit than the rest of us, too, which can lead to yin-dominant types being harder to spot. Also, she has a super gamine face (large eyes, round nose, smallish round mouth), long limbs, and a rather short torso. The small hands and feet add to the yin side of gamine as well.

  37. First I thought FG.. then I thought SN, then i finally landed on DC … you can check out the other Halsey post if you’re curious about how I came to that conclusion. ( I totally agree with the possibility of some gamine type as well! They r super lean and a bit underweight most of the time which for me makes it harder … it’s actually easier to look gamine when one is quite lean (the head looks bigger and the limbs look smaller)

  38. Nope! I definitely meant what I said hehehe.

  39. Hmmm that’s a very interesting take! I can certainly see everything you said… I would never think of Chelsea as a dramatic but I started noticing this ability she has to pull off rather dramatic looks (not on the show, more like red carpet or photo shoots), and I did notice her face was dramatic but thought that was just her essence… I can’t get over how broad her shoulders look for her body in the show- yet when I see her with the other two actresses in promo shots, she looks a little more balanced, and much more petite, almost to a gamine degree! Melissa looks more natural in the shots with all three of them. But still not convinced about Rosa .. my first instinct was natural too actually ! She has that vibe… but then I started thinking Gamine because her body looks so tiny , her head and features so generous, defined, and a little “cute”… but then outside of the Moto jacket i started seeing a little “pear” to her shape, and a long limbed feeling , that felt dramatic. Rosa has confused me totally. Which makes sense… I love her and love is blind…🤷‍♀️ But check her out in these pics

  40. SNs don’t have to be literally wide though or have wide shoulders. I feel like shoulders might be the last to look at cuz even some verified romantics can look wider than some verified SNs. Better to consider the whole upper body in relation to the body of the person

  41. Yes, I finally checked out some pics of her in red carpet dresses and I do agree with the SN now… the suits threw me off I guess because I can clearly see it when she’s in a gown with an open neckline. That’s my type too, I can’t believe I didn’t see it :P

  42. I think of all the stores that sell boho styles, Anthropologie has the most bohemian type clothes that can also suit a lot of body types and other body types besides natural - sometimes they have a more structured or classic silhouette but a boho pattern etc. for a dramatic or classic that wants to be boho, or even just a subtle boho vibe … Also seconding the Victorian/ Edwardian vibe, dramatic was an ideal body type then.

  43. I also don’t agree with it personally… the naturals is a wide range of body types and now I feel like SN is this really huge category and it’s more confusing now :(

  44. Of course…! Sexually objectifying lesbians doesn’t count- bc it means you respect them ! 🤔

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