1. Full time job at university = free tuition.

  2. I have one titanium tip. I have never had a problem heating it with the wand.

  3. I love that type of grey cat. They are truly loyal friends. You will have great times together to treasure forever. I call cats that look like that "peppy" cats after my boy pepper.

  4. Amazing find! Myself and my kids have been on a new park adventure. We go to at least 2 a month and go geocaching. Now I’d love to find something unique and special like this. I love the Columbus parks so much. Never know what you’ll come across. 💕

  5. Geocaching is a fantastic way to spend time in nature with friends and/or family. Makes great adventures and memories.

  6. What products are those? I will get some for my cat to try.

  7. Just grass fed beef offal from the butchers. Hormone and antibiotic free. I give him some algaecal and salmon oil too as he isn't eating bone or fish. Although omega 3 in grass fed should be biologically appropriate anyway, I don't see any harm in optimising something as long as it coincides with genetics and biology. Cats still need DHA for their brain

  8. Thank you. I will give it a test. Appreciate the detailed explanation

  9. Herb Ripper. The thing is a beast and stainless steel.

  10. But ...but how else will I know if my buds have pgr../s

  11. Mr. Clean magic eraser worked good on my dirtiest torch used caps.

  12. Get an even bigger cat. If that doesn't work then you could get a even bigger big cat. They are cute though and will eventually get along I hope.

  13. 3% raise. 10%? Inflation. No net economic improvement. It's rigged

  14. Nice. I’m looking to use mine with the bong I already have. I bought the adapter piece as part of the maintenance kit they sell.

  15. Ok then. I guess I just need to sleep in more because if I wake up at 5:45 I'm running late

  16. Yeah no doubt my dumb ass been getting up at 4 am for years to go to work. If I slept in my problems might have just vanished

  17. The 3-5 week harvest to package dates are what keeps me from buying a lot of brands

  18. Ohio Clean leaf and fire rock are the companies I find consistently cure their weed the way I like it to be.

  19. Lightly push it a little farther into the tip. Near the edge will always blacken w>th aggressive heating?

  20. Fuck that. If they want it done it gets done while at work getting paid for it.

  21. Put in basket Walk through metal detector Retrieve from basket No sneaking required. No one cares

  22. Brittney Griner has entered the chat.

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