1. Except the main part of a car, the engine. A 1.0 ecoboost is one of the worst engines ever made, probably the worst engine made in the last 10-15 years, poor design, poor materials, it’s reliable till you turn the engine one then the countdown begins to headgasket failure or timing chain failure, whatever comes first

  2. Speaks the truth. Source: been a victim of an eco boost engine with 12k miles

  3. I don't have any advice or anything but I'm in the process of trying to find a builder for the first time and don't know how to feel reading this thread! On the one hand I'm glad to see that this is normal and I'm not doing anything wrong. On the other hand - wtf?! If a job isn't worth it to them, or they're booked up for the foreseeable, why not just say so and save everyones time? It's getting so frustrating. Most of them don't pick up the phone. Of the ones that do, you have to chase them to get back to you or come round. Of the ones that then even turn up, you're then lucky if you ever get that quote.

  4. Just a heads up mate, I was having the same problem with most people on here. Also the quotes that I could get were astronomical! Went and learnt bricklaying at the local college. Done a few jobs for people since then. When brickies tell you it’s a “skill” or that it’s hard work; they’re taking the piss. Easiest job and anyone can do it with a year practice. Don’t get mugged off by some idiot who wants to charge loads

  5. Next you'll want banks in the poh, voting no to easy scape!

  6. Risotto blew my mind. Thought it could be a low calorie meal. If you have it completely plain it’s around 250-300 for a serving, add any kind of mushrooms, or chicken or anything else and you’re looking at a 450 Calorie meal that would fit in a small cup!

  7. You’re only 15. Chill out a little bit, lots of emotions, lots of horny moments, now is the time to try things out (safely) and see what you like. Try not stress about it so much. It’s supposed to be a fun experience learning these things about yourself. I was ugly when I was your age, let puberty do it’s work, try eat health and work on your own self/ keeping fit. Relationship and attractions will come when you’re happy with yourself first

  8. This is likely an old home. This is what happens when you remodel everything except no new drywall. Old houses move around a little bit over time and it’s often not worth the effort to fix that kind of stuff

  9. My house has the same problem. Was your house built in the 50s?

  10. From what I gathered this poster is 2 years old. Good to see the trades earning good money and following the next few years of learning, hopefully be on the same ship as many of you!

  11. I got hacked, contacted jagex support saying i was giving recovery information going back to 2015 with receipt numbers yet couldn’t justify it was me, asks for card details I used back then, obviously I won’t know this card expired long ago. I was informed by the nuclear grade helmet on Twitter that my information was “weak”

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