1. Ken always has the best verse when he’s on a track with lone tbh

  2. lone clears on mdma and murder musik and every other song

  3. I fw lone way heavier than Ken but u can’t tell me Ken didn’t wash lone on X for breakfast

  4. lone said bitch im into fashion but my brother sellin crack nd u gonna tell me xman had the better verse

  5. i say check it out if anything seem off then obv dont buy it but looks pretty clean

  6. Bro this album is so bad stop sucking his dick Jesus Christ

  7. i went to the show took a video and posted it but just because BigG1996 doesnt like the album no one can post anything about it

  8. Meet and greet is the move then, gotta get that TLOP 5 vinyl signed lol

  9. his photographer for some reason said he doesnt really like to sign stuff like he almost gets bothered by it. A kid I met there brought Gunner Stahls book and was trying to get him to sign it and his photographer tried to make it happen but idk i think if you had meet and greet tho he wouldnt tell you no Lol

  10. must be nice this n54 has a boost leak 🥲

  11. yea owned it for over a year and 0 issues at all so far, way more reliable than the old l200 i used to have 😂

  12. i was thinking of grabbing an e39 540i for a “reliable daily” frfr but even still ive never been broken down in this e60 gets me everywhere always

  13. you should not have bought a bmw if you cant figure something like this out by yourself

  14. “Did you guys know before X had dreads he had a different hairstyle????” like bruh what is the point you know they went from twists to dreads same difference who cares

  15. yea he said hes only heard it once and itll “probably” never drop

  16. That explains why he ju played the full song on ig live that one time I guess he doesn't like the song all that much to drop it

  17. only time will tell world peace wont be restored until its released or leaked

  18. That's the fun part. A horrific mystery

  19. no lore or theories on what he did 🥲 what were the cats for???

  20. serious question; I see these presentation posts a lot on carti/ken/lone subs. Do schools actually get you to make these presentations?? They’re never smart, engaging, or have anything to do with something academic. Are you guys 11 or is this what special-ed class entails?

  21. “or is this what special-ed class entails” 😂😂

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