1. Yes let's add that to the game. NFL hire this person now!!!!!

  2. This takes some time but googly eyes on all the games that have eyes or a face on it they will be finding them for a few weeks.

  3. We have talent Muth, Pickens, claypool, Johnson, Harris Give them to Tom Brady I bet they contend. We need a QB who isn't afraid of losing his job and playes in his fears. It's comes down to the person who gives them ball.

  4. Are they allergic to the middle of the field Jesus.

  5. Thank you Jesus you are my light unless you let the Steelers keep losing then nevermind.

  6. He should he only has the most receiving yards and TDs in Steelers history.

  7. Next season is my guess he can fire Canada get a new OC if they suck then Tomlin is on the hot seat.

  8. Fair. I mean't decent as in he can get outside of the pocket and he has sneaky speed. Like an Andrew Luck minus the awareness.

  9. I think you mean decent compared to Ben lol.

  10. Mason has improved a lot since 2019. Say what you want about his ceiling, but at least he has a good deep ball and his last 2 games were exciting to watch. Unlike Trubisky's offense.

  11. And he knows the offense better than any one there. At this point give him a shot at the browns see what happens.

  12. With blackjack and hookers. In fact forget the VRAM.

  13. You can't make it have more video ram you would need a new GPU.

  14. Eh not worse than a meth head with a tote full of garbage/stolen cell phone.

  15. So everyone says its the cable I bought a new one still does it but if i wait it just goes away.

  16. I used windscribe said I was in LA and it worked for me

  17. No dad I'm just putting on weight.

  18. Remember when Trump saluted North Korean generals?

  19. Fun fact: King George’s was Operation Hyde Park Corner and the Queen Mother’s was Operation Tay Bridge. They really got a whole elaborate name for all of their deaths….so why can’t we tf?

  20. Boomhauer. He's a Texas ranger and has got to have some kind of combat skills.

  21. Bill had to have some training as well but is in bad shape.

  22. Why is there so many candy boxes good God that's a lot of sugar.

  23. If you’re asking for the background, Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde were a couple, kids, but not yet married. They broke up around the time Olivia Wilde was directing Don’t Worry Darling. The film stars Florence Pugh and Shia LeBeouf, originally. Shia left the production and was replaced by Harry Styles.

  24. You didn't add the new part of Harry spit on Chris pine or maybe he didn't.

  25. But he does the tik-tok he sucks./s

  26. Exactly, the two together would legitimately get me to play both. Something I'm not doing right now.

  27. Yea I use gamepass everyday I haven't played wow since the last update and probably won't play till the pre patch.

  28. Candy Crush is the sole reason they bought Activison lol

  29. I get it that game is huge. But it's just the scary skeleton, sylvanas, and candy 🍬 is funny.

  30. I don't think I've ever said that. I say I saw during the game because that's when I saw it.

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