1. We’re in Luang Prabang now and will be taking the train down to Vang Vieng next week. Not sure if we’ll stay in VV or find a small town an hour or two out to stay. Then we’ll be in Vientiane for most of the first half of February

  2. Did JF not do a solo song?! I’m literally going to their show in Singapore just for that…

  3. Again. I’m not sending any money. He knows this. And I made it very clear. It’s he who wants to send me money. I just don’t know if because he’s a pilot if that how that sht works.

  4. To me it sounds like he’s going to send you money to an account using a bad check or some other scheme. Then while you’re waiting for the check to be cleared by your bank he’ll ask you to give cash to a 3rd party because of some time crunch. After you’ve used your own money, your bank will decide the payment to your account was not good and they will take the balance back out of your account.

  5. Ugh, I mean you're not totally wrong here but I would say McDonald's popularity is also greatly influenced by their cheap prices, intelligent real estate strategy, and effective marketing.

  6. I’m in Southeast Asia right now where you can find things pretty much on any street that are a fraction of the price of BK or McDonalds but the American fast food joints which literally cost 10 times more than many places are constantly full of locals. So I guess the opposite of what you’re saying can be true as well. I wouldn’t eat at them though if I had a choice. Many local people I’ve talked to say they love it.

  7. I’m out in Cambodia, our delivery options are generally pretty good except for one thing I regularly experience here and haven’t anywhere else I’ve been.

  8. Haha I haven’t experienced that anywhere else in SEA but that exact thing was pretty common in Colombia though the couple of times I complained because it was so far off from what I ordered they understood.

  9. wtf are you even talking about. about 90% of restaurants that i eat at,it is always freshly cooked.

  10. Well I guess I need to go where you’re going. The noodles and fried rice dishes are about the only fresh cooked things I’ve had and even some of those I’ve seen them just pull from a premade bowl. I know gudeg and rendang can’t really be premade but every time I’ve got them I see too late after ordering that they are just sitting out and literally covered in flies. I’m not saying the food is bad. I absolutely love the rendang and the couple times I had gudeg I was pretty happy with it as well.

  11. ok, i understand your frustration. i have some tips for you. if you want to buy iced beverage, maybe see the shape of the ice, if it is crushed ice then skip it, if it is in the shape of a hollowed cylinder go for it, i use this even for myself, as i have weak stomach. For gudeg, some places are open from the break of dawn, as it can be breakfast food. Gudeg in the morning is freshly cooked, they literally just left the cooking pot. you really need to use google reviews, as a local, i myself are worried of the hygiene of the food. if the food is covered in flies, get out of there, i wouldn't eat it. don't eat everything amd don't be too swayed by cheaper options. you can list the city you are traveling to and we can make work something out. bottled water is a must, never leave without it, and please don't drink tap water.

  12. That is a good point about gudeg. I have only had it later in the day. I will make sure to try to check out the food in the future. Unfortunately this is my last week here. I will be in Medan for a few days so if you have any recommendations for there that would be great. I appreciate your tips and advice!

  13. After graduating from college here in LA, I moved to SF and spent (now) half my life there before moving back last year.

  14. I have to strongly disagree with you here. I lived in LA for 25 years and SF for only a little over 1 year, but this was not my experience. Of course a higher percentage of people in SF use public transit, but I know a lot of people on the west side of the city that never use it at all. They either use a private car or Uber (usually only if they’re going to the east side). Their reasoning is usually that transferring through multiple forms of public transit is a pain in the ass. I completely agree with this. I thought moving to SF would be awesome to not have a car. I quickly found out I would be transferring from bus to subway to trolley all the time which personally I hated. NYC, Boston, and Chicago put the Bay Area to shame when it comes to ease of public transit (not saying that LA is currently any better though).

  15. Thank you! Two short but pretty interesting articles. I hadn’t thought of the Wilshire corridor in that way.

  16. Y’all just catching up? I saw this 9 years ago on How It’s Made: SunnyD

  17. Why did Trump appoint a director for the FBI that is ignoring dems and going after him directly?!

  18. Though Soul to Squeeze is absolutely fantastic and extremely nostalgic for me (for personal reasons) Under the Bridge is just a better song. I feel like a lot these comments are based on the fact that UTB is over played so people are sick of it. I think if someone who had never listened to either song listened to both, they’d fairly consistently pick UTB as the better song just because it is just an absolute masterpiece. I think it’s hard to discern between the two because we’ve heard them so many times, but if you can distance yourself from these songs you’d see that UTB is just the better song.

  19. thought we already settled this. why keep lookin at the past?!

  20. lol. Why keep lookin at the past? History is important for a reason. All those morons who follow trump are the same people who never learned about fascism and the completely awful things it did to the world. So now they become fascists because they’re too fucking stupid to look at the past

  21. It’s about one morbillion watts than you think it is

  22. Pretty sure he stole those moves from the crack head outside my apartment

  23. I would say Open/Close is similar though maybe more on the talking side. It’s what I thought of when I first heard One Way Traffic. I’d say Show Me Your Soul is similar but a bit more on the rapping side haha

  24. Hendrix, Page, EVH for sure are objectively better. He's definitely up there though.

  25. Ehhh you’re naming guitarists who are technically gifted relative to other popular acts but I’d argue heavily that if we’re just going for technical skill there’s plenty of people that have existed since Jimmy that blow him, Page, and VH out of the water that are just not all that famous. I don’t think arguing objectives in music really makes any sense anyway.

  26. I thought this the first time I heard the song and I kept thinking it the next several times I heard it. So I decided to listen to them back to back and now I don’t feel they’re so similar anymore.

  27. Damn you know people who are aware of this album?

  28. Tbh being from an almost all female family this has some truth in it

  29. I’ve recognized this in my life before but just assumed it didn’t happen to anyone else

  30. I have a Vitalogy shirt that I found at a thrift shop in the mid 2000s that looks similar to this except the text is gold like the album cover and no splotches. I’m assuming they were officially made at some point?

  31. i have cried during scar tissue and venice queen tbh

  32. My Lovely Man gets me nearly every time. I know it’s kind of a silly sounding song but the sentiment behind that upbeat jam is so fucking sad

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