1. You should take some lessons/clinics before joining open play so you know the rules and can play at a basic level.

  2. My favorite rebuttal for those types is, "If being gay is a choice, do it. Choose right now to be attracted to those of your sex. Oh? You can't do that? Why? Because you're straight, yes, exactly." Sometimes it helps them understand it, but sometimes they refuse to.

  3. Also, if it’s a choice, why would anyone choose to be gay? Life in todays world would be a lot easier (and less dangerous, frankly) as a straight person.

  4. I’m not OP’s partner, but I gotta say this is the best brownie recipe I’ve made:

  5. That's the thing. Empty condom wrappers are as far from meaningless or common as it gets. There's only two things condoms are used for and those are the only tims you're getting an empty wrapper haphazardly discarded. The other thing is smuggling drugs BTW.

  6. Some men use them when they masturbate for less mess, don’t they?

  7. If possible, I would say that he should leave the truck and trailer there now, and to call him when it’s loaded and he will drive it to the new place. Then he doesn’t have to load. Another option is to just pay for some help, and call it a housewarming gift and christmas gift or whatever.

  8. It’s fake (thank goodness) go check out his last story

  9. Never heard anyone say that about Larry King, but to each their own.

  10. You should talk with her (any partner, really) about what the plan is if she gets pregnant to make sure you’re on the same page before you start reducing your birth control.

  11. thank you, we have actually previously discussed it. we both agree that we aren’t ready to be parents and we would get an abortion which, thankfully, is legal in our state

  12. It would be a good practice to do a pregnancy test every month just to be sure, and to catch anything early (you can use the cheap tests or check with planned parenthood if cost is an issue). Taken correctly, oral contraceptives are very effective. An implant is probably the most fail-safe. If she’s taking a daily pill, she should have an alarm to take it at the same time every day. I think (talk to her, she might be the same) that the guy should help with picking up the prescription, helping to pay, helping with gyno appointments, etc. That makes it a team effort and helps to ensure that she’s taking it effectively. And it’s a turn on when the guy is involved and supportive!

  13. It only has one scene like this, but Saving Grace by Julie Garwood. After their first encounter, FMC stews over whether she should leave the room. When she finally decides to go, he stops her and they have a little moment.

  14. Nora Roberts, Dance of Dreams (or Reflections and Dreams, which combines this one with a book about the older sister). MMC is a Russian ballet instructor, FMC is a student. Bit of an age gap. It’s an older book but I liked it, maybe you will too.

  15. You might try Bounty by Kristen Ashley. MMC & FMC meet before FMC is really famous. They meet up again later, and he does not recognize her. He’s a traveling man type, and she is looking for a place to call home. She has family drama that he helps her with, and he also has to cope with her fame. He does know who she is, and what family she comes from, once he find out her name.

  16. Any chance it'll come out on audio

  17. Yes, there’s an audiobook on Amazon and my public library site (Libby) says they’ll have it June 12. It’s narrated by the author. If you haven’t listened to it already, you might like Sea Stories by Admiral McRaven. I thought it was really interesting (the first part about his young childhood was slow but it gets way better).

  18. Not sure why you’re being downvoted. You typically only spend three days a week with him and now he’s cutting it down to two (50% of which is a work day). My feelings would be hurt too.

  19. Exactly. They’ve “been together” for two years, per his comment the child is 1 1/2, wife is only 21, and he thinks she’s seeing a therapist but doesn’t really know. Ridiculous.

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