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  1. Mourn - Vs Self, idk if this is exactly what ur looking for but it’s what came to mind lol

  2. Really just any that happen after sundown. There’s just something so nice about running at night. They put lights on the course and its just so cool

  3. This too 🙏 usually my school does this one in Temecula but we aren’t doing it this year :/

  4. Unpopular opinion but mount SAC is def one of my favorite courses

  5. It's probably a bootleg of some kind. Misfits merch is probably one of the most booted out there. Might also be custom made. Big misfits patches have been sold for years. That being said a quick Google search has pulled up a few things.

  6. idk, it seemed way too high quality to just be a bootleg. I guess it could’ve always just been a 1 of 1 made by someone who knew what they were doing. I should’ve probably been more descriptive in the post, it was black and had the logo right in the middle towards the bottom… I’ll make an update to the post.

  7. Idk if it’s greater but at the very least it’s equal to them

  8. That probably wouldn't happen but there are NBphobic ppl who aren't homophobic

  9. I’m ngl I have no idea how much used ricks r, how much would u sell em for

  10. Bro yesss, it’s better than the excuse of a merch drop we got

  11. If you like that song I’d recommend listening to drain gang if you don’t already 🙏🙏

  12. ******If you wanna leave a comment- drop it with a reply here. ******

  13. Thugger, just know that one of the biggest reasons I am confident in being myself, can be whoever I want to be and do whatever I want to do, is because of you. Thank you. I know one day I’ll be big enough to meet you, till that day I suppose. ysl 4L

  14. Who is scar and why does he have an album called x man from March 😭😭

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