1. I started playing this game when I got covid almost a month ago and binge played. Got to this point after 3 days and plowed through over 60 of the 80 whatever quests in a single 40 hour session.

  2. Just finishing Stormblood. Definitely HW>ARR>SB. SB has had its moments but I mostly haven't cares what is happening

  3. 10k+ hours in mmos, all mnk. Hadn't played one in a couple years. I know that in 15 minutes with an MMO mouse I'd be comfortable with it again. A month into playing this game on controller and still learning. Just practice and adjust keybinds to find what's comfortable you tbh

  4. Wow can't wait to play the new lightweight hunting trumpet. For sure gonna outclass HH just like LBG has basically done to HBG

  5. What a rough read. Like it was written by a high school student that had an assignment to use way too many words from a thesaurus. Lots of words without saying anything meaningful or making any convincing points.

  6. Really weird that your characters are my ex wife on the left and the guy that has haunted me in my nightmares ever since she divorced me on the right

  7. Been enjoying Frontline. Very straight forward objectives. Limited abilities makes learning how to play very easy as a new to the game in general person. And WHM seems very good which is nice since it's my favorite job so far

  8. MMO vet 3 or 4 weeks in to ffxiv playing on console/controller with the intention of chilling and just having a little fun instead of treating the game like a 2nd job/life like I used to do.

  9. Only started playing a few weeks ago. Toward the end of the Stormblood MSQ. Most compelling story in a multiplayer game ever for me and I'm emotionally invested in a lot of characters. Honestly didn't expect there to be much story so I am very pleasantly surprised. 8.5/10 for me. -1 point for too much corny posing from main characters in cutscenes and very dated character models. -.5 points because Lalafells are just plain disturbing to me. I've played FF IV, V, VI, X, and Tactics Advance 1/2 to completion and imo they all had near 10/10 stories. Tried to play FF VII but it felt too dated visually by the time I played it. Played some X-2 and XV and didn't care for either at all

  10. You live under a rock or you are cl 500

  11. CL 1100+, rank 100+. My favorite and most played deck is ongoing with 0 pool 3+ cards. Surfer and Zabu are both reasonably tuned at this stage of the game.

  12. They wouldn’t be getting tuned down and the whole subreddit wouldn’t be complaining about it every day if that were the case. You are delusional

  13. Oh dang haven't seen this one before. Another awesome Luca Claretti. So good inked

  14. The short term answer to Surfer is a Brood token change. 1 cost is a bad solution because Surfer often wants killmonger so nerfing Brood that badly is not what you want. Either 2 cost or give the tokens something like "can't have its power increased by your on reveal effects". The long term solution to Surfer is having it give +2 because they have to design every 3 drop with surfer in mind forever now

  15. I personally love this game because it doesn't feel like a part time job to do "everything" every day

  16. Shrug. I like how pick up and play this game is. Tap 1 button, get a match almost instantly, play 3 minutes. Repeat until bored or out of free time.

  17. My lifetime MMO raiding hours are probably like 50% healer, 30% support, 15% DPS, 5% tank.

  18. Been playing a couple weeks and probably put everything on limited my first dungeon.

  19. It's pretty obvious she's meant to be with kazoo and or Zabu but she should be like a 3/1 or 2/0. Definitely just a feelsbad series 5 pull imo. She's bad enough that I'd be shocked if she didn't get a buff very quickly though

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