What are some good reasons to continue living?

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  1. I second RSO for sleeping especially, it's longer lasting than flower so I get a better night's sleep. I haven't messed with the edibles in this program though (making your own isn't permitted in the program but there are a lot of tutorials just sayin 😉)

  2. If you want sticky bud - Woodward/Fire Rock 'Robots'. Got some of this new batch, did not disappoint. Grinder doesn't even work it just sticks everywhere.

  3. Nice setup! I know the grumps in this sub tend to hate on photos but I personally love them!

  4. What kind do you have? I’m thinking about getting the inspire wand

  5. Ah! I knew there was something I was supposed to check today! I have a Vape Hot Box brand, the person builds them as requested so it takes a few weeks. But check out

  6. My husbands best friend comes to me now for advice on smoking. He swore he had all the knowledge in the world and now he texts about new strains in the area and what they can do. 😁

  7. Same! They're always asking what they should get, or asking me how to make edibles, or what to watch out for in carts. They don't know having a stoner girl is key 👸

  8. I love watching your videos and thinking "I wanna be able to rip bongs like that so I can be her friend 🤣" Hope you have a good one as well!!

  9. I go all over when I smoke but my recent vibe has been the 'Salt' playlist on Spotify

  10. Blueberry Cheesecake was the very first Woodward strain I'd ever picked up back in June of last year and loved it. I've bought it each time since and it just hasn't been the same so I'm not even picking it up this time.

  11. Nice! Thank you very much for the heads up! I was going to get one of them this weekend. I like the Grapehead I might as well try to Robots.

  12. Okay! So I had Grapehead last drop and, for me personally, Robots still beats it out (even with the Pinene in it). But Grapehead was still great! I just love the smell of Robots and it is soooo sticky. I also got super lucky and had a cola top in each of my containers. I so badly wanted to put pictures on here but they just get downvoted anyways and I get accused of working for Woodward (I don't, but if someone from there is reading this I do data analytics and if you can match my current salary I'll come work for ya!)

  13. Another vote for the ICC luster pods, I have never ventured into the luster pod arena, but I guess it might be time!

  14. ICC carts/pods by Klutch have shitload. It's actually the top terpene, which is highly uncommon.. and boy is it Deee-licious, too.. go get that- you won't be disappointed imo

  15. Thank you! I was actually wondering after I posted if they had terp breakdowns for the carts! 🙏

  16. I will be honest I am so jealous! This is the one thing that breaks my heart about not having a close female friend who is into makeup. I love doing makeup and having it done! I wish I had someone to share it with like this! Precious!

  17. Can't speak for you, but I recently purchased several acres of land in bumfuck nowhere. I've been slowly clearing a path for a driveway, home and yard. I've been camping there and reconnecting with nature. I've also got so much wood, I've decided to experiment woodworking, carving spoons and plates, etc. getting into that self-reliance mindset. I can't describe how much more calming and peaceful it is over the urban day-to-day grind.

  18. I know a lot of ppl are commenting about how you must have so much money but I've basically done just this. My husband and I bought 10 acres with a terribly shitty double wide on it, and we've lived poor in it for 9 years. 9 years we've spent paying off other debts and saving up, while moving up in our careers to build our income. This year though, we've hired an architect to build our dream home. We always knew we loved the land, and homes can always be rebuilt. Find the land that let's you feel at peace and make of it whatever you can until you can afford what you want.

  19. Oops, this is assuming you've already made the canna oil, apologies!

  20. Hey this recipe looks great! Do you happen to know how to make Canna oil? I ask this of you rather than searching the sub because the gummy link was easy. So I’m hoping you have a good canna oil source. I’m a total noob. Thank you! 💕

  21. My current canna oil process involves specific equipment, but I started out using the 'decarb in a jar' instructions from Leafly and then adding the coconut oil to the jar and putting it in a crock pot to infuse! Cant offer more than that sadly

  22. Never stated they were but that's Reddit for ya. What's your point, nothing relevant to add ?

  23. You did put AKA (also known as), so upon reading I also thought the same, that you were saying the two are the same company.

  24. They would just find you, with a melted beanbag chair glued to your back, covered in bong water cause it was all you had to put the fire out. You're alive, but now you smell like shit and look like a deformed ninja turtle.

  25. I've been eyeing this 1 up . I've only bought Woodward like three times. Looks phenomenal like most everything they put out, I'm just a cheap ass and won't pay $100 for 5 and a half grams.

  26. This might be controversial but I enjoyed Robots more than Animal Face. I just got Robots of this new batch, it legit made my mouth water when I opened it.

  27. Would you be able to compare Robots by Woodward to Orange 43 by Klutch? I've never had Robots, but Klutch's Orange 43 smells amazing, tastes amazing, and will leave you with some intense cerebral effects. Im not a big Sativa fan but I love that never disappointing Orange 43!! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  28. Apologies but I've never tried Orange 43 so I cant compare my own experiences there. But I do enjoy Klutch! My only complaints for them are that they machine trim and their cure is just a littleeee off (hard outside but still sticky inside, which may have more to do with the machine trimming than their cure process itself).

  29. I fr thought this was a cinnamon roll as I scrolled and thought "that looks good"

  30. Yeah they did this poor thing dirty with that name lol

  31. I am a caregiver for my spouse, and also a patient myself. I went through Veriheal for my original prescription so simply reached out, they asked for my license again and took care of everything on their end and didn't charge me. It did take awhile (over a month but less than 2) for the approval to go through, even though I had paid the $50. I'd call a dispo before sending her to make sure it's all set up correctly.

  32. I can't say shit, as I've only tried The Botanist Indica RSO but works for me

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