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  1. It's so weird to me that HOTS has better skins for Overwatch characters than Overwatch. They also cost less and can be bought with in game currency

  2. You need to go on the SS Anne in Vermilion and talk to the Captain

  3. MFers when they don't see an explosion or a glowy sword every second

  4. I’d imagine new and returning players care, as there is currently no way to get a non-sunset version of quickfang and crown splitter.

  5. I have a Crown Splitter and have zero idea how. I started playing halfway through BL

  6. It was available during Splicer and Lost.

  7. Ahhh probably during Lost then since I missed Splicer

  8. I'd say the rape part is more concerning than what theater employees think

  9. I personally hate the meta. Why can't everything/nothing be meta? Just let people play without having to worry of it's the correct way to play.

  10. "Don't you just hate it when you're trying to commit a mass shooting but your victims are in the water? Well don't worry we got you covered"

  11. Civilians can’t procure this ammunition. Also the vast majority of people probably don’t know about the intricacies of underwater Ballistics. As I’ve said already; that’s a super weird thought to have immediately upon seeing this video 🤦‍♂️ The technology is most likely to be used for an underwater type of point defense system and very special forces like navy seals

  12. I mean it's hard not to think about this first when all we see on the news everyday is people getting shot

  13. I don't want to make my family and my cat sad

  14. Bros never heard of the best selling game in the world but he plays destiny

  15. What's that game with the sexy plumber doing shrooms?

  16. Damn he’s never even heard of Ben Simmons. Ben down harder than I thought

  17. There's kids who actually dropped their tech scholarships because it was given by Ben Simmons and Giannis thinks he's the most hated 💀

  18. Man, I really want an arcade mode with all original abilities.

  19. They can't even balance the actual game, let alone a different version of it

  20. I mean yeah but there still has to be some kind of balance. Look at the state of Total Mayhem right now

  21. "I heard you like rally flags, so we put rally flags on your rally flags"

  22. "Is Osiris ok? He's been sleeping on the couch for 5 years"

  23. Well if they're not happy with what we're offering them, they can go back home!

  24. Impossible to choose, it was probably the best time for gaming in history with games like

  25. Great games you mentioned, hadn’t thought of the sims which or an amazing game

  26. Probably one of the best game of my childhood

  27. Unpopular opinion, I hated Black Flag

  28. Yeah I get that but I don't want to spend 15 minutes turning my ship to hit a cannonball, this is just unfun. I wanna play Assassin's Creed, not BoatyMcBoatface's Creed

  29. I'd say let people shoot from inside it but it would just be cracked for PVP

  30. Just play with friends, it makes everything better

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