1. so the reason this happened is that brown/black hair have warm and cool tones in them. since you were bleach blonde, you had no warm tones so only the blue showed up. if you had yellow, you would have turned green.

  2. Thank you!!!! Do you think Clairol natural instincts is safe to use? Says it’s amonia and paraben free. Would I want to get a more auburn brown shade to balance it out?

  3. Here to get an answer, not an attitude. Literally just wondering if this is paranormal or not, and asking the adequate Reddit thread.

  4. Depending on where you live you might not get Amazon deliveries on time or at all during the quarantine, especially non essential stuff like books. If there's a shop open near you, I'd suggest getting something that he's into 3d printed, something like a figurine from a game or movie he likes. The folks over at

  5. Another subreddit to check out!! Thank you:)

  6. Anything related to geometry and/or light would be great. A friend of mine 3D printed an icosahedron that sits on my desk :)

  7. Thank you for the tips!! The art of so many video games would work hahaha

  8. This might be good.. Anatomy for 3D Artists: The Essential Guide for CG Professionals

  9. Ahh suuuper helpful thank you thank you!

  10. He takes hour long shits at his desk!.Hmm no point wasting working time i suppose.

  11. Work from home has everyone thrown off! The worst is the clean up!

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