1. That's unpopular how? She's CLEARLY greener than grass. She's so green crayola should make her her own color. Just watch her matches. She is not currently a good wrestler, and she's not currently good on the mic.

  2. She has plenty of work to do for sure, but so does the most pushed and protected woman in the division. I’d wager Anna’s 5 best matches are better than Jade’s 5 best (saw somewhere recently that Jade is part of 5 of the 15 worst matches in company history) and that doesn’t prevent her from getting ENDLESS TV time to “figure it out”. They did the same with Britt. She was absolutely dreadful the first year, but after the knee injury she was on TV every week and got to figure it out on air (though she’s still not particularly strong in the ring)

  3. It's not really a competition to see who is worse. It's Anna. They both suck ass in the ring, but at least Jade has the literal best look of any female pro wrestler ever. Anna looks good. Anna will choke you out - and that's her one line she delivers and does it poorly. Jade is almost decent on the mic. Some of the inflections and little slip ups aside, she's pretty good. Anna is... not. Anna needs to be more physical in the ring. Throw her body into stuff. Commit.

  4. Agree to disagree. Look doesn’t mean much to me, mic skills mean even less and I completely disagree that Jade’s work is better. Jade has several of the worst matches in company history, Anna’s best stuff is better than the few “shockingly not terrible” matches Jade has had, and Anna somehow got Jade’s best match out of her.

  5. I’ll hold judgement until the card is fleshed out. The first two shows did a really good job of using AEW talent to supplement the ROH talent. If it ends a full card of AEW talent under the ROH banner, that’d be a bit disappointing

  6. I may be in the minority, but I think a lot of folks are a little tired of all the WWE winks. There was the very real drama with him at Double or Nothing, then ALL the Punk bullshit, along with all the Black, Andrade, Miro and Regal rumors, and some folks are tired of the drama about contracts and leaving etc and don’t want it woven into stories. We got a little break from it during his mini-tweener turn and it was honestly refreshing.

  7. 100% spinning the wheels and he needs to cut the shit and pivot to someone else. Plenty of capable women on the roster who could have a nice run with this belt.

  8. Anna Jay is so protected in this company that I'm actually surprised Willow won

  9. Probably won't happen I don't know why JAS always goes over. It's not like Anna is due for a title

  10. Pretty sure the only match Anna has won on TV since the turn was that first post turn match against Ruby. Since then she’s lost to Nyla, Toni and now Willow.

  11. Not at all. The scale will obviously vary dependent on one’s degree of disposable income, but it can be done on most budgets. My first home theater was a 720p projector and a “theater in a box” in my living room. Second one was a 1080p projector and a fairly basic receiver and speaker 5.1 setup in my unfinished garage. Current is a 4 projector and 7.2 Dolby Atmos in a finished garage theater that I floored and sheet rocked myself. There was a bit of overlap with each iteration. Upgrade the project, then 5 months later upgrade the sub. Some time after that upgrade receiver and so-on. Once you’re in it’s pretty much never ending and you can invest as much money, effort and time as you’re comfortable.

  12. Zendaya has been in the public eye since she was a kid, slowly working her way up to more interesting and complex roles.

  13. Think I could swing the LS11000? The 12000 is just at the top of the range. The thing is I just bought and am returning an lg 810 because at 2500 lumens it just wasn’t bright enough no matter what I tried. I read about how in many instances simple rated lumens doesn’t really count for much though, so I’m torn. Do I spring for trying another 2500-2700 lumen projector?

  14. The 11000 seems to be mostly recommended if you’ve got full control over your lighting environment

  15. As a huge fan of that particular Beatles song (primarily for the reasons you pointed out) I spent much of the runtime looking for imagery with deeper ties to the song as opposed to the quite obvious intent that you’ve discovered here.

  16. It’s a desired aesthetic and branding. When Disney switched from hand drawn to 3D (what was it, Tangled?) their character models still followed the same overall stylings (big eyes, thin necks, etc).

  17. Kinda funny how everyone that are asking “why is he or she not on tv”. Have a legit reason

  18. It probably wouldn’t be a terrible idea to be a hair more transparent about such things to reduce the rampant speculation. A guys attacks a co-worker, disappears from TV and his stablemate is suddenly running the group and completing his story arcs. That’ll make folks talk every time.

  19. I’m sure for certain health related things a certain degree of discretion would be needed, the Brodie situation comes to mind, but every single real sports team will make public when someone is unavailable due to injury without any such complications, so I’m not really sure HIPAA plays here.

  20. Hasn’t it always been one of the more well regarded sequels?

  21. Your best bet is to find a now retired Logitech Harmony. Folks are trying but it doesn’t seem like anything out there has come close.

  22. It’s just to create more canon fodder for the dull as dishwater streak. She’s already lumbered through most of the roster (a handful twice).

  23. If necessary too low I guess. Neck more naturally goes down vs up.

  24. If it happens, I say it be something that differentiates ROH once they land their own TV slot. AEW doesn’t have enough time to make both the TBS and World Titles important at the same time (the moment the World started finally getting interesting again, the TBS became a bit of an after thought and got very dull) let alone enough to work in a tag division.

  25. I presumed the invite went to Andi as a cover. Since the story hadn’t leaked yet, not sending an invite would be incriminating. He did side eye “Andi” a lot when she first arrived. In the moment it could be interpreted as just whatever tension was being implied at the time, but in retrospect it could be “did she survive!?”

  26. Come on guys. He clearly didn’t have possession til he was laying out of bounds

  27. Literally the only thing the Dark Order needs to be relevant again is the occasional victory. TK missed a real opportunity to elevate the entire group when their association with Hangman had them white hot last year.

  28. PPV venues seem to generally be announced around/at the previous PPV with on sale a couple of weeks later.

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