1. The game could have been fun if it wasnt for the god awful aiming! It was so tedious.

  2. War thunder is quite a bit more oriented to realism, if u are used to the arcadiness of wows war thunder can feel terrible, and wows takes care automaticaly of a lot of balistic but u get a lot more rng

  3. Never ever been on a boat that didnt have trained firefighters. Ever.

  4. The new players tryed the game for 7 years now that they fixed one of the issues they must try it again? The huge ttk difference was a problem But u are right, there are a shit ton of more issues that need fixing . The meta has been the same for ages so i dont get ur point

  5. Maybe that was to get more comments and more visibility:3736:

  6. War gaming added a 1-2 second delay to aiming to"""" fix """"railgun bug. I know nothing about coding but sure this is scuffed

  7. Very quickly There used to be a bug where u could quite easily make ur Shell go at insane speed by aiming close to u then aiming to the target a quickly firing They have "fixed" it by adding a sort of delay and that causes big issues as well To see just wacht the first minute of the video

  8. U are playing wows thinking the 50 year old boomer team8s know that they are indeed playing wows and not watching tv

  9. I understand you are frustrated. But also wtf. Don't push into caps with CV in play as Haida, you have no fking AA.

  10. Adapted... u mean hope that the cv is so idiotic to go against the neustra and sejong? Cause that doesnt sound like adapting ur playstile?

  11. thats... literally what i said by adapted. FKING MOVE TO THE NEUSTRA AND SEJONG SO YOU HAVE AA.

  12. Aa doesnt work, it might kill some planes but u will get striked (i have the sejong), it is just smarter for the cv to hit someone that doesnt cause that small inconvinience. I have the jpn carrier tier x hakurio and just a perpetual spotting without doing 1hp of dmg breaks the game. About turning against the nakimov, some ship just dont have the mobility to do so in the first place, the one that do are spotted by the nakimov and if they try to dodge most likey they are giving side to some one, all of this while the carrier is on the other side of the map safe from any dmg. Lastly about the just get closer some ship dont realy like that, maybe u have a week bb that is made for long range he and the cruiser with good AA has short range so it u might make the cruiser useless cause u stayed far away or u made the bb go in a bad position, this is just an example , i am sure that there are combo that work well but is not something that can be done always and u cant force a team8 to play in a certain way just for u .

  13. Now cheaters no longer sell items, they sell carrys so u meet them more often

  14. And the argument that AA doesn't work depends on factors beyond just a blanket strawman, T6 aircraft melt against T8 AA, tier for tier recent destroyers have gotten stronger AA than even battleships, RN CV aircraft are fragile and have to be used carefully, and not everyone is playing just T10 Nakhimovs, and if that's the crux of the argument then you're arguing about a percent of a percent of a player base and you're just nitpicking. I'm sorry you're getting placed against T10 Unicum CV players who only play Nakhimov, FDR and United States, but representing an entire class as just three ships is disingenuous. Not every CV player is a God hand, and RNGesus messes with all of us.

  15. Nice arguments...if u find a cv 2 tier lower is not so bad, if u happen to find 1 specific line of cv while u are playing a specific line with good AA is not so bad,if u fight bad players is not so bad...meanwhile u dont understand that the power of a cv is spotting not doing dmg.

  16. But people will make the comment based on one or two vehicles.

  17. Man i love when random redditors just make nonsensical comment out of the blue for no reason

  18. Well it is wrong, i dont know what is ur base is. I am kinda curious on what the base is not gonna lie

  19. The main issue is that AI doesnt follow the same rules as u do, killa can run slide and shoot at the same time Scav can prone and get up with infinite stamina etc

  20. 99.9 % of cheater banned how dare u How do u even think of going against what the lord and savior nikita says He just had a better gaming chair It s just de synk bro He heard u bro It s just nvidia control pannel bro It s just better headphone bro It s just better post effect bro

  21. while in general this is probably very very good against RMT

  22. I sayd the same thing and ppl responded the same way,So ppl either have never played with a friend and dont understand how easyer it is to just give the key or they and theyr friends play all day

  23. I got a kid I play like 2 hours a day, maybe some extra on the weekends. You can unlock doors just as much as you can drop the key. It combats RMT in that the items people RMT for the most are keys and high value loot items, I browse the sites between games for shits and it’s always sicc cases full of keys, money, or marked keys.

  24. When u drop the key it allows the other person to do it on his own , maybe in the one game we play i die before ut wasnt a big deal cause i would have given the key at the spawn , he would stream it on discord and no problem

  25. I understand what your saying but again you don’t seem to understand instead of dropping you that key now I have to just unlock the door for you. It’s really not that drastic of a change.

  26. It is a drastic change if u dont play a lot me ans my buddy get 1 game per day and a scav most of the time and most importantly it isnt even a good way to combact rmt

  27. It wouldn't be hard to send fisu stats. All it tells me is that your opinion comes from a lack of skill, and your hesitance to reveal stats in a known and trusted manner is testament to that. So I think my opinion by default has a little more weight.

  28. U still dont understand i have no prob giving u my stats ,u pretend i do tho, ill take a screenshot of the website if u want but without my username on it.

  29. I don't get why you're so worried that your screenname is out there. People go after my stats all the time. It's coming off like you're stalling.

  30. If u dont mind it i guess it is fine for you . But i dont like that ppl know my username its a lesson learned in another game. If some one is interested in my stats i will use the web side u use take a screenshot and blur the user

  31. We have a rule, if u dive on my kill i shoot u and dont even hide ur stuff

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