1. I mean it wasn't too long ago Alluux and him were playing duo games together.

  2. Thank you raising this, I would have walked into this trap had you not specified.

  3. Why would someone ever want to block whole countries?

  4. I believe you get your ass kicked saying something like that.

  5. Meh. Oddjobs was a literal direct rip of taskmaster, down to the tasks. I was hoping for some creativity, but they literally just made an episode of taskmaster, plus it was annoying to watch with everyone basically shouting over each other.

  6. Last week, I commented on a post about this guy’s delivery of the line, “Sorry!” that it was actually Larry David’s voice. I said I was 100% confident and someone asked me to prove it.

  7. I mean, the "water tastes bad" thing is just weird but the statement that most people don't need to be rolling around with gallons of water strapped to them like St. Bernards is true (I know that's not water, not the point, focus). You do not need to be forcing down some specific ridiculous quantity of water, even if you are active. It varies widely and really only comes down to a simple thing: Are you thirsty?

  8. Some people have bad thirst signals. Such as those who confuse it for hunger...

  9. I have broken thirst signals. I never feel thirsty until long into being dehydrated. It's actually very bad when you're anemic, because it compounds some of the issues.

  10. I 100% get you. Drinking even 40oz per day was a big struggle for me, even if I was working outside. I still forget at times, but a scoop of gamer supps does help me hit 30oz, I dont want to overdo it so the remaining 30-50 oz is on me to schedule with myself. Tried all kinds of reminder apps but it makes almost no difference. Ill have a couple clearish pees but never can make a whole day without one where im like "Oh shit, whoops"

  11. Is it free shipping? I'm pretty sure it's just like 10% off. I remember checking with another code from Honey that gave me free shipping and was debating between the two, cause free shipping was cheaper, but went with wubby to support dat boi

  12. It was free shipping, for that one day only. Wubby emphasized that last part.

  13. Free shipping. So at least get the sample packets, which are also free.

  14. One of the wisest moves in NFL in recent memory, letting the players have FUN and still do a football game. and cutting down the risk of injuries big time. I would tweak the rules a bit and get educated referees to do the game and it could improve big time.

  15. Lmao did you really play a full 17 games to purposefully lose every one of them?

  16. Pretty close to reality for the Bears. Besides the purposeful part.

  17. How am I the only one saying green?

  18. You can find them all over. Do you mean discover or invent?

  19. They kept saying "new format", they've been doing these skill games for like 8 years lol.

  20. But having the event points count for the final flag football game was kinda cool and slightly cohesive.

  21. Luckily flash video died an unceremonious death.

  22. You can substitute in-browser DRM-protected 4k video playback instead.

  23. Love that he went on this tangent IMMEDIATELY after accusing chat of being confidently wrong 😂

  24. My man just trying to get that week off like he promised

  25. Hit up Jenson or Otton on IG and tell them your plight lol

  26. Might give it a shot I know otton family is from Olympia 2 hours away from me

  27. If we don’t find a quarterback that we know will be good it’s basically a certainty that we will not be competitive.

  28. Evans wasnt really on a competitive team for his first 6 years so...


  30. "That mitigation is too much! We openly welcome a ransomware attack, what are they costing now a days? $12? Like a bannana?"

  31. Ironically what happens next in that Seinfeld episode is what is predicted to happen with Netflix

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