1. Many people will copy the behavior of whatever’s popular. So if a comment has a lot of upvotes or downvotes, they’re more likely to pile on to feel right and part of the right crowd.

  2. Hey, that’s a great sales pitch, but you didn’t even address their question 🙄

  3. I tried cancelling for MONTHS and they did everything they could to not let me cancel. I eventually had to just cancel my credit card to get them to stop charging me. Very scammy and will never use it again because of that.

  4. But what about my dream of becoming a world famous philosopher?

  5. That’s been replaced with being an influencer or YouTuber.

  6. I’ve always thought Docs go with anything and everything. I’d say if you like them, just wear them and figure out styles later.

  7. Lookin’ good! I wear mine to work too. Makes my day more fun and gives my coworkers something to talk about lol

  8. Nice. I have the Jadon Max and I love them. Real bitch to break in though so get ready

  9. Came here to warn of the notorious Jadon break-in period, too 😬

  10. When I first got them I thought I could wear them for 15 mins around target with thin socks on because, it’s just 15 minutes and they feel fine at first … that was weeks ago and I’m still not fully healed.

  11. I know exactly what you mean! Right out of the box, so excited to wear them around if even just for a few minutes. Take them off and find my heels peeled like a carrot, now unable to wear for over a week while my heels recover 😫 Wearing Jadons for long periods is definitely earned in pain.

  12. Although it's mostly dead now, lace code in the USA was that red laces indicated that you'd spilled blood for the White Race. This is why Doc Martens stores and the website sell laces in nearly every other color, but not red. We also only sell white laces on white mono boots, but otherwise we don't because in old school lace culture white meant White Pride. You can do as you wish, though.

  13. Doesn’t lace code go against what it is to wear Docs in the first place? About wearing what you want without worrying what others might think?

  14. I love the added colors! Did you thread the beads through the pull tab, or do you have the beads sag in the back?

  15. Have you considered tall Docs to keep your legs and feet warm? I was thinking of this for myself this winter.

  16. I discovered Docs over a year ago and now Jadons are all I wear at work and after work if I’m not at the beach or working out. I love how they feel, and the black leather goes with anything I wear.

  17. It’s very simple. If you like them, wear them. If it helps, I’m a guy and I’ve been wearing Jadon Hi’s for a year and I love the way they look and feel. Wearing them makes me happy, and that’s all that matters.

  18. I guess the 1490? But the zip makes them way more convenient and the platform is so fun.

  19. If you like them, wear them. If it helps, I’m a guy and I’ve been wearing Jadon Hi’s for a year and I love the way they look and feel. Wearing them makes me happy, and that’s all that matters.

  20. My first Docs were Jadons. I learned the hard way just how painful they are to break in. Wear bandaids/duct tape on your heels and toes, lace them very loosely, and wear very short amounts of time with at least one day break between wears.

  21. I’m going to guess that you’re the white boot since I see more women wearing white Docs than guys.

  22. I’m usually a men’s 9 in sneakers, but that’s too small for Jadons at least. 10 is slightly too big, but better than way too small.

  23. I've noticed many parts of the world refer to rubber as gum.

  24. Breaking in my Jadons has been a long, painful journey. Fresh out of the box, they gave me the worst blisters of my life, especially my heels. After wearing this pair for several months, they’re mostly broken in.

  25. Not sure what’s easiest to break in, but my painful breaking in taught me to wear very short distances, lace them loosely, and don’t wear every day in the beginning. Wearing bandaids on the spots that rub helps a lot too. I’ve heard treating the leather helps too.

  26. How painful? I've seen some really bad blistering from my friends docs and I just don't know if I could handle it as I'm walking as part of my job 5 days a week. He's gotten silicone socks and says that helps but he's been breaking them in over a year?! Wtf

  27. Honestly, pretty painful because I foolishly wore my smooth black Jadons long distances fresh out of the box. If I were to break in another pair, I’d wear bandaids or even duct tape on my heels and maybe even my toes for the first few months. I wouldn’t rush into this. Breaking in my docs has been a slow process. Even after wearing my Jadons almost every day for almost a year, they’re STILL breaking in lol. So yeah, take precautions and be very patient.

  28. They’re unisex in general, especially that pair. I would never guess those were labeled as women’s boots. I’m a guy who wears Jadons and nobody’s given me weird looks. Just wear what you want.

  29. I wear mine almost every day at work and after work. They don’t flex like non-platforms, so they feel clunky, which I personally think makes them fun to wear. I don’t think they’re difficult to walk in or use stairs, but it may take a few wears to get use to, because I do walk a bit differently in them because they’re heavy and clunky.

  30. I’m usually a men’s size 9 in sneakers, but size 9 Jadons are way too tight, so I wear size 10, even though they’re a tad too loose. If 9.5 existed, it’d probably be perfect. So I prefer slightly loose 10 to painfully tight 9, and just lace them snuggly.

  31. 39 and never been in one. It’s too much involvement and commitment. Being around people is exhausting, especially because I have to put on an act whenever I’m around people. If I had to continue the act at home after a long day of masking, I would go insane.

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