AITA for keeping my ex's possessions and not shipping them back?

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A smol, delicate danger noodle.

*Lowers face into palm*

Are you being serious right now?

  1. In all fairness he'd get considerably more dmt in his bloodstream via iv injection than vaporization. If you recrystalize your dmt beforehand to get a pure batch I'd wager it's a safe way to administer it.

  2. Bruh do you have sterile equipment and the proper knowledge to iv drip yourself wtf are you talking about 🤡

  3. 'You ever gotten a blood test, mate? Anyways, yes, if you have a clean, ventilated room at home, sterile gloves and needles, an alcohol cloth, and a clean lab coat, you can safely IV inject yourself.

  4. You don’t know what your drugs are unless you test them yourself bruh, get yourself a reagent test

  5. I’m younger and I say shut the fuck up, Kanye take the muthafuckin Lexapro

  6. Is your wife ugly so you hide her behind the burka? SAD

  7. You hear screams of little children getting murdered and you find amusement in it, there’s humor in certain horrific things but you are clearly just a brainrotted maggot, I hope you find enjoyment in no one liking you ❤️

  8. Government is a reflection of its people. Reap what you sow. No rights to protect themselves… this is what you get. Btw.. It’s unfortunate your father didn’t choose a different hole

  9. High five duo is nice they have 40% off I believe currently too

  10. What a actual bad person, you cheated on him now you want to take his belongings just because it’s easier for you, hopefully you wake up to the bad using person you are but I surely doubt you will

  11. Yes please he's an absolute legend, poor bloke is dying from too much coca and booze

  12. Would it be weird to ask for a refund? Hahaha I don’t want to smoke anything potentially dangerous. The last cart (or rather disposable pen) I got from the same guy was a “Cake Cart.” I was able to scan a QR, enter my code and certify is authenticity.

  13. Bruh take the L if you already hit it or just in general, the dude who sold you the cake cart was selling you cancer x10 just don’t buy more and only buy actual proven medical carts

  14. It looks good and the bubble doesn’t move but I’m worried it’s cut with vitamin e acetate or something like that

  15. Oil is just cheap distillate apparently the cheap equipment they use is truly the heavy metal source which is not good

  16. That white dude is alittle to comfy with that crack smoke in his face 🤣🤣

  17. He's a white liberal. Probably wanted to give the crack addict a hug,...then offer to suck his dick.

  18. What do you mean McDonald’s of vape? Sorry haha, never heard that one. And he’s talking to me saying he’s going to ask $65 a piece I think he got them for like $16ish per I’ll double check

  19. Bruh you getting yacked, they are worth 7 to 10 with bulk max he should be charging is is 40 what a guy

  20. I used this and it does wonders, however I removed the heating wire inside of it so mine is just simply air and I use silica for storage and final deep drying

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