1. I had originally purchased one for my Tesla charger. But I was worried about a two foot long rigid charger plug sticking out the side of my new truck. Worried about the weight too, the anchor clip on the Lectron plug is plastic. My luck a neighbors kid would be play hide n seek and run into it. Maybe if I had a garage I would had kept it. Ended up selling the Tesla charger and using a $500 instant rebate from my electric utility towards a Juicebox 40a.

  2. I'm glad people can do this because I would never have the patience to do it.

  3. It amazes me that so many people do not know how to break glass properly

  4. Be aware, you're going to pay a cost for this eventually. If you're too far from a service center its going to be a pain for when you need anything done.

  5. Yep. 100% I got an appointment in two weeks and I'm only 30mins from one. I'm already dreading the whole should I just wait there all day? Get a rental? No one is gonna wanna follow me there >Situation

  6. Learn to foot slide so you do not punt your rabbit again. Learn how the act around you. My female likes to figure 8 around my feet as I walk. I totally understand.

  7. Try to get one spot close to the door, then stuff it in the crack

  8. No idea, but it's gotta be a bug somewhere. If you're charging at 40kW that long you'd be well over the total battery capacity, and that's ignoring the face that you can't get that much from a 40A circuit!

  9. Yea. Should of bought a little every time I got a "52 week low" notification.

  10. Can you send me a description of the service ticket. I can try and convince the ny Brooklyn center they just replaced the whole glass roof for nothing . Thanks.

  11. The triangle was a known issue. They should had tried that before replacing the glass roof

  12. INS too. But you should had slowed down when you seen everyone else stopping instead of speeding up. What if a kid was running across the street.

  13. Now you know how us Truck 🚚 drivers feel. 4-wheelers do this all the time then brake hard to pull into Starbucks or Dunkin Doughnut when they could had just got behind us and waited till we passed..but no one wants to be behind a truck

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