1. Not everyone goes for aesthetics right away. Its boosted, that’s way better than majority of Z’s out there already. More respect to fast/functional Z’s out there.

  2. Mines got “deleted” too. Its just disabled, log in using like your web browser and do the appeal thingy. I got mine back in like an hour.

  3. Great looking Z! The setting of this photo strangely looks a lot like my old apartment. Is this at a complex named something similar to Wander 2500?

  4. No sir, but this apartment complex have changes names numerous times over the years lol. But if its at Las Vegas, NV; most likely we’re looking at the same apartment haha

  5. To everyone who like to shit talk VQs show me another performance V6 in a sports car that will go 300k.

  6. I doubt think anyone actually shit talks the VQ’s reliability, stock wise. Now try to make power out of it, then there’s where all the shit talk occurs lol

  7. Looool yes it is! Man I miss that vertex style front 😂 Throwback to the slow days.

  8. Your pockets must be filled with cash lmao… destroy a different car, too many fucked up Z’s around already.

  9. As a Z owner (2005) that has been single turbo'd on a stock DE. Then fully built block, meth injected, ported heads, cams, titanium valve springs, full fuel system and exhaust upgrade with custom built GT3071 twin turbos pushing over 600+whp ... that setup was immense fun, but utterly unreliable in my personal experience. I went through five, yes five built blocks that lost main bearings . IMO, you can build them to have great stats and make power, but you can't beat on them daily and have them hold up.

  10. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I like hearing from other people’s experiences. I can see where Dark Synergy is coming from but at the same time, different stroke for different folks.

  11. How much time and money did you spend on the swap ?

  12. Took my friends and I about 2.5 months? But that’s coz we were building their cars along with mine lol we coulda finished it in a week if we went at it back to back.

  13. The hood is a VIS racing full carbon hood. Nothing but name brand on my car. I don’t need to fake it and buy shit off brand stuff.

  14. Bruh… lmao vis is a rep… 🤨 oh lord. Wasn’t knocking on it at all goofy. It looks good but I just wanted to know. But yeah, sorry to open your eyes. VIS is a rep and you clearly didn’t know.

  15. Na it’s legit perfect and wasn’t cheep. I saw a lot of hoods same style and carbon but were cheap and all reviews had bad fitment so figure those were the reps. My bad. Still don’t care😂 hood is perfect in every way so I’m happy

  16. Never said you cared? Never said fitment was bad? Why are you so in denial about the fact that VIS is a rep? Nothing bad about it? Unless you’re one of those people that brags about everything authentic. Coz that would definitely invalidate you, since your hood is a rep.

  17. Unless your built engine stock motor won’t take a 200 shot. Or at least add some ring gap

  18. Built bottom end. Ofc I’m not putting no 200 shot on no sbe lol… Would hope I would know something like that after doing an LS swap.

  19. Little details like these man 🔥 Great work! Tired of seeing hack jobs.

  20. Idk who would tell you not to do it lmao. I have an LS swapped 350z. Only advice for you is to have 15k or more ready. You’re not gonna be able to cut corners with this swap unless you’re able to fabricate anything on your own.

  21. That's exactly what I've been sa... wait a minute. You son of a... lol. Nice to see that it's up and running! You know you need to drop sound clips.

  22. I got you mayn! Just driving it around to break in the motor then off to a tune lol

  23. Driver mod ftw! Congrats man! Was gonna attend my first SCCA event locally but my LS has some last minute issues 🥲

  24. nothing more scary hearing a v8 from a car normally with a vq…

  25. Don’t apologize to us for your transmission, apologize to your chest If you ever get into an accident

  26. It happened to my Z a lot and I know its because of moisture/water getting into the latch button of the trunk causing it to act up. Try replacing the weather sealing of that button, if not, the button itself.

  27. Ughhh! Can’t wait to finish mine so I can drive it around again 😭 Do you have an IG? Would love to follow more LS swapped Z’s!

  28. Yeah my ig is Jasxnquinxnes do everything nice and right the first time is my only advice for Ls swaps take your time

  29. Oh most def man. Def not going to be no hack job. I want it to look as presentable as possible. Really all I’m waiting for is my driveshaft and I can button everything up for the first start up. The wait is killing me.

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