Dear Superstonk, Why all the rage? This feels like a lot of hate for a sub where MOASS is always tomorrow....

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  1. That's interesting. You have any recommendations for other JRPGs worth looking into? Maybe there's hope yet!

  2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses the same combat vs life sim split but in a different setting (basically you’re a Hogwarts Professor), and as long as you’re not going into it with the view to complete all three houses it’s quite a bit shorter. You slowly build relationships with your students and professors in a similar way I guess to P5 as well. Combat is turn based tactics rather than turn based.

  3. Dragon Quest XI and Yakuza: Like a Dragon

  4. Of course he does, she lied for him. That's what he expects from those who work for him.

  5. No, that's why they're experts: nobody has lied here.

  6. Both. I'm not defending anyone here. I'm just explaining how I think they're using weasel words to say the "truth" while trying to avoid accountability.

  7. The Nintendo Switch console and the official pro-controller all charge with USB C.

  8. You cannot sell a pre-split share at the full pre-split trading price and then receive the dividend shares on distribution after you've sold, you would be essentially double dipping. When you sell the shares after the record date, the right to the split shares goes with the shares, here's a FAQ from a MasterCard split that says the same thing:

  9. That's a pretty solid citation. TIL, thanks.

  10. The timing of ex div and record dates is not universal. It is possible to even have a record date after the ex div. It is possible we already passed the record date when the announcement is made. Depends on their intentions behind the dividend/split issuance

  11. I don't think this is true. Can you provide a link to back up the idea that a record date can be after an ex div date?

  12. My understanding is that ETF/Mutual fund shares maybe can't be sold as easily.(?) Which is why it is usually subtracted from the total to get the 34 million "free" float.

  13. Same. Didn't know I had that type of feels in me.

  14. Yeah, it was pretty out of character for me, too. But it happened.

  15. Why would you want to taunt and discourage people from understanding more about GME’s movements and the mechanics behind them?

  16. Bob’s post yesterday had no actual info though. Literally none.

  17. My indicator is a raging hard on. Next T+2 I will make a post. Look out cause it will be a looooong one

  18. I dunno… is it your hard on or is it a long one?

  19. Yes, that's exactly my point. The RS Score is a part of the IBD Ratings system i.e. a prop ratings system that this media company developed. Of course they could manipulate it, but I think it's highly unlikely actors external to IBD can do so. The same way as the Ortex Short Squeeze Signals, which is also a proprietary system, is unlikely to be able to be manipulated by external parties.

  20. Yes, you're right - they could. And yet, that number still keeps on rising...

  21. I was just trying to point out that your title is a bit misleading.

  22. The medallion signature guarantee is just a special signature stamp that certain recognized institutions can provide.

  23. do we consider banks investments units as brokers? eg CIBC Investor Edge etc

  24. I don't really know how those are structured, to be honest.

  25. He just pointed out a comment that says “The one and only.”

  26. In the third screenshot they’re talking about replacing excel, ffs. That’s just nonsense.

  27. This is some proprietary “relative strength rating” being pushed by some website.

  28. Someone is doing super special proprietary TA and for a low, low price you can learn their secrets!

  29. Can anyone identify the car? I’d love to know what this guy drives.

  30. Let's remember that that's just one company though.

  31. I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee

  32. I'm buying a house in the Cloud District post-MOASS.

  33. This is obviously someone who does not understand basic science.

  34. We should explain albedo to her in terms she’ll understand: the earth is getting less white

  35. Instead of stupid using ad hominems, how about you answer my question?

  36. The first paragraph justifies the syntax pretty clearly, in my opinion:

  37. The only problem I have with FF is its terrible video playback issues. Always get stutter with 50+fps videos especially 2k and 4k. I have a good pc with a 6800xt so it's not my hardware. Playback is flawless in chrome though.

  38. This might seem too simple, but have you made sure hardware acceleration is enabled?

  39. I was going to say this as well, but that doesn't mean that it's okay. This fact means that banks can remain unaffected from rate hikes via the RRP but everyone else sees the effects. Right?

  40. They’re still affected by rate hikes. RRP is not the massive shadow bailout that lots of people here think it is.

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