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  1. Ok I was just looking on steam just in case, but now I'm scarred

  2. also all negative numbers are random

  3. Damn, now I really want to know the use case for this..

  4. The only way I found is by resetting all the "remembered" settings: In Mixplorer go to "Settings" -> "More Settings" -> scroll down and press "Reset" -> press "Remember".

  5. Well, it's still Early Access, so maybe it only will rise when fully released?

  6. I love Affinity but what were they thinking when only providing a "Windows App" version? It's the first time I have seen something like this and suffice it to say I'm not impressed to put it mildly...

  7. After reading the following post on the Affinity forums it seems they put some thought into it:

  8. If you are talking about the Panel, they renamed it from "Effects" to "Quick FX"

  9. Thanks, that's also good to know. In this case I was asking about the "Styles" panel as you can see in the screenshot. Cheers!

  10. For those interested, you can download these assets here:

  11. I know I’m late and that this has probably been said, but the title doesn’t make sense if Paul dies in an intense battle. The “All Quiet” part comes because it was a quiet day when Paul died, not because he died in the middle of a large charge and fight.

  12. Yeah, they changed the ending compared to the original source which made it confusing. Wikipedia says:

  13. Thank you very much for your effort sharing this!

  14. Please check if commit date was April 1st. I hope it was.

  15. Joachim Eichhorn's (= "Squirrel") arms checks out :)

  16. even better: log.error("XXXXXXXXXXXX");

  17. Shenmue blowed my mind when i played it on Dreamcast. There's so much attention to detail. The world feels alive

  18. yes, the immersion was second to none

  19. Some love for Imperator: Rome 💗

  20. The sound bug reappeared in one of the recent updates.

  21. Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

  22. Captain Planet. No one I talk to seems to remember it, but I loved that show when I was growing up.

  23. How do you change between RAD hold and BARO hold?

  24. I thought it would pull from a bank of similar images but it looks like you've been feeding it mtg cards.

  25. The instructions I played with and gave to the Midjourney AI were:

  26. The boarders are really stealing the show for me on these ones. Wasn't expecting them to be part of the generated art work. Some really interesting designs indeed.

  27. Yes, I was surprised by the designs too. Some look really cool. Too bad some of them were cut off, though.

  28. These are some artworks of "Black Lotus" done with the image generation AI by Midjourney.

  29. These are some artworks of "Black Lotus" done with the image generation AI by Midjourney.

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